How did Nagini meet Voldemort

Fantastic Beasts: Voldemort and Nagini share a crazy theory

The visit to the cinema of Fantastic Beasts 2 brought up quite a few theories about film - including fascinating and hair-raising at the same time. But what do you think of this Voldemort-Nagini theory?

Warning, spoilers for Fantastic Beasts 2: Anyone who has questions after going to the cinema of Fantastic Beasts: Grindelwald's Crimes and is still happy to explore new theories for them upcoming three films falls, is not alone in the wide field. With devotion we can still do it unresolved logic questions talk shop, interpret new prophecies and try Undo deathor make new family connections. The web is full of sometimes extremely catchy and sometimes completely crazy theories about J.K. Rowling's work, especially when they draw Harry Potter links. Here we want to introduce you to one of the theories that has caused quite a stir in the last few weeks and that seems equally fascinating and absurd: It concerns Voldemort and his snake Nagini as a mother-son duo.

Fantastic Beasts Theories: Is Nagini Voldemort's Mother?

An avid fan tries, of course all Harry Potter innuendosin Fantastic Beasts 2 to find your own Bringing Harry Potter love back to life, and moreover, make new connections before someone else points them out. Reddit user soupycutie has it with one Fan theory Now, however, taken to extremes and sparked a lively discussion: His theory claims that Nagini is really Voldemort's mother.

Nagini in Harry Potter 7.1

It is more than likely that Voldemort in Fantastic Beasts will emerge - at least as a young student. But is there really a blood connection to the Nagini introduced in Fantastic Beasts 2 (Claudia Kim)? The following Per arguments are used to claim a mother-son relationship.

Nagini as Voldemort's mother: what are the advantages?

  • We know that Voldemort aka Tom Riddle born on December 31, 1926 was, shortly after the first Fantastic Beasts film, in which a Circus poster in the background announced that the Circus Arcanus would travel to Europe.
  • About Voldemort's mother Merope Gaunt we know from the Harry Potter books that she left her child with the orphanage owner Mrs. Cole, who believed that Merope (due to her unusual name) came from the circus.
  • In addition, the later appears Snake Voldemort's only real confidante to be whose poison he like with the help of wormtail Breast milk drinks before he gets his body back in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.
  • He himself will be with afterwards snake-like characteristics described - maybe because a few Maledictus properties rubbed off on him?

Yet this is supposed to be the well-kept secret what J.K. Rowling carried around for 20 years Has?

A snake-like Voldemort in Harry Potter

Nagini as Voldemort's mother: what speaks against it?

  • The biggest counter-argument, which upsets this fantastic animal beings theory, is of course the fact that Claudia Kim is one South Korean actress Asian in appearance, while Voldemort is clearly Caucasian as a boy, a teenager, and in the form of Ralph Fiennes.
  • Also, is it credible that Merope Gaunt joined the circus right after the birth of her son? You in Mrs. Cole's books attested death is far more likely than claiming that she stole away in the loft to protect her child.

Fantastic Beasts: Voldemort and Nagini - what other theories are there?

Nobody will deny that Voldemort and his serpent Nagini are close in Harry Potter. But there are other attempts to explain it close relationship of both? Nagini must have been around 70 years old when she ingested Voldemort in Albania, who was almost killed by his own killing curse, before it passed into the back of Professor Quirrell's mind.

Fantastic Beasts 2: What else can Nagini expect?

Reddit user Paleoman12 speculated that Nagini, who called himself "sub-beings" Maledictus one day has to permanently turn into a snake in the course of the next Fantastic Beasts films her Break the blood curse will be able to. If her human self could be isolated from the beast, it could empty snake bodies easy to one Vessel for Voldemort and his Horkurx, that is, his soul split with dark magic. If the Dark Lord then became overly devoted to the snake, then he would just love himself.

What do you think of the claim that Nagini is Voldemort's mother? Do you have your own theories about the two of them?