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The best routers in the 2020 test: WiFi, DSL, cable & LTE

Home is where my wifi is: Nowadays, internet access is indispensable for most Germans alongside water, electricity and heating. The router is the heart, via which the internet connection via WLAN, Ethernet and Powerlan is distributed in the household - regardless of whether DSL, cable, fiber optic or LTE is used as a connection. Fixed line telephony is also one of his tasks in the age of VoIP.

A router therefore has to master numerous tasks. If it works incorrectly, it quickly has negative effects on web usage, internet services and your own online security. So it pays to think carefully about the decision to buy a router.

Our router test 2020 will help here. In this article, we will introduce you to the best WLAN routers that we have put under the microscope in our test laboratory. In addition to the test winner, we also present a price-performance tip. Because a good router doesn't have to be expensive.

Router: This is how we test WLAN and Co.

Our overall rating for router tests is made up of individual ratings in the categories of equipment, operation and fair values. For this purpose, all models go through a specially developed measuring process in our own test laboratory. For this we use a shielded absorber cabin in which the router is placed on a turntable.

The router then has to establish WiFi connections in the 2.4 and 5 GHz band to permanently installed measuring antennas at 24 angles. We use controllable attenuators to increase the virtual distance between the router and the measuring antennas until the connection is broken, and we measure the data throughput in downloading and uploading.

Which router did the best in these tests? Our top 10 best routers reveal that here. Click on the product name to get to our test report with all the important information.

All-in-one models (AiO) including modem and VoIP telephony, we have marked accordingly. We carry out an online price comparison for the given market prices. We concentrate on well-known retailers and ignore Ebay and marketplace offers. Status of the data: June 05, 2020.

Top 10: The best routers 2020

  1. AVM Fritzbox 7590: 92% | AiO | Offers from 195 euros
  2. 1 & 1 Homeserver Speed ​​+:90% | AiO | Offers from 200 euros
  3. AVM Fritzbox 7580:90% | AiO | Offers from 230 euros
  4. TP-Link Archer AX6000: 90% | Offers from 290 euros
  5. AVM Fritzbox 6591 Cable: 89% | AiO | Offers from 260 euros
  6. Telekom Speedport Pro: 89% | AiO | Offers from 315 euros
  7. Asus RT-AC88U: 89% | Offers from 220 euros
  8. AVM Fritz! Box 7490: 88% | AiO | Offers from 175 euros
  9. AVM Fritz! Box 6490 Cable: 87% | AiO | Offers from 320 euros
  10. Asus RT-AX88U: 85 % | Offers from 300 euros

Explanation: In the event of a tie, we will place the cheaper router higher. We mark new models in the top 10 with the addition [new].

More information to click through: In the following picture gallery we give a quick overview of the individual router models in our top 10. We then present our test winners here.

Test: The best wireless routers

WLAN routers serve as the center for the Internet and WLAN. We'll show you the ten devices that performed best in the test.

Best DSL router: AVM Fritzbox 7590

The Fritzbox 7590 from AVM is the first choice for users with a VDSL2 connection. It supports VDSL2 super vectoring 35b for up to 300 Mbit / s download and up to 50 Mbit / s upload. Equipment, functions and update guarantee leave little to be desired and the WLAN performance is also convincing.

Best cable router: AVM Fritzbox 6591 Cable

The counterpart for customers with Internet via cable is the Fritzbox 6591 Cable. It is on the same level as the DSL top model Fritzbox 7590. It already supports the fast cable standard DOSCSIS 3.1, but is also downward compatible.

Best LTE router

Telekom's Speedport Pro is currently the best WiFi router with LTE module in our test. It can also be operated with Telekom's DSL / LTE hydride tariff. The provider's top model has very good equipment and very good measured values, but is expensive in terms of price.

Buy nowTelekom Speedport Pro in black | WLAN router with ...

Our price-performance winner

Oldie but Goldie: The Fritz! Box 7490 came on the market in 2013 and was number 1 on the best list for many years. Even today, the AVM router is still doing very well on ADSL or VDSL connections (up to 100 Mbit with vectoring) and continues to be supplied with Fritz OS updates. The price has now dropped to a level between 160 and 170 euros - some of the offers are also cheaper. If you have no prospect of faster VDSL2 connections at your location, you can strike here.

Buy now AVM FRITZ! Box 7490 WLAN AC + N router (VDSL / ADSL, ...
199,99 €

But which router is the right one for me? Since the needs and expectations are individually different here, we give you the following checklist for purchasing a router. The following questions can help you choose the best router model for you from the range of good router models.

Router purchase checklist

  • At which Connection type will I be using my router in the next few years? I already have a suitable one modem?
  • Which WLAN standards are supported? (we recommend at least Wi-Fi 5 / 802.11ac)
  • Should my router be used directly as the center for myIP telephones serve?
  • I want my router in oneMesh network include?
  • Do I need special Smart home functions for my router?
  • I need it on the routerUSB ports for printers and other hardware? If yes, how many?
  • How well will the router handle Security updates supplied - and for how long? (AVM is exemplary in this discipline)
  • Which Apps is there a matching router?

Our router purchase advice offers further helpful advice on the subject. If you have decided on a Fritzbox but are unsure which model is right for you, then we recommend our guide to buying a Fritzbox.

Transfer Fritzbox settings: ...

Instead of laboriously transferring all personal settings to the new Fritzbox, you can copy them with just a few clicks. That's how it's done.

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