Should I eat quickly or slowly?

A study with 3,000 participants was also published in The British Medical Journal, which showed that eating quickly can have a negative effect on body weight. Those test persons who ate quickly had three times the risk of accumulating extra pounds than those who ate comfortably and in peace.

Eating slowly is worthwhile in several ways

Of course, it is difficult to fit the daily meals into an often hectic schedule and then to take plenty of time for them. However, eating slowly (at least 30 minutes for a meal) and consciously pays off in several ways.

The meals are digested without any problems (without subsequent flatulence, heartburn, etc.), the nutrients can be better utilized and a strong feeling of satiety occurs. The latter means that on the one hand (per meal) smaller amounts and on the other hand fewer or no snacks at all are eaten, which in turn means that fewer calories are consumed and thus obesity with all its pathological consequences is prevented.

(1) GLP-1: Glucagonlike Peptid-1 is a peptide hormone that is formed in the small intestine as soon as fat or carbohydrates arrive there. Its task is to suppress the appetite so that one does not eat indefinitely. Peptide hormones are hormones that are made up of amino acids. Insulin is also such a peptide hormone. (2) Peptide YY: Peptide YY is also an appetite-suppressing peptide hormone that, like GLP-1, is produced in the intestinal mucosa.

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  • Maruyama, Koutatsu, et al. "The joint impact on being overweight of self reported behaviors of eating quickly and eating until full: cross sectional survey."Bmj337 (2008). (The common influence of eating hastily and having a full meal on obesity: a cross-sectional survey)

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