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Translation of "in my head" in English

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in my head in my mind inside my head on my mind in my brain into my head
I know myself in my head looking pretty good.
It's not the first time I've had a hand in my head, as it were.
Otherwise the stories would be in my head remained.
Without him those stories would still be in my head.
Yes, that voice in my head.
By that I mean the thought in my head, not my physical body.
The angry sharks swim in my head.
I kept hearing Mickey's voice in my head.
I just kept hearing, you know, Mickey's voice in my head over and over again.
I hear voices in my head.
And they are kind of in my head got stuck.
And I guessed the numbers were still stuck in my head firmly.
And I guess those numbers were still stuck in my head.
The drive in the ambulance can still be heard in my head.
Because in my head has not changed anything.
A fond memory in my head to have.
You are just in my head.
voices in my head, and everything turns.
The splinters in my head hike.
The voice in my head spoke to me.
I just hear all of your doubts in my head.
It's just all of your doubts are screaming in my head.
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