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Once upon a time there was a familywho was looking for a suitable one Storybook for their children. For a long time they searched and searched. But the right book didn't want to appear. Until one day at dadslife.at she writes about the best Fairy tale books for children have found. And so they still read from their new, dearestStorybook in front.

No wonder the family loves one so much Storybook wanted to have. After all tie up and inspire these Stories for a long, long time Children of innumerable generations. Mostly there are already fairy tale books that have been passed on over and over again. But sometimes a little harm you Storybook update Not. Some old books are falling apart or the parents find the content no longer quite so up-to-date.

The last point in particular is a problem for many parents in older fairy tale books. Back then, the stories were often anything but squeamish. Brute force, strongly outdated views or also racism can be a problem in books this old. Fortunately, many of these books become clear more modernprocessed

In our Checklist you will find the most important points for your path to the ideal Storybook

tip: The most beloved Hidden object books for children can be found here.

Checklist for children's storybooks

  • Age: We have the earliest entry in our list with the Fairy tale hidden object book. Here it goes with around 3 years Come on. On the large hidden object pictures, the little ones can get to know their first fairy tale characters while their parents read out the accompanying text.
  • Read out: Speaking of reading aloud: When choosing the right one Storybook it also depends on which one occasion you want to use the book. Is it all about the pure Read out as a bedtime story, you need noimages and you can just devote yourself to the text.
  • Look at: However, if you are looking for a book that you can comfortably spend on the couch with your children on a rainy afternoon scroll through then of course should be appropriate images and Illustrations be on board.
  • violence: Old fairy tales can be really cruel. Figures are given there once covered in blood taught a lesson or a CostumeBeatings. Those who find this content not very useful for small children can turn to more modern, revised candidates.

Recommended children's storybooks

The classic fairy tales of Little Red Riding Hood, Hansel & Gretel, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Frau Holle and the Frog Prince in high-quality anthologies:

Bestsellers: fairy tale books

We have the most popular fairy tale books for childrenprepared for you in a bestseller list (the selection is updated daily).

1My wonderful fairy tale world in narrative pictures: The most beautiful fairy tales by the Brothers Grimm Currently no reviews20.00 EURGet it here
2Reclam's fairy tale treasure: four volumes in a slipcase: Hans Christian Andersen: fairy tales and stories ... Currently no reviews34.00 EURGet it here
3The big fairy tale book: The hundred most beautiful fairy tales from all over Europe (children's books) Currently no reviews50.00 EURGet it here
4Fairy tale book The most beautiful fairy tale classics (Brothers Grimm & Hans Christian Andersen), ... Currently no reviewsEUR 24.90Get it here
5My first fairy tale book: The most beautiful fairy tales by the Brothers Grimm. Reading book from 4 years ... Currently no reviews12.99 EURGet it here
6The big fairy tale book: With illustrations by Ruth and Martin Koser-Michaëls Currently no reviews22.00 EURGet it here
7Fairy tale book: My Brothers Grimm fairy tale Wimmel book for children from 3 years Currently no reviews12.99 EURGet it here
8Grimm's Fairytales Currently no reviews22.00 EURGet it here
9The Berlin fairy tale book: sagas, legends and fairy tales from Berlin retold Currently no reviews14.95 EURGet it here
10Esslinger Hausbücher: Once upon a time ...: The most beautiful fairy tale classics Currently no reviews15.99 EURGet it here
11Children's and Household Tales: Final edition with the original notes by the Brothers Grimm. Three... Currently no reviews34.00 EURGet it here
12Grimm's fairy tales: The most beautiful fairy tales by the Brothers Grimm. Fairy tale book collection for children with ... Currently no reviews14.85 EURGet it here
13Disney: The great golden book of the princesses: reading book with enchanting Disney stories Currently no reviews25.00 EURGet it here
14Grimm's Fairy Tales: Complete Illustrated Edition Currently no reviews29.90 EURGet it here
15The most beautiful fairy tales by Hans Christian Andersen Currently no reviews19.99 EURGet it here
16The great fairy tale treasure: Andersen's fairy tales, Grimm's fairy tales, Hauff's fairy tales: 3 volumes in a slipcase Currently no reviews29.95 EURGet it here

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