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Cream soups recipes

Cream soups

There are not many dishes that give a better start or main course to a meal than Cream soups. Why is that? They can be produced quickly, offer scope for a wide variety of ingredients and can be enjoyed not only in the classic warm, but also in a refined, refreshing cold form.

A soup for every taste - this term basically applies to every item that comes out of the saucepan. Almost all lunch and dinner options get the highest culinary points from adults as well as children. One of the main reasons for this is certainly the large selection of ingredients: In Cream soups recipes As a rule, there is only good stuff - and a lot of it.

Usually vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, zucchini, cucumbers, corn or tomatoes are the basis; different types of fish and meat are wonderfully suitable as deposits. Additional carbohydrate products like pasta are less of a role than most Soups of this type are already quite rich.

One can argue about the fat content of the soups: As soon as it comes to creaminess, one naturally thinks of cream, crème fraîche or crème double. However, if you want to reduce the fat a little - no problem: Milk or cooking cream are often effective alternatives and in some cases it is even enough to carefully foam your cooking with a hand blender.

Even if you tried a new cream soup recipe every day of the year, you still wouldn't have tried all of them in the end. That doesn't matter, after all, fortunately, tastes are different. Nevertheless, you should definitely have tested some classics!

How about a warming potato soup with croutons, for example? Or with a tender zucchini cheese version or a fruity, Italian tomato tortellini soup? In autumn, freshly collected mushrooms and herbs are particularly good; In summer, a chilled cucumber cold bowl with dill has a refreshing effect.

Is there a whole football club at the door? Or are you just the two of you? Should the soup be part of a menu or is it the only dish that is served? Do you cook spontaneously or planned? Everything is conceivable, because Cream soups are wonderfully easy to care for: Many ingredients such as potatoes, vegetables and spices are usually already in the house and frozen products can also be easily processed. In this respect, it is hardly surprising that most delicacies of this type are ready on the table after a good half an hour. If there is enough time, a few herbs, pieces of vegetables or croutons can be put on the edge of the plate - and a delicious eye-catcher is ready!