How do I stop fearing someone

About the horror and fear Anxiety - A Good Thing?


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Fear is an uncomfortable feeling, but also a very important one: it protects us from dangerous situations. Some fears are very old. and, so to speak, the primal instincts of humans.

By: Katharina Mutz, Veronika Baum and Simone Wichert

Status: 17.09.2020

Fear is good: if we weren't afraid, for example of cars passing by, we would just run out onto the street. So it makes us cautious and thereby protects us from dangerous situations. This protective function sometimes even goes so far that we are afraid even though there is no real threat.

On the other hand, fear is a hideous feeling: If you are afraid, you start to sweat, your heart beats very quickly, your breath races - or stops completely - and you can also see the fear in our eyes: we widen out of sheer shock the pupils. The body is on the alert: it recognizes the danger and tenses the muscles. Sometimes the fear makes you feel sick or you even piss your pants.

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But fear is not always uncomfortable. For example, anyone who likes to ride a roller coaster knows this "thrill" as a positive feeling. Or there is also the "cozy horror", for example when you sit on the sofa and watch an exciting film and at the same time know that you are safe.

Some fears are apparently innate in us. For example, almost all people are afraid of the dark or loud noises. Some are afraid of spiders or other wild animals, others are afraid of heights, so they are afraid when they stand on a tall building.

Ancient - the fear of the dark

The fear of the dark or loud noises has to do with the fact that people who lived millions of years ago could not see dangerous wild animals in the dark. Back then, people had to be particularly careful when it was dark - this fear is still in our bones today. Loud noises also often came from dangerous animals in the past - and they still give us a fright today.

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Other fears are very personal and have to do with what we have experienced before. If someone falls from a high wall, they are probably afraid of jumping off the monkey bars. Conversely, anyone who has ever jumped down safely from the highest rung of the climbing frame and then admired by everyone for their courage is definitely not afraid to jump down again.

What can you do about fear?

Listening and comforting is often a great help when it comes to small fears.

That all depends. Sometimes fear comes from having experienced really bad things. For example, if you are only being teased at school and therefore would prefer not to go there at all, then you should just not keep your fear to yourself, but definitely talk to your parents or a teacher about it.

With other things, it often helps if someone comforts you a little: After a bad nightmare, you usually just have to be hugged by a loved one and the fear is gone.