Who is in the band The Aquabats

The aquabats

The Aquabats are an American band from Southern California that was formed in 1995. The band is especially known for their very colorful appearances in superhero costumes.

Band history

At the beginning of their career the band played a mix of ska and surf rock. Over the years (especially after the second album), however, she moved further and further away from ska. The winds in particular were replaced by synthesizers as the group began to experiment more and more with electronic music.

The ex-drummer for the Orange County group is Travis Barker, who played at blink-182 and the Transplants and now plays at (+44). From the early brass section of the fun band, only "The Robot" is there, but he is less and less likely to use the saxophone.

In their first year (1995) the band released their debut album entitled "Return of The Aquabats!". Contrary to their own expectations, the album sold very well. In 1997 "The Fury of the Aquabats!" Followed, which has remained their most successful album to date.

The musical style of the band developed with their third album "The Aquabats VS. The Floating Eye of Death" (1999 more and more in the direction of New Wave with Rock'n'Roll and Ska sprinkles, underlaid with synthesizer music.

In 2000 the fourth album "Myths, Legends and Other Amazing Adventures Vol.2" was released, which includes many songs or is based on ideas for songs that the band had accumulated over the years.

The so far last album "CHARGE !!!" appeared in 2005 on their new label Nitro Records.

Band mythology

The Aquabats appear in superhero costumes and have their own biography, according to which they come from the hidden paradise island of Aquabania, from which they were chased away by the evil super villain Space Monster "M". They fled across the ocean in a hollowed-out tree trunk and stranded in California, where they were found by the "professor". With the help of chemicals, this turned them into superheroes who disguise themselves as a music group in their free time.

The band uses their performances to defeat the space monster "M" with the help of their musical superpowers. But at the concerts they are regularly attacked by monsters. Sometimes there is also a friendly copy that just wanted to attend the concert. In this case, "The MC Bat Commander" of course formally apologizes to the creature and vows never to judge monsters by their appearance again. "Professor" Monty Corndog sometimes accompanies the band on their performances against evil.

Band line-up

Current occupation

* Christian "The MC Bat Commander" Jacobs - vocals (founding member)
* Chad "Crash McLarson" Larson - Bass (founding member)
* Courtney "Chainsaw: The Prince of Karate" Pollock - guitar (founding member)
* Popeye guitar
* Ricky Fitness - drums
* Jimmy (aka Jaime) The Robot - keyboards, synthesizers, saxophone

former members

* Adam "Prince Adam" Deibert (founding member)
* Boyd "CatBoy" Terry (founding member)
* Ultra Kyu (later: Mysterious Kyu) (founding member)
* Ben "The Brain" Bergeson (founding member)
* Chad "Nacho" Parkin (founding member)
* Rod "Roddy B" Arellano (founding member)
* Doctor Rock
* Macaroni the New Columbus
* Baron von Tito (a.k.a. Travis Barker)
* Anna-Julia (a.k.a. Annelle)