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Restaurant decorations - trends for 2021

The Decoration of a restaurant has become one of the most important customer demands. A good product, a good menu and a good location are not enough these days. Customers expect an atmosphere for lunch or dinner in which they feel comfortable, a climate that conveys feelings and takes the customer to other places.

We from Verdissimo, the largest producer of preserved plants and flowers, are aware of this and therefore dedicate ourselves to this post to reveal some of the most important details of restaurant design. In the course of the article we will talk to you about the decoration trends in restaurants in 2021 and we will give you some ideas for decorating small restaurants. We will look at the main decorative styles that will be used this year together with you.


Decoration trends in gastronomy 2021

Pay attention to the decoration trends of 2021! We have put together a list of the most popular trends in restaurant furnishings this season for you:

Use of the plants

Plants and flowers have become one of the most important elements in restaurant decoration this year 2021. The interest in the use of plant elements in the interior decoration of restaurants is constantly increasing and there are always new formats and designs of these elements, such as vertical gardens for decorating walls, plants or flowers in hanging flower pots, and the like.

These designs can be made with different types of plants or flowers such as: artificial, natural, or preserved. Decorating a restaurant with preserved plants is an excellent option! At Verdissimo, we offer preserved plants and flowers for restaurant decoration, which are ideal for Decoration of restaurants are because they are natural flowers that retain their beauty without requiring virtually any maintenance (they do not require water or light).

the forge

Forged elements have been considered one of the key elements in the this season Decoration restaurants positioned. Forging alone offers many possibilities, although in many cases it is combined with wood to create a more striking contrast between the materials. These decorative elements are related to the industrial style, although in recent years they have also been more of a vintage style in restaurant decorations. This style is commonly used in lamps, flower pots, doors, chairs, tables, etc. All furniture that has been forged will be the trend for decorating your restaurant this year 2021. Blacksmithing is so versatile that you can adapt it to current trends and your personal preferences.

Hydraulic tiles

Hydraulic tiles, also known as mosaics, are decorative pieces that can be used on the floor as well as on the walls. These tiles were widely used in homes of the early 20th century, and although many were destroyed, they can still be seen in many buildings of the time. Today, when buildings with hydraulic tiles are restored, they are preserved and refurbished because of their high decorative value, among other things. Today hydraulic tiles are not only used in interior design. Every day we see more restaurants decorating their bathrooms or some dining room walls with mosaics and these can add a lot of personality to any room.

Check out the following picture of the hydraulic tiles on the walls!

Hanging lamps

In general, lamps are elements that can turn the decoration of rooms upside down. To modern To decorate restaurants, they use hanging lamps. There are many different styles that can be used to break a little with the style of the room and give that room a different and personal touch. Nowadays we can use a lot of handwoven rope hanging lights Decoration of vintage restaurants see, forged iron for the decoration of industrial restaurants, basket hanging lamps, aluminum lamps for restaurants with a more Scandinavian decoration, and much more. Next, we'll show you hanging lamps with visible lightbulbs.

Different environments:

Creating different environments in the same space is another of the 2021 trends in restaurant decoration. In large restaurants, more private environments can be created by using suitable decorative elements, such as trees in the interior, consoles, sliding doors, glass, etc. You can also play with lighting levels to create different environments in a single room. The creation of different environments allows interior designers to get the most out of the spaces by playing with furniture, plants and light, among other things.

In the image below we are going to show you how to create different environments separated by plants.

Ideas for decorating small restaurants

In this section of the post, we're going to give you a few Suggestions for decorating a restaurant with a small space:

Targeted use of color

Color is the key to making small spaces appear larger. When decorating smaller restaurants, it is advisable to use neutral and light colors, with white or light gray tones in the foreground. You can also resort to beige or rough tones if you want to give the restaurant a rustic or rural touch.


In the Decoration of small restaurants you have to look for versatile solutions and it is important to use every square meter. One solution can be to find furniture that has more than one function, e.g .: Use shelves as room dividers and as storage furniture. Functionality is the key to decoration in general, but it becomes even more important in tight spaces.

Use round tables

Round tables usually take up less space than rectangular tables. You can combine tables with this shape as well as use them in smaller corners. Combining different elements is trending right now, so don't worry about the result. On the following picture you can see how well the round tables fit in the smallest of spaces.

Use of benches

Benches take up less space than chairs. You can use benches for some tables in the small restaurant and save some space. They are a comfortable and aesthetically very good choice for rooms that do not have many square meters. Here is a picture of what benches look like in restaurants.

Decoration styles in restaurants

You wonder how to decorate a restaurant, and what the most suitable modern decorating style of a restaurant is?

The most important home decorating styles can be transferred to the decorating styles of restaurants. Some of these decorating styles are: Nordic decorating style, boho decorating style, vintage decorating style, modern decorating style and maritime decorating style - we are happy to explain them in more detail.

Nordic decoration style for restaurants

The Nordic decorating style for restaurants is characterized by its neutral colors, the simplicity of its shapes and the lightness of its surroundings. Usually the colors white and gray are used in this decoration style and the furniture is very simple.

Boho decoration style for restaurants

The boho decoration in restaurants is characterized by the mixture of very lively colors, for example: red, green, yellow, blue and the like. In order to achieve this style of decoration, you should not only combine bright colors, but also different fabrics and elements.

Vintage restaurant decor

Vintage decor style is one of the most sought after styles in restaurant decor this season. Some Ideas for decorating vintage restaurants are stained furniture or items that have gold details.

Modern decorating style for restaurants

The modern decorating style for restaurants is a very minimalistic decorating style that looks for orderly spaces and very uniform lines. Very sober colors are used to decorate these rooms, such as: black, white, light gray, dark, and the like.

Maritime restaurant decoration style

The maritime restaurant decorating style is a typical decorating style for Mediterranean places, a style based on colors such as white and blue and using wooden furniture. In addition, it is also very characteristic of the use of decorative elements such as rudder and other objects that can be found on ships.

The style of decoration that should be used in any restaurant should be adapted to the philosophy of the company and the type of restaurant. For example: in an Indian restaurant it would not be advisable to use a Nordic decoration for the room, it would be better a boho decoration that uses color and the mixture of many different elements and materials.

We hope this post has inspired you and given you ideas for decorating a modern restaurant, boho, vintage and many other styles.

Remember that the decoration of any place is of great importance in conveying the history, food and philosophy of the restaurant.

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