How many girlfriends do you have

How many really good friends does a person have?

Many ideals are attached to friendships - and they often fail faster than partnerships. After a certain age, the number of friends also usually decreases.

A friend, a good friend, that is the most beautiful thing in the world? That's right, because friendships not only make you happier and healthier, they are often more resilient today than they used to be. There is still room for improvement.

Why are friendships so important?

There are two weak points in life - loneliness and insecurity. People don't just need a partnership, they need a social village. Especially in times of crisis, you also need recognition and feedback from friends. We live in a time when friendships are becoming increasingly important from year to year. Because we want relationships that are both reliable and freely chosen.

How many really good friends does a person have?

When it comes up: three. In addition, we maintain around twelve average friendships. These are people you invite for your birthday and who know a little more about you. Everything else is mostly acquaintances with a certain form of intimacy, such as neighbors or colleagues.

Is the number of friends related to age?

There is the fundamental phenomenon that the number of friendships decreases steadily from the age of 23. Researchers assume that every ten years you lose a friend and not make a new one. In the early years of school, apprenticeship or university, you meet many people who are not yet committed and looking for friends. The older you get, the more anchored you meet - people in partnerships or with regular groups of friends. This makes it more difficult to win over others. But the older you get, the better quality friendships become, because you gain knowledge of human nature, tolerance and humor.

How do friendships fail?

There is a big difference in Germany when it comes to investing in love and friendship. Friendships are always just the little sister of love; less time and imagination is reserved for them. As soon as there is conflict, many are at a loss. Only 70 percent of friends talk about their partnerships, only 50 percent about sexuality and only 30 percent about money. And the biggest problem with friendships is boredom.

Can men and women just be friends?

A friendship between men and women works when one of three conditions is there: It is in a firm bond and erotically fulfilled. She is not his type or a woman who is companionable in appearance and demeanor. It is also possible when men are able to establish intense conversations. In most other cases, men will always try to stay until breakfast.

What is the difference between friendships today and in the past?

Friendship used to be high up in the clouds. Today we approach them more specifically and openly. Many people ask themselves: would this person be there for me when I am sick? And today, good friends also dare personal questions such as: Tell me, are you actually happy? Thirty years ago, Germans were much more cautious.