What's the best steak in Shanghai

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I'm in the mood for a really good fillet steak. Where do I go best? Where's the best steak in Shanghai?

Thanks in advance :-)

Shiva The best fillet steak I've ever had is in "The Grill" on the 56th floor of the Jin Mao Tower. I had 330 grams of Kobe Style Tenderloin. Even in an international comparison, I haven't had anything better. But take some money with you, the steak cost a good 300 RMB without the side dishes. na holla the forest fairy ^^
of course it is a bit cheaper ...
and I know where ^^
In the San Francisco Steakhouse you can eat many steaks in many styles.
and the price is quite humane ...

MFG Rob_Man Tony is right. The Kobe in the Hyatt is certainly an experience even if it is not a real Kobe from Japan, otherwise the price would have to be a 0.

An absolutely real alternative to this - even if the meat does not come in steak form, Ambrosia teppanyaki would be.
The cheaper Munue with tenderloin costs around 500 RMB and I haven't had a better taste of meat in Shanghai ... even better than the Kobe in the Hyatt. For 1000 RMB + there is also Kobe in Ambrosia.

But Hyatt can certainly not be compared with the SF Steakhouse I had the best fillet steak so far on my balcony from my own grill :-), but it was also very good in the DaMarco restaurant, Golden Bridge Garden 103, East Zhu An Bang Road, Tel. 62110088-5668. I can't tell you the exact price, but it is certainly not as high as in the lacation mentioned above.

In the sense of continuing to feast.
Marathon man @Hunger
yes not to compare but cheaper!
I have to agree with hunger .. the tepanyaki steak is also very, very good :) Manhattan Steakhouse Marriott Hotel
Stekhouse at the Four Seasons
Kobe Style beef is Australian
As far as I know, Japanese Kobe Beef is not allowed to be imported into China
therefore I would be skeptical of all Kobe beef offers

SH Monty's steakhouse.
Tenderloin from 180-300 RMB depending on size.
The steak at Da Marco is also very tasty and costs 150 RMB.
Enjoy the meal I have a great steak several times a week after work.
It's around the corner from Plaza 66. If you walk from there towards the Bund you will eventually come to a shopping center where KFC is in the basement. There is one of those feeding places around the corner for which you have to get this card first. The steak with rice, a fried egg and some strange piece of fish costs 28RMB and is really good.
and it is really a STEAK and not a simple piece of meat ... Steakhouse in the Superbrandmall or in Times Square / Pudong is also a good steakhouse.

Greetings Anne So I think the best value for money fillet steak is in the Future Perfect. 300 grams with side dishes for a little over 100 RMB. Hello,

Right at the Xujiahui is a ball, and there at the top (you can only get there with an elevator) is a Mexican, where the service comes with loads of meat and steak at the table and there is an extra salad buffet, only 65 RMB.

Tasty ................ shouldn't be advertising now! For me, by far the best steak house in Shanghai is the Bullfighter: Metro City on the second floor in Xujiahui No.1111-2F Zhao Jia Bang Rd.
or in Chinese: 美 罗 店 上海市 肇嘉浜路 1111 号 美罗城 2F
Phone: 64268393

best hunger
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