Are seedlings edible

Garden cress and Co. Microgreens: Grow edible sprouts, seedlings, and greens

Microgreens are called the seedlings, sprouts and young plants of edible vegetables. They grow from seeds within a very short time. They are usually ready for harvest after just a few days. Whether peas, radishes or radishes: Not only the vegetables themselves are edible, but also the sprouts and young plants with the first leaves. These microgreens have been popular for several years as they stand for self-sufficiency and health-conscious nutrition.

What are the characteristics of seedlings, sprouts and green cabbage?

When seeds germinate and the burst seeds develop tender roots, we speak of seedlings. A scion is not yet available. If the cotyledons unfold, the seedlings will sprout. It is only when green leaves with the leaf pigment chlorophyll have actually formed that it is green herb. The young vegetable plants can be grown, harvested and eaten raw on your own windowsill fresh.

If I choose the appropriate seed, it can be ensured that the food is free from harmful substances. The young plants are rich in minerals, vitamins, trace elements and enzymes. They are also easy to digest.

Which plants are suitable for consumption as seedlings, sprouts or green cabbage?

It is important to only use seeds for cultivation at home that are suitable for eating in the form of sprouts, sprouts or green cabbage. There are different seeds to buy in stores, which differ in cultivation depending on their color and taste. The seeds are often offered in organic quality. Popular and tasty sprouts include:

  • cress
  • Mung bean
  • Red clover
  • radish
  • radish
  • Beetroot
  • Rocket
  • broccoli
  • Alfalfa (alfalfa)
  • wheat
  • barley