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Spirituality - with heart, mind and soul

Are you interested in spiritual matters and are you considering training in spirituality? Do you promise yourself a greater understanding of spiritual matters through this? We recommend that you look around for offers on this topic. The word spirituality comes from the Latin word spiritus (spirit) and means spiritual or spiritual in a religious sense. The spiritual has many faces and in relation to religion it means a deeply connected belief in a higher power. This belief influences people in their thoughts, actions and feelings. To a certain extent, a person's attitude to life and behavior are guided and deformed by their beliefs. In addition, spiritual faith also gives an inner peace and security that can strengthen people in difficult times. In the imagination, however, the spiritual is also a connection to the invisible world.

Find out more about the multifaceted topic of spirituality and religion by completing an apprenticeship or further education. On the Swiss education portal ,bildung-Weiterbildung.ch, you will find interesting offers on this and many other topics from qualified providers. Corresponding contacts are also available. Just ask for more information.

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