How was your childhood dog

Tie up your dog in front of kindergarten?

I tie up our dog in front of the daycare every day. It's really only 5-10 minutes (if at all). Our dog is also nice with children, but if he can't evade, I wouldn't put my hand in the fire either.

We have been doing this for almost a year now and so far a child has never just gone to our dog, it was only looked at once.

I tie him up across from the entrance, it fits with us in such a way that he just doesn't get on the sidewalk. So far it works great and no one has ever complained. Now, however, there is also the fact that the daycare center is located in the middle of a residential complex for the mentally and physically handicapped. I just make sure that I hurry a little when bringing and picking up.

If I were you, I would try. Perhaps on the way there you will discover an even better place around a corner etc. where you will feel a little more secure. Otherwise, I've made the experience that the parents deal with dogs very sensibly and if not, I wouldn't be afraid to point out to someone that I don't want children to go to dogs.

So don't worry too much and give it a try As a rule, the number of children who are picked up in exactly the 5 minutes is very manageable.