Westworld is underwater

Westworld Season 2 - And you thought Facebook was bad

There are new timelines and after the uprising nothing is what it was before. But Westworld is still the same. The start of the 2nd season also suggests the "bigger picture" of the series.

A cruel 16 month break lies between Westworld and Westworld 2. After the finale in The Bicameral Mind, no stone was left unturned in the amusement park. The hosts had empowered themselves and pushed their masters into the dust of the prairie. Journey into the Night, the first episode of the second season of Westworld, rearranges the tattered events and at the same time turns the plot clock a long way forward. But one thing is still certain: after the great uprising, nothing will be the same as it used to be. The Westworld project, as its regular customers in heat knew it, has failed.

Humanity's wildest developments always flew around the ears at some point. The industrial revolution poisoned the planet, the internet poisoned the mind, the atomic bomb made war more complicated and global, and the genetically designed T-Rex was completely unsuitable as a recreational attraction. Artificial intelligent life also found its way into Westworld 1, into the labyrinth, into consciousness. And now out the door? The Door is the name of Season 2 Westworld, and that's probably more metaphorical than the door that Truman stepped out of the show into real life through.

Dolores is no longer recognizable in the second season of Westworld

Ways out of Westworld, which was devastated after the great uprising, want to find different parties in season 2. These parties are divided into two storylines that run in two different timelines, the connecting element of which is Bernard. Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) is finally down from her The Beauty in this World trip. She wants to see the beauty of the world, of course, but at once snatch it from the oppressors. The brutal Wyatt has got the upper hand in her Janus-headed character code. The sky-blue dress looks more like a carnival costume on Dolores than ever, almost like a servant's uniform. We see her in it at the very beginning, again Arnold (Jeffrey Wright) is her interlocutor. He analyzes them in the familiar routines of their audiences. A scene later, Wyatt / Dolores interrogates their human prisoners using the same protocol: "Have you ever questioned the nature of your reality"she spits in the face of whimpering Delos bigwigs. And "Such wild joy comes to a wild end.", and so on. As one amazed Delos employee put it: "But she always greeted the visitors happily". Yes, that was once upon a time.

"Among all the lives I've had to live another one has grown. Now I just have to play one role: myself", Dolores analyzes further shortly afterwards.

Without Ford (Anthony Hopkins), the walking audio commentary, Westworld lacks the psychoanalytic element that uses unsolicited monologues to add explanatory footnotes. Will the other characters do that now? With Dolores and also William (Ed Harris), the old one, this can already be seen. "The danger is real", he says, disinfecting his wounds with whiskey like a real cowboy. He arrived. A smile creeps into his bloodied face.

Dolores explains her goals to us as bright as a bell. She wants to conquer the big world out there, the Westworld is no longer enough for her. That also sounded different. Teddy only wants a little spot here for himself and Dolores, where they can be happy, maybe where the mountains and the sea meet. He's incapable of cynicism, he's still the romantic hero from the Journey Into the Night storyline. Will he be able to make friends with the scruffy punks who are now taking over the helm? The host rebels (including William's receptionist from episode 2) act like illusory squatters in the post-apocalypse who reject the system but somehow have to continue to exist in its infrastructure.

The tough guys take over

On the other hand, the excited mood is reminiscent of Forgotten World, the successor to Jurassic Park. The dinosaurs have not shown themselves to be willing to inspect, now the frivolous creator of his products is calling for a military counter-attack with administrative seriousness. When off-road vehicles speed through the prairie in Westworld and are fixed by a tracking camera, I inevitably have to think of the dinosaur hunting scenes through the savannah in Forgotten World.

Gustaf SkarsgÄrd from Vikings plays the tidier here. The hardliners take it over, as always when the subordinates have rebelled. The bureaucrats and shareholders sit back and let go of the Dobermans. The missing Stubbs (Luke Hemsworth) is among them, by the way, as if nothing had happened. If only it were that easy with Elsie (Shannon Woodward). However, stubbs could also be a clone or a host.

Will we see "The Big Picture" in Westworld Season 2?

Why? Well, you still remember Theresa Cullen's hot rebuke for Snotty Spoon and showrunner Lee Sizemore. If not, then here is a section of the goosebumps monologue from the first episode Westworld:

This place has a meaning for its guests, a completely different one for its shareholders and a completely different one for the management.

What this other meaning to management might be is becoming increasingly clear now that we see Charlotte Hale in action. Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) is out with Charlotte Hale (Tessa Thompson), and he's probably the only man around who isn't intimidated by her. With Bernard in tow, Charlotte wants to flee the park, but Delos has cordoned off the area to encircle the chaos. In addition, the top bosses are still waiting for the data stored in the host Peter Abernathy, which was actually smuggled out of the park. But Peter lost his way.

The host Peter swayed the valuable genetic records of thousands of well-heeled Westworld visitors who had agreed to do so before their visit, as is clear from the Delos terms of use. Delos also has recordings of their actions on hosts that nobody wants published on the Internet. Except that you can't mask off a host's eyes as easily as you can a laptop camera. The host brain works like a black box. More important and valuable for Delos, however, are the DNA records of their guests, with which Delos could copy people without them knowing. Delos is like Facebook, only a lot worse. I can already see the Delos CEO formulate an apology at a hearing in the US federal court.

Nudity equals

In the third, most entertaining storyline, Lee Sizemore hooks up with Maeve (Thandie Newton). He almost meets his own literary figure and looks completely enchanted. She lets him go bare, an experience that Simon Quarterman would unreservedly recommend to any actor. Hector joins them, and he and Maeve greet each other with an angry, pressed Bonny and Clyde kiss. Each of the three squad members has now seen each other naked, nudity equals.

Maeve seems relatively composed for the fact that she has left her actual storyline and basically rewrites her entire existence further and irretrievably with every minute that she is alive and not a prostitute in a dirty western saloon. What kind of feeling does that have to be? Life maybe. She is looking for her daughter. Instead, she plays human, perhaps consciously for the first time, and her portrait is not flattering to the ruling species. She imitates Sylvester, the pathetic engineer who was there when she saw the true light of day.

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  • "This doesent look like anything to me."
  • One host likes "butter-tender meat, marinated in fear." Pennywise's mouth is watering too.
  • Westworld is on an island folks.
  • Bernard wears his glasses in Timeline 2, the one with Charlotte Hale. But no longer in Timeline 2, the one with stubbs. We can orientate ourselves well from this.
  • The hosts are just like us, they too have to quit, revealed Lisa Joy.
  • The fan love for Westworld is really touching. With 1110 ratings, Journey into the Night had a rating of 9.1 on IMDB yesterday - a cuddly, caressing 9.1 to greet after a long absence.
  • The intro now shows an artificial newborn baby lying next to its artificial mother. In Blade Runner, birth is the ultimate seal of being human. But what I mean is having parents at all. And who says they can't be artificial?

Sky shows the 2nd season of Westworld parallel to the US broadcast. You can get the new episodes and season 1 at Sky ticket, optionally in English or German.