How can I anonymously decline the question?

Bar anonymous calls: what to do

To avoid being disturbed by strangers, you can block anonymous calls. This is possible with the iPhone as well as with Android smartphones - or on the landline phone. Read how you can protect yourself against interference.

Block anonymous calls on iPhone

On the iPhone you have to take a little detour if you want to block external callers: Under iOS 8, select the "Do not disturb" item in the settings. Activate the "Manual" function. Under "Allow calls" you can then select all contacts from your address book.

Finally, set the mute function to "Always". This means that only calls and messages from your contacts are passed through. All other callers are forwarded directly to the mailbox. Alternatively, you can also use the paid app "iBlacklist", for example.

Block calls on the Android smartphone

In the phone app of some Android smartphones, you can block certain phone numbers and contacts. It is only possible to block callers with unknown or suppressed phone numbers on certain smartphones. To do this, simply open the call settings in the app. Under "Reject a call" you can not only select certain contacts that you want to block, but also block anonymous callers in general.

Alternatively, you can use an additional app to block unwanted calls from withheld phone numbers. There are numerous options for this in the Play Store, some of which offer extended functions. The "Calls Blacklist" app has proven to be a popular option - it is available free of charge from the Play Store.

What are the options for landline telephones?

Anonymous callers can also be uncomfortable at home on your landline phone. If you want to block these, you can contact your telephone provider and find out whether you can have anonymous calls blocked from them. If necessary, a fee has to be paid for this. In addition, some landline providers also offer the option of blocking only certain numbers that you do not want to be bothered by.

If your landline telephone is also connected via a DSL router, you should take a look at the manual for the device. It is often possible to block individual phone numbers or even generally anonymous calls via the router. Find out more from the manufacturer of your DSL device or from your Internet provider.