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Fallout 76 - The biggest criticism has been heard: NPCs are coming!

Fallout 76 gets DLCs via content update.

Fallout 76 has no NPCs. There is no one we can talk to. No one to give us quests. All are dead. Many fans of the online role-playing game as well as I criticized this fact in my test. But Bethesda apparently listened to the feedback. Appalachia will soon be populated by non-playable human characters. And not only that: the dialogue system returns with the NPCs.

Fallout 76 DLC Wastelanders finally brings NPCs into play

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When do the NPCs appear? The big innovation is to come true with the free content update "Wastelanders", which is planned for autumn 2019.

Complete dialogue system is coming: A complete dialogue system is introduced with the new population of Appalachia. So we can talk to the characters and choose answers, just like we know from old Fallout offshoots. And our decisions should have consequences.

What is the previous problem with missing NPCs?

Fallout 76 still does without human NPCs and related dialogues or decisions. But that's exactly what harms the story in the end, I wrote about the release in my test.

Because instead of through NPCs, Fallout 76 tells its stories completely via tapes, robots, terminals and letters. The worst possible storytelling method in a game with a multiplayer focus, in which we usually talk to our fellow players via voice chat and therefore find it difficult to concentrate on quest instructions or background information.

If we snap something up, we have to find out that most of the stories from Appalachia are horribly insignificant.

But with the new update everything will change. We are very curious.

With Nuclear Winter, Bethesda also announced a Battle Royale mode for Fallout 76 as part of E3 2019.

What do you think of the change?

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