How crazy is your best friend

80 great sayings & quotes for your best friend - for every occasion

There are many occasions to show appreciation and gratitude to your best friend. To strengthen your friendship and to help you put your thoughts into words, we have a colorful mix of quotes, long, short, funny and English sayings for you. Your best friend will surely be happy about this surprise.

Proof of love: sayings for the best friend

Proof of love: sayings for the best friend

Friendship is wonderful and can make life so much easier and richer. Girls in particular like to show how much they mean to one another. For this reason, we have a lot of great sayings with which you can inspire your best friend.

True friendship is similar to a relationship. There is also a particularly close relationship between best friends. They look out for each other and look after each other, put the needs of their friends above their own and miss each other. They take responsibility for one another and sometimes jealousy even arises when their best friend dates another friend.

These occasions are particularly suitable

Sometimes it's just nice to say it out loud: You are my best friend. Maybe your best friend didn't even know that you see her that way and that she means so much to you. There are several occasions that are particularly suitable for such a ‘confession of friendship’. For example, you can fill a birthday card with a friendship saying and a text you have written yourself and give your best friend a great day. The sayings are particularly suitable for these occasions:

Sayings for the best friend: send or give away?

Sayings for the best friend: send or give away?

There are many ways to convey a dearly meant saying to your best friend. For one, there are the usual modern channels like WhatsApp, Facebook, SMS, email and so on. But if you want to do something special for your friend, you can send her a card or a letter by post or you can even frame the friendship saying and give it away. So your best friend can hang it up and enjoy it every day. Print out the saying or write it down neatly. A few decorations are always nice to look at.

Another option is a collage of sayings and photos of you. Maybe even add a few insiders for that personal touch. It's also a nice touch if you just print out a photo of you and your best friend and write a friendship phrase and the date on the back.

Writing sayings for your best friend yourself: 3 tips

There are an incredible number of friendship sayings that are suitable for the best friend. But if you want to give your better half something that is particularly personal and tailored to your friendship, you should write your friendship sayings yourself. We have a few tips for you that will make writing easier for you.

1. Storytelling

Think about it: What is friendship actually for you and does your best friend meet or exceed these expectations? What did you experience together? The storytelling method helps you to quickly find suitable content for your friendship saying. Relive old memories or name the positive aspects of your friendship.

2. Letter technique

The letter technique is a little food for thought and a source of inspiration by giving you the first letter of your word or phrase. For example, take the name of your best friend and write one of her good qualities for each letter in her name. If you write the letters of her name vertically one below the other, your saying is especially nice to look at.

3. Insider or your own quotes

Do you have a certain insider that you keep reviving? Immortalize it in a saying so that you never forget it. Do you remember something cute or funny that your girlfriend once said? Show her that you've listened and that her words mean something to you: Write it down. Even if you have nicknames for each other, you can incorporate them.

80 sayings for the best friend

80 sayings for the best friend

Sayings show your best friend that she is special to you. They are like love sayings, only often not quite as intense. That is not to say that they are less significant. On the contrary: They can work wonders, especially in difficult phases of your friendship. They can keep your friendship going when either of you is abroad, or get your best friend to make up with you again after you've argued. They can become an insider or a tradition in your friendship and they are great for a card.

  1. You always have been and always will be: my best friend.
  2. I like you for who you are, but most of all for who I am when I'm with you.
  3. Life is never perfect, but there are special moments that make it worth living and there are people who make these moments perfect. You are one of these people for me.
  4. I know you don't always have an easy time with me, but I want you to know that I would be nothing without you.
  5. Life is only fun with you by my side.
  6. All the money in the world wouldn't make me happy unless I can share it with you.
  7. A friendship doesn't have to be perfect, it has to be real.
  8. Fate is when two find each other who never looked for each other.
  9. I wanted to know what friendship means. I found complicated terms in the dictionary, but in my heart I found you.
  10. If life gives me a hundred reasons to cry, you make me have a thousand reasons to smile.
  11. Good friends help you find things when you've lost them. Your smile. Your hope. Your courage.
  12. A best friend is like a lantern on the way. It doesn't make it shorter, but it does make it lighter.
  13. The question arises as to whether happiness and unhappiness could be endured without someone by your side. I do not think so.
  14. No matter how deep you sink, I may not be able to pull you all the way up, but I'll do everything I can to keep you from dropping.
  15. Good friends know all of your stories. Best friends experienced them with you.
  16. We are like two pieces of a puzzle: so different, and yet we fit together perfectly.
  17. You are the friend who is always there for me, who always listens to me, who is most important to me and who understands me. I want to thank you for that!
  18. There are people who do not understand you after saying a thousand words and there are people who understand you without a word.
  19. Friendship enchants. It makes good times better and makes us forget the bad.
  20. I can tell you everything I think and you will understand me. You are my best friend and I never want to lose you.

