Why are people jealous of engineers?

Resentment: Why it is harmful

Resentment and envy are often mentioned in the same breath, although there is a subtle difference between these two traits: resentment is the more hateful variant. You can meet her anywhere. Whenever you deal with people - at work, in a club or in private life - there are contemporaries who want what you have. You have probably already discovered this feeling in yourself. The decisive factor, however, is to what extent it is present and how you deal with it. If you are constantly disapproving of other people, you end up harming yourself ...

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➠ Content: This is what awaits you

Resentment Meaning: The common variant of envy

The Duden has a very accurate definition of this property. Accordingly, resentment is a ...

Feeling arising from a negative attitude towards someone, not granting them success, advantages or the like.

Behind resentment is the desire to talk about the Advantages or material goods of other people to dispose of. It is similarly known from envy.

The key difference to resentment and envy is that resentment much more destructive is. Often with envy, another person wants the same thing that someone else has. For example, you are jealous of your colleague because he drives a great company car.

You would also like to have a great company car. On the other hand, it would be negative if you gave your colleague this company car not indulge and even resent. You would much prefer if you had your company car and had to drive it to work in an old grate truck. So envy would rather be phrased as: I want that too.

At Resentment as the prevailing feeling was the formulation: He mustn't have that. Me is entitled to!

The different interpretation of envy and resentment makes it difficult to find suitable synonyms for resentment; instead, it is also often said:

  • Disapproval
  • jealousy
  • envy
  • Sheer addiction
  • Ill will

Sometimes that is found with envy Differentiation between "good" and "bad": Accordingly, there is "white" and "black" envy:

  • White envy

    This is the constructive form. Someone envies another person for something but considers them to be their role model. The envied person is thus an incentive to increase one's own performance in such a way that one can enjoy the things or qualities for which one envies others.

  • Black envy

    This is a destructive form. It is resentment because here negative feelings are the main motivation for not indulging another person. This can show itself in harmless expression, for example, in malicious joy. In any case, there is a negative attitude towards the other, which can even turn into negative behavior in which you - consciously or unconsciously - harm the other. In some cases, particularly envious people are plagued by vindictiveness.

Resentment: sayings and quotes

It is well known that resentment does not pay off. It is not for nothing that there are so many sayings on the subject. They can be understood as recommendations to the reader to review his own behavior.

  • Anyone who digs a pit for others will fall into it themselves.saying
  • Envy is the stinking fertilizer for resentment.Christa Schyboll
  • Uneven bowls make your eyes squint.saying
  • To see others enviously achieve success that one strives for is greatness.Marie Freifrau von Ebner-Eschenbach
  • Those who are not envious are also out of luck.saying
  • Unfortunately, humans deal far too often with envy, resentment and hatred. If he were to use this energy in something more meaningful, he could move mountains.Stefan Wittlin
  • Those who are happy have no envy. Those who feel at home in themselves are far from resentment. Those who live in peace with themselves do not value quarreling.Hans Kruppa
  • It is a disease of people that they neglect their own field in order to look for debris in the fields of others.Victor Hugo

Resentment: A self-destructive force

Feelings like envy and resentment are human. We don't live in a vacuum, sometimes these feelings are one direct response to the behavior another person. The boundaries between healthy self-confidence and arrogant self-expression are sometimes blurred.

Perhaps you feel resentful in someone who very popular with other colleagues is. Or you don't treat him to his sporty figure - during the lunch break you notice how he is constantly stuffing everything into himself like a barn thresher.

When you discover in yourself that you give someone something not even begin to indulge, you should ask yourself why this is.

  • Do you feel this resentment only with one particular person?
  • What distinguishes this person, what is their nature and character?
  • What is your feeling about: is it about material or immaterial goods?

Obviously, in any case, these are areas in which you feel inferior to yourself. The problem with resentment is that you ultimately harm yourself. Depending on the severity, you cut yourself off from social contacts. In order to deprive yourself but also valuable experiences.

Anyone who wants to build a network to to advance professionally, will inevitably get to know people who are already where you want to go. And it is a naive point of view to think that everything would have fallen into these people's laps. No matter how successful someone is: In the vast majority of cases, there is a lot of work behind it.

This makes you poorer in terms of friendships and can ultimately have an impact on your health: Those who are eaten up by resentment often think about negative topics instead of themselves goal-oriented with something positive too busy. This often leads to lack of sleep, palpitations and stomach problems.

Overcoming resentment: How to get rid of it

It is normal for people to compare. This is how you can determine where you are: in general in life, professionally, privately or in relation to friendships. The only question is, what do you do with the result? deal with it constructively.

Overcoming resentment is quite a bit of work being a strong emotion hidden behind it. This is not necessarily socially compatible. Unless the person you are not indulging in has never consciously harmed you, there is no reason to do so on a rational level.

The reason for your resentment may therefore be only in yourself, that is, your self-esteem and self-esteem.

  • Realize your strengths.

    If you want to overcome this negative emotion, you should focus more on your strengths than just looking at your deficits.

    Of course, everyone also has weaknesses. One feels too fat, the next too ugly, too unsporting or too stupid. And feelings of inferiority can be developed for anything.

    But no one combines only bad qualities. Therefore, you should consciously work out your strengths and make it clear to yourself that you are valuable independent of other people.

  • Be grateful.

    Show gratitude for what you have. Perhaps you had a very happy childhood and a loving relationship with your parents. You enjoy the respect and recognition in the association because everyone rates you as particularly reliable.

    Or you have a wonderful garden that you care for and care for with enthusiasm. There are many things that are worth being thankful for, sometimes they are little things like a nice evening with friends, a joke with the saleswoman at the checkout. The feeling of gratitude gives you an inner peace that resentment can never top.

  • Change your perspective.

    The world is not all fair for a long time. Some are born into rich families, others 90 percent conform to the ideal of beauty and still others are spiritual high-flyers.

    At the same time, the question arises: do these supposedly lucky guys see it that way too? As a rule, you cannot look behind the facade. Money alone doesn't make you happy, but having a rich family can still mean being crippled inside.

    You won't be able to change everything, whether you go into politics or become a criminal. By the way, accepting this is a task for everyone. And yet satisfaction is possible, namely by making changes where you have the power.

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