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For me, medicine has always had a deeply spiritual component. I often say little prayers for my patients and their owners, and it is for this reason that I began to think about what I would pray for if I were just a pet owner and not a veterinarian asking for medical miracles. Here's what I would say as a dog lover:

Dear Sir,

Thank you for the present from the dog companion. Let me always strive to be the person my dog ​​keeps for me, even when that level of attractiveness is completely out of my reach.

Please remind me of the innocence of dogs and my duties to those I bring into my home. Forgive me for getting frustrated with my dog, occasionally feeding him table scraps or forcing him to wear a vacation costume for a few quick photos. I promise I will try my best to always be a good owner, friend and family member.

Lord please help him figure out the house training thing as soon as possible when he is a puppy. I like to go barefoot in the apartment and sleep soundly again at some point. That's why I will take him with me regularly, especially when he wakes up, after dinner and during intense play times. I promise I'll celebrate his achievements like a bridesmaid who just caught the bouquet, if only you could make it catch.

Please let my dog ​​have a respectable appetite and palate so choosing a healthy food that he actually eats is less expensive and time consuming than building a skyscraper. Please spare him food allergies, but if he must have them please show me the patience and commitment necessary to conduct a proper food trial so that I can choose the right diet for him.

And if my dog ​​gets caught in something tasty but dangerous, could you slow him down a bit so he at least doesn't eat too much of it? Then I get veterinary help straight away.

Speaking of the vet, sir ... please help me find a vet (and vet technician) who loves my dog ​​and who my dog ​​will love back. Let the vet play with him, give him treats, and secretly vaccinate him before he even knows what is happening.

Help me do everything I can to ensure that the vet has relaxed and happy journeys. And if my dog ​​still doesn't like going to the vet, please let him be geographically bad so he doesn't realize where we are going until we get there.

If I am ever concerned about my dog's health please help me not freak out about what I read on the internet until I speak to my vet. Because, Lord, there are some crazy things on this internet.

I know that I have immense control over my dog's food intake and exercise ability. Please help me keep him in shape so he can live the longest, healthiest life. Bless him with the persistence of dragging me off the couch and out the door for regular exercise because he deserves it and I could use it myself.

Also, give my dog ​​the drive to chase a ball when it's thrown instead of watching it ricochet and then looking at me like I'm an idiot.

Oh, and I'll do my best to keep him on a leash or in securely fenced off areas. But if my dog ​​ever decides to flee our yard, let the daylight put him off so he doesn't try again. Please don't let him get hurt.

When we meet other dogs please help him be the cool dog that is easy to get along with, and not the dog that all other dog owners want to go home or that fuck the other dogs.

I also promise to do my part to keep my dog ​​healthy by getting vaccinated in a timely manner, being parasite-free and receiving regular heartworm screening. (If I forget his monthly dose, feel free to poke me.) I will also do my best to brush my teeth, but please help me get my dog's teeth professionally cleaned if necessary as gum disease will result angry.

If my dog ​​ever gets ear infections, bladder stones, parasites, diabetes or any other illness, please give me the patience and dedication to take care of him as best as possible. When age comes for my dog, I will stay by his side and make him as comfortable as possible. I just ask you to give me the dignity not to sob like a baby at some point after his death.

May you beat dog fighters, animal criminals, and anyone who would ever intentionally abuse my best friend. Serious. We both know they have it.

If some of these things don't work, Lord, that's fine. Please only help me to give my dog ​​the life he deserves, because he is one of your most beautiful beings.


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