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A full-time study is the classic variant of the study: You invest the major part of your weekly working time in the study, attend classroom events with your fellow students, provide proof of performance such as presentations or project assignments, write homework and / or take oral exams.

The selection of full-time courses is particularly large in the field of media: there are around 870 media courses at over 230 universities in Germany alone. In some cases there are major differences between the courses, while others overlap in terms of content. To decide on the right course of study in the media jungle; In order not to just do something with the media, but to do the right thing, we have summarized all the important information about the different departments, the universities in question and entry requirements on this page.

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Artistic talent is just one requirement for studying graphic design. Theoretical and technical basics are also on every curriculum and should be of interest to you.

You will learn that in the graphic design course

In the graphic design degree you will become an expert in the visual design of print media or digital communication. The bachelor's degree at a university or academy lasts six to seven semesters and initially teaches you the theoretical, creative and technical basics of graphic design. This includes, for example, illustration and drawing, printmaking, layout or media theory or advertising psychology. You will also learn to work with the programs typical of graphic designers. In the later semesters, you can usually specialize in an area such as print or digital media.

Why study graphic design?

There are no limits to your creativity when studying graphic design. Graphic designers are in great demand, for example in advertising, marketing or PR. Running entire campaigns can sometimes also be part of your area of ​​responsibility. The profession of graphic designer is always varied!

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University of Europe for Applied Sciences

Berlin, Hamburg, Iserlohn, Berlin-Potsdam Creative Computing, Digital & Interaction Design, ... Study here
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The state is located in the southwest of Germany. With around 11 million inhabitants and an area of ​​around 36,000 square kilometers, Baden-Württemberg is the third largest state in Germany. Stuttgart is the state capital and, with around 625,000 inhabitants, it is also the largest city in Baden-Württemberg. The state is one of the most innovative and economically strongest regions in Europe. Companies that are among the best in their industry worldwide are based here - such as Mercedes-Benz, Bosch, SAP and HeidelbergCement. The culinary specialties of Baden-Württemberg include Black Forest ham, spaetzle, ravioli and Black Forest cake. The cities of Heidelberg and Freiburg, the Black Forest, Feldberg and Lake Constance are very popular with tourists. For several years now, the state has been advertising with the slogan "We can do everything. Except standard German."

Studying media in Baden-Württemberg

Baden-Württemberg is extremely attractive for students. There are a large number of universities that enjoy an excellent reputation and whose faculties cover almost every imaginable subject area. People who are interested in studying media studies have an enormous choice of universities and other colleges in Baden-Württemberg. Media courses are offered in Stuttgart, Mannheim, Karlsruhe, Freiburg and other cities.

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