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Which hobby did you discover for yourself during lockdown?

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From: Michelle Anskeit

Perhaps a hobby that you have had for a long time has helped you lockdown or you have discovered a new one. © xDavidxMunozx / IMAGO / Addictive Stock

Photography, creating jewelry from synthetic resin or digging out the old hula hoop again.

So, dear ones. We are currently still in lockdown and although vaccinations are progressing, we will likely stay home for a while longer to allow progress to continue. I'm probably not the only one who is slowly running out of ideas on how to spend her free time without just throwing herself in front of Netflix for hours (although that's perfectly fine and justified, of course).

That's why I wanted to ask you:

Which hobby did you discover for yourself during lockdown? © BuzzFeed Germany

Like many others, have you stepped on the hula hoop trend and are in better shape as a result than before the lockdown?

Have you and your partner been doing something as sporty as these two guys in lockdown? © IMAGO / Westend61

Or did you finally take the time to learn the instrument that you always wanted to play?

Do you have an instrument lying around that you haven't played in ages? © IMAGO / Westend61

For example, one of my friends started crocheting a bunch of new coasters and blankets:

Think crocheting is only for old people? I thought wrong! © IMAGO / Westend61

If you need a few new project ideas for this, we have put together a few nice gift ideas for you to crochet yourself.

While others have become more and more involved in video creation on TikTok and YouTube in lockdown:

For example, many are now doing make-up tutorials or story times on TikTok and YouTube. © xJuanxAlbertoxRuizx / IMAGO / Addictive Stock

Perhaps the lockdown also made you more in touch with nature and brought you plants:

Some people just became more in touch with nature again in lockdown. © IMAGO / Westend61

By the way, we also have a few tips for you on how your plants can survive longer even with no green thumb.

Either way: I would like to know what you are currently spending your free time with!

If you'd like to share it with me, feel free to comment directly in the post or on Facebook, and I'll share the answers in one of our next articles.