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What is oberon diagnostics costs and why oberon diagnostics costs


What is oberon diagnostic therapy

Oberon diagnosis and therapy based on quantum physics and quantum medicine. Here every illness is understood as a deviation from the harmonic organ oscillation. Every person has an optimal, individual, healthy vibration for each of his cells and structures. The clearer the deviation from the healthy state, the further the diseased process has progressed. The Oberon system is able to recognize changing processes at an early stage, to compare them with the wealth of stored information and in this way to create a diagnosis.

What does Oberon offer Oberon diagnostik

Non-invasive, differentiated assessment of all organs down to the cellular level
Holistic health check in the area of ​​prevention. (Recognizing the early indicators of disease at the vibrational level is one of the greatest achievements of the NLS method)
Detection of interference fields and electromagnetic loads
List of allergens
List of compatible and incompatible, suitable and unsuitable foods.
Determination of the likely effects of pharmaceutical and natural substances, homeopathics and food supplements
Compare with previous Oberon examinations
Comparisons with CT, MRI and ultrasound showed a fairly close match
Information on microorganisms

What exactly is diagnosed with Oberon?

All organs down to the cellular level
Skeletal system and teeth
Lymphatic system and blood vessels (also coronary arteries)
Nervous system and brain
Psycho-vegetative stress and psychosomatic connection
Fungi, bacteria, viruses, parasites
Blood components, hormones, enzymes
Food intolerance

The Oberon system has been expanded since January 2010: The psychosomatic access is made clear by the Nilas MV PathFinder software. This makes it possible to use the Oberon diagnostics to open up access to psychological processes.

How it work

The electromagnetic radiation generated by potential vortices and play an important role in conveying information between cells. The electromagnetic radiation releases quanta that correspond to the energy of the cells.

Oberon diagnostics and therapy After quantum entropy, more quanta are released from unstable, pathological or metastable tissue cells than from healthy cells.

If such metastable, pathological tissue cells receive a so-called initiating signal, their quantum radiation changes.

This change is characteristic of the type of each tissue cell and characteristic of every disease.

Every cell in the body is in a permanent exchange of information with the superordinate nervous system in the cerebrum.

In the case of pathological processes, this exchange of information is in a metastable state and can easily be disturbed by an initiating signal.

Such a disturbance affects the energy of the electromagnetic radiation and thus the spin of the electrons.

Oberon is a physical measuring device that can measure the change in electromagnetic quantum radiation with the help of the electron spin.

Through the Fourier transformation, fuzzy logic and fractal analysis, Oberon can make accurate statements about healthy and pathological information.

When use oberon diagnostics?

in support of medical treatment
for the verification and localization of complaints
for early detection
for root cause research
for general condition analysis
for targeted metabolic optimization
for sound nutritional advice
in the context of prevention

We use Oberon for diseases of various organ systems:

Internal Medicine
Urology, nephrology

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Oberon diagnostics


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