What does Telugu mean for pension

The new basic pension!

The new basic pension will be available from January 1, 2021.

Anyone who is already receiving or applying for a pension from the Deutsche Rentenversicherung (DRV) does not need to do anything themselves to benefit from this new entitlement if they are legally entitled to it under the new regulations. But what you need is patience!

The pension providers will determine the basic pension supplements ex officio and adjust the respective pensions retrospectively, but in all likelihood there will be no payments before July 2021. Because in order to be able to calculate and pay out all claims, the pension providers will probably need until 2022. This is because the calculations are very complicated - which insurance periods count and which do not? Does that mean the minimum time is met or not? What is the resulting amount? - and that they must be carried out for millions of pensions.

But one thing is certain: Nobody loses money due to the processing time. This is because the basic pension entitlements are always paid retrospectively from the start of entitlement.

There is good news for beneficiaries of the basic security in old age according to SGB XII: The law provides for a high allowance for the crediting of the pension, so that those entitled to the basic security benefit significantly from the basic pension. They don't need to do anything themselves either, they just have to wait until it is their “turn” to go to their pension provider. This person will inform the responsible social welfare office in good time before the approval and settle it with him. In this way, the social welfare office can retroactively include the basic pension in its service provision and it is ensured that the beneficiaries neither receive too little basic security nor too much of the arrears pension payment.

The Bochum Office for Social Affairs will once again inform all of its beneficiaries with a corresponding note in the approval notification for January 2021.

(December 2, 2020)