How can I fix the recorded video?

Most common video errors and how to fix them?

Videos can be a great way to preserve your cherished memories. Videos have also gained popularity as a source of information or entertainment. As video grows in application and usage, so does its importance and value. Videos recorded by professionals or personal videos recorded with your camera are prone to error. Here are the most common video errors and effective free solutions that can be used to fix them.

Video error 1: Codec error

A codec is a program for coding or decoding a digital data signal. Any codec bug can cause the video not to play even though the audio does play. Sometimes you even get the error message "Windows Media Player cannot play the file because the required video codec is not installed on your computer" or "Invalid file format", etc.

To solve such codec problems, configure your Windows Media Player to download codecs automatically.

Steps to fix a video codec error with Windows Media Player 11:

Step 1: Choose Options from the Tools menu

step 2: Press the Player tab choose Automatically download codecs check box

step 3: Click now OK

(Note: After completing the above steps, try to play the video file.)

Step 4: If you want to install the codec, click on To install.

Even after fixing the video codec error, if you are still unable to play the video file properly in Windows Media Player 11, it is recommended that you try some advanced troubleshooting that is beyond the scope of this description. If the above steps fail, contact a professional video repair tool to fix the codec error.

Video error 2: Audio-video synchronization error

Sometimes you may watch a video with audio and video sync problem. Improper video editing can cause audio and video synchronization issues. Working with audios and videos at different frame rates can result in mismatched audio and video, etc. Sometimes the problem can also appear when you try to play a video in an unsupported video player.

To sync the audio and video, you need to pause first, shrink the video file, and then try increasing or decreasing the frame rate until it syncs with the audio file to fix synchronization errors between the audio and video.

Following a proper systematic routine when editing video content such as audio, various effects, subtitles, videos, etc. will reduce the chance of audio-video out of sync.

Video error 3: Black screen error

The black screen is a bug that causes one of the following problems:

missing codec, read / write problem, virus attack, outdated graphics card driver, constant change of video file format.

To solve this black screen problem, you can use these free methods like reducing hardware acceleration, uninstalling and reinstalling the device drivers, or even VLC media player.

How to reduce Graphics card hardware acceleration in Windows 10?

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Choose the settings
  3. Choose now display
  4. Click below Advanced display settings
  5. Now click on Display adapter properties for display 1

  1. Then click List All Modes
  2. Now you will find a list of the valid modes
  3. Select a reduced hardware acceleration and click Apply to Reduce the acceleration of the graphics card hardware

Video error 4: Windows Media Player cannot play the file

The above error message appears on your Windows screen when you try to play a video file that Windows Media Player cannot play due to the following reasons:

  1. Windows Media Player may not support the video file format.
  2. Windows Media Player may not support the codec used to compress the video file.

Windows Media Player is not as flexible as other media players like VLC Media Player or other paid media players because it does not have advanced support for various codecs and video file formats.

There are two different methods that can be used to resolve this error:

  1. Change your video file format from .mkv to .wmv, which is supported by Windows Media Player. You can use free online tools to convert MKV files to WMV files.
  2. You can also download VLC Media Player, which is available for free and is more advanced than Windows Media Player as it supports more codecs and video file formats compared to Windows Media Player.

Video error 5: Frozen image

If you are playing a video that will get many times in the meantime, such interruption is caused by a frozen frame error which might be annoying. A frozen frame error ruins the experience of watching a good movie or video clip by pausing or pausing it frequently.

How do I make a video frozen frame error-free?

Use one of the following free solutions to make your Make Frozen Frame flawless:

  1. Maintaining a properly ventilated system, as overheating your system can be one of the causes of this problem.
  2. Change your video resolution to avoid the frozen image.
  3. Update your system's graphics card drivers by following these steps:
  • Go to the Control Panel
  • Choose Device Manager
  • Select Display Adapters
  • Right click on the graphics card or GPU and select Update Driver
  • Restart your system after you finish updating the driver

Fix video errors with video repair software

If you cannot fix the video error using any of the above solutions, you can resort to the Remo Video Repair software. The tool analyzes and performs a video repair by separating the audio and video streams. Depending on the error, follow and follow a specific repair procedure to get a playable video file. This repair method makes the tool a great solution for fixing the following video errors:

  • Invalid file format error (video codec error)
  • Audio-video sync failure
  • Video file cannot be played
  • Frozen frames due to video file head damage

Video repair tool free demo can solve video errors of various file formats like MOV, MP4, AVI, DIVX, XVID, etc. with just three clicks. Get a full preview of the repaired video. However, you will not be able to save the video until you have obtained a licensed hands-on version.

It's a great tool to fix corrupted or badly damaged videos made on iPhones, smartphones, drones, DSLRs, camcorders, digital cameras, etc.


This article highlighted the most common video errors and now you've also learned how to fix them using free methods and a video repair tool. Did you know that video corruption can also be due to drives or operating system errors? If you encounter such issues on the computer or storage device, look for evidence of data loss. To recover such lost or even deleted data, you can use Remo Data Recovery software. A special recovery software available for all current versions of Windows and MAC operating systems.