Jeff Sessions was the worst attorney general

Occupations after the US election: Trump keen to take a right course

Much has been speculated, now there are names. Initial decisions in the areas of security, justice and the CIA show a clear right-wing tendency.

Should be attorney general - but had trouble because of racism: Jeff Sessions Photo: dpa

BERLINtaz | After a chaotic week, the elected US President Donald Trump is now pushing the tube: In addition to various speculations, three specific personnel decisions were made public on Friday.

The ex-general Michael Flynn is supposed to be the new national security advisor. The former head of the military secret service DIA and a former commander in Afghanistan had already sided with Trump during the election campaign and had attracted attention with clear anti-Islamic slogans. For him, Islam is not a religion, but a political ideology veiled as a religion, he said, among other things.

Flynn also made headlines when he received an invitation from the Russian government to an anniversary dinner for the state television broadcaster RT, where he was allowed to sit next to President Vladimir Putin. Flynn assumes that the US is in a world war against radical Islamism. "The fear of Muslims is REASONABLE," Flynn tweeted in February.

The second hiring decision is for Conservative Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama. In future, he will head the Ministry of Justice as Attorney General. It had been clear for days that he would be given a post due to his prominent position in Trump's transition team. It will be exciting to see whether Sessions will be confirmed in the Senate: 30 years ago he had already failed once when the Judicial Committee in the Senate refused to confirm him as a federal judge in a court in Alabama.

The reason were alleged racist remarks by Sessions ’as a prosecutor in Alabama. Among other things, he called the civil rights organization NAACP “un-American” and addressed a black lawyer with “boy”. Sessions himself denied the allegations - he was not a racist, he protested. Nevertheless, he failed the committee.

Trump's third nomination is Mike Pompