How good is an Epiphone SG Pro

So as promised my test report: As already mentioned, I own
I have an Epiphone SG G-400 in black

Mahogany body
Glued mahogany neck
Rosewood fingerboard
Trapeze inlays
22 frets
628 mm scale length
2 x Alnico humbuckers
Chrome hardware
Tune-O-Matic Bridge
Stop tailpiece
Finish: Ebony (black)

1. Playability & workmanship: The guitar is very playable and therefore has a relatively flat body and a thin neck. You can also tune it very well because the mechanisms on the neck can be moved very well. On the whole, the giarre has one very very good workmanship.

2. Pickup: The two pickups are Alnico humbuckers and therefore have a very balanced sound. The pickups can be selected with the pickup selector switch. Ie in the frontmost position we have the front pickup, which contains a lot of bass. This is a good way to create clean sound. In the 2nd position we have both picks together which have a properly balanced and balanced sound rear humbucker with which many good-sounding distorted sounds can be played due to the highs.

3. Wood and materials: The guitar consists of a mahogany body and a glued-on mahogany neck. Trapezoidal inlays are probably made of permut on the neck. The mechanics are made of chrome. The guitar also has a scale length of 628mm and a rosewood grip bed.

4. Sound: I think that with this Gitte do not write a point about sound, because this one is just AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!

5. Conclusion: a very nice and well-made guitar, I can only recommend it ...

If you have any further questions, you are of course available here in the forum.

P.S. photos are yet to come ===