What are some famous lost works of art

The "lost" works of art by Michelangelo in the hidden room of the Medici chapels

Wallace believes Michelangelo was too famous to hide in the underground room. Instead, one of his other rounds would have picked it up. He also suspects that the drawings were completed earlier in the 1520s, when Michelangelo and his many assistants took a few breaks from masonry and marble cutting - at the time they were building the New Sacristy over the room.

Some of the drawings could be originals by Michelangelo, Wallace said. But others would presumably come from the hands of the workers trying to resolve artistic dilemmas or just enjoying themselves during the breaks.

“It's almost impossible to separate one from the other,” he says. Nonetheless, he adds, the secret of the draftsman of the sketches would not diminish their value or the significance of the discovery.

“It's exciting to be in this room. You feel privileged, ”he says. "You feel closer to the work process of a master and his students and assistants." (Similar: This incredible artist draws an entire city from memory)

The room evokes an emotional response from those fortunate enough to be able to enter it. Standing in his four walls, which are dimly lit through a small corner window, it is like looking into the spirit of Michelangelo, whose breathtaking art fills the whole building.

"Michelangelo was a man of limitless artistic ability," says Wallace. "He turned 89 and has never stopped getting better and better."