10 short sayings for your best friend

If you are at a loss for words and you are not the type for long, emotional texts, a short friendship can help. It's not too cheesy and there is still a lot of truth and feeling in it. Make your best friend happy by showing her your gratitude. Short friendship sayings are also very suitable for gift tags or to fill some space in a greeting card.

  1. Friends are like stars, you can't always see them, but you know they are always there for you.
  2. The flower only blooms for a short time, our friendship blooms for eternity.
  3. Freundschaf (f) t - I can do anything with you!
  4. A friend understands your past, believes in your future, and accepts you in the present for who you are.
  5. Love comes and goes, but friendship remains.
  6. We found each other. We are one now.
  7. You are my solid rock, on whom I can always save myself.
  8. I appreciate you and your honesty. I love you.
  9. Keep word. Hold hands. Keep up. We can both do anything.
  10. Time does not heal wounds. Friends heal them.

15 funny sayings for your best friend

15 funny sayings for your best friend

In a friendship, there is usually a lot of laughter and the same humor shared. However, not every friendship is ripe for a funny friendship saying. If you choose one of these funny sayings, make sure your best friend doesn't get it wrong. Funny sayings are also great when you have a hard time talking about your feelings.

  1. With you, even doing nothing is fun. I keep you.
  2. You're my best friend because you're just as crazy as me.
  3. I love talking to you about things we've talked about a thousand times. It's fun every time.
  4. Who doesn't know that with good friends: You approach each other and have to start grinning 30 meters beforehand.
  5. I am glad that you are my best friend. So I don't always have to tidy up when you're visiting.
  6. A true girlfriend is like a bra: hard to find, supportive, comfortable, uplifting, and very close to the heart.
  7. Remember: we are best friends. I'm always there to help you up when you're down. But only after I've finished laughing.
  8. You are really stupid. You really have questionable morals. Besides, you're totally childish. So actually everything I've always been looking for in a best friend.
  9. A real friend doesn't have to ask why you are crying. He just wants to know who to spank.
  10. Don't worry, I only annoy people I like.
  11. Your friends are always behind you. So they can kick your butt at any time or put funny stickers on your back.
  12. A best friend is someone who likes you even though he knows you.
  13. Friends are like shoes. When you are young you can't have enough and later you realize that it is always the same with whom you feel comfortable.
  14. I like you because somehow meaningless conversations also make sense with you.
  15. You are crazy. But the best friends are always a little crazy. Well, I am too. So I summarize: I am great, you are great. It's nice that we know each other.

15 sayings for your best friend in English

15 sayings for your best friend in English

Friendship sayings in English are extremely helpful when you and your best friend do not have the same mother tongue. Maybe you got to know each other abroad or during an exchange and you now want to show her that you will never forget her and that you will always keep in touch. If you choose one of the following sayings, you should make sure that it fits you and your best friend and that she is sure to understand it.

Not only international friendships benefit from English friendship sayings. When it comes to feelings, we like to switch to another language in order to feel more secure and to disguise our emotions a little. So send an English saying to your German best friend or dedicate your WhatsApp status to her.

