What does invoice factoring cost me?

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SECTION. Global factoring

Factoring convinces as a flexible financing solution through fast liquidity - and with A.B.S. Numerous services are also included in factoring. An increase in the equity ratio, entrepreneurial growth, the reduction of high outstanding debts, the relief of accounts receivable management or a better rating through an optimized balance sheet structure are just some of the advantages associated with factoring. But what does factoring cost actually? And how can you Compensate for factoring costs? Listen to the Experts in the video:


Even the Question of cost can at the A.B.S. Convincing factoring: because they are with us very clearly structured and transparent. The costs for the product A.B.S. Factoring is simply made up of the Factoring fee and the Factoring interest rate together. There are no other fees.

The Factoring fee is based on the factoring turnover. It forms the administrative, audit and risk effort of the A.B.S. Global Factoring AG. The fee level depends on the number of your customers as well as on the number and amount of invoices, the creditworthiness of your company and your customer structure.

The Factoring interest rate are meant the interest for the financing of your claims. They are calculated based on the respective financing volume, i.e. on your outstanding balance of open invoices. It is also decisive how long your outstanding debts from A.B.S. Global factoring will be financed. The time it takes your customer to process the A.B.S. Invoices purchased by Global Factoring AG will be billed to the day. The factoring interest rate is usually below the current account interest rate of a bank.

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If you claim that factoring is too expensive, we recommend that you offset the benefits achieved. Because many Factoring costs can be quickly recovered thanks to the numerous advantages of this form of financing make up for it. For example, by doing without your own accounts receivable and the Use of discounts, bonuses and rebates save financial resources at your suppliers. You can your customers longer payment terms grant and thus increase your competitiveness and your margins. In addition, clever use of the gained liquidity achieve a variety of effects that have a positive influence on the profitability of a company.

Payment defaults are a thing of the past, i. H. Your operating profit is no longer clouded by bad debt losses. Think for yourself how much sales you would otherwise have to acquire to compensate for a single payment default.

With some providers, in addition to the factoring fee and the factoring interest rate, you also have to pay extra for services such as bad debt protection, receivables management and credit checks - at SECTION. Factoring are these Services for her already included in the price.

Factoring calculator: Determine your individual factoring costs here


Great benefits at low costs!

With A.B.S. Factoring ensures you numerous competitive advantages and fast liquidity at low costs. Do not miss this extra service!

SECTION. See benefits

The Factoring calculator serves as a first point of reference. It should help to better assess the costs and the associated benefits. The actual conditions may differ from the results of the factoring calculator.

If your company's annual turnover is greater than 5 million euros - no problem! We will create one for you immediately tailor-made offer for your company and will offer you the most favorable conditions for your individual situation. Off-the-shelf offers are available at A.B.S. Global Factoring AG does not!

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What you get for the factoring cost

Although A.B.S. Factoring as a bank-independent financing solution, but you get money for it too real added value in the form of liquidity and full service.

  • fast and flexible liquidity within 24 hours
  • full bad debt protection
  • Takeover of receivables management including dunning
  • better purchasing conditions through the use of discounts, bonuses and rebates
  • higher equity ratio
  • better rating and higher creditworthiness

In comparison, one should consider the additional profit that can be made from factoring financing. Because: More financing means more business, which in turn results in more profit. The proportion of financing that is based on your claims (usually 90%) is much higher compared to a bank loan that is secured by claims (usually no more than 50%).

Why you should work with A.B.S. Even save on factoring

With the use of A.B.S. Factoring can save you quite a bit of money and resources. Since the A.B.S. Global Factoring AG takes over the complete accounts receivable management for you, you have the possibility to do without your own accounts receivable and save a lot of time, money and resources in this area.

In addition, with A.B.S. Factoring usually more favorable purchasing conditions. Since the sale of receivables gives you the necessary liquidity to pay your suppliers directly, you can often take advantage of discounts, bonuses and rebates and lower your purchase prices. This also saves a lot of money when buying goods. The financing will therefore be a lot cheaper for you.

Overdrafts can also be reduced with the liquidity gained through factoring. Therefore, in the long term, you can use A.B.S. Factoring save money.

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