  1. And if I ask you to name all the things, that you love, how long would it take to name yourself? If I’d be asked to name all the things, that I love, you’d be my number one.
  2. The days that break you are the days that make you. I'm glad you were there. Ich liebe dich.
  3. For the world you are someone - but to me you are the world.
  4. I will always stay by your side, as you have stayed at mine.
  5. The most memorable people in life will be the friends who loved you when you weren’t very lovable.
  6. A friend is one who believes in you when you have ceased to believe in yourself.
  7. You are my eye candy and my soul food. You are my best friend.
  8. Life is like a camera. Focus on what's important, capture the good times - and if things don't work out: just take another shot!
  9. You said you will help me to reach my dreams. But you are the only dream I want to reach. Stay by my side and I'll never need another dream again.
  10. When you are searching for that one person, that will change your life, just take a look in the mirror. I'll always be there to hold the mirror for you and to show you how important you are.
  11. Everyone has that one friend, whos laughter is more funny than his jokes. I love your laughter and your jokes.
  12. Wherever you are, if you cry or smile, whenever you need me, you can count on me!
  13. Best friends don’t have to see each other everyday, you’ll keep each other in your heart anyway.
  14. Life isn't easy all the time, but I'll always have hope when I see you smile.
  15. Friendship is for me, if I haven't seen you for a long time, but when we talk it feels like we've never been apart.

20 quotes for best friend

True friendship used to be a skill that was primarily attributed to men of higher rank. Over time it became clear that there is also a special, friendly relationship between women. The following quotes from famous poets and thinkers can therefore be related to both genders, even if they were of older origin and thus perhaps intended for men (e.g. quotations from Epicurus).

Quotations have the advantage that they seem very wise and in a certain way general. Often they are thoughtful and formulated in educational language. So if you want to seriously and openly tell your best friend how much their friendship means to you, pick a nice quote. It is always nice to add a few words of your own to a quote, but of course not an obligation. Quotes can also help if you have writer's block or just aren't good at putting your thoughts into words. Here you can learn to write better.

  1. Whoever sees a true friend somehow sees an image of himself.
  2. If you were to give a person all the glory in the world - what good’s it if he has no friend to tell?
    (Catharina Elisabeth Goethe)
  3. Flowers cannot bloom without the warmth of the sun. People cannot become human without the warmth of friendship.
    (Phil Bosmans)
  4. The friends you can call at four in the morning that count.
    (Marlene Dietrich)
  5. Of all the gifts that fate gives us, there is no greater good than friendship - no greater wealth, no greater joy.
    (Epicurus of Samos)
  6. Friendship is the noblest feeling that the human heart is capable of.
    (Carl Hilty)
  7. No friendship tends to be more permanent than that made in early youth. One is even less suspicious, less difficult in small things.
    (Adolph Freiherr von Knigge)
  8. Friendship is surely the best balm for the wounds of a disappointed love.
    (Jane Austen)
  9. A friend gives you a thousand eyes, like the goddess Indra. You live innumerable lives through your friends. You see in other dimensions. One lives with the upper turned down and the inside turned out. You are never alone.
    (Henry Miller)
  10. Words only connect where our wavelengths coincide for a long time.
    (Max Frisch)
  11. Friendship is a door between two people. It can creak sometimes, it can jam, but it is never locked.
    (Balthasar Gracián y Morales)
  12. Friendship, that is one soul in two bodies.
  13. Friendship: Something like love with mind.
    (Sabine Sauer)
  14. What the power of wings is to a bird, friendship is to man; she lifts him up above the dust of the earth.
    (Zenta Maurina)
  15. A little friendship is worth more to me than admiration from the whole world.
    (Otto von Bismarck)
  16. Really good friends are people who know us very well and still stick to us.
    (Marie von Ebner Eschenbach)
  17. Friendship is like home.
    (Kurt Tucholsky)
  18. The most beautiful gift that the gods bestowed on people is friendship. May some also praise wealth, power, honor or health, I prefer friendship and wisdom to all other goods. In happiness as in unhappiness, man most desires friendship.
    (Markus Tullius Cicero)
  19. If one moves away from the mountains, one sees them all the more in their true form; it is the same with friends.
    (Hans Christian Andersen)
  20. You and I we are one. I can not hurt you without hurting myself.
    (Mahatma Gandhi)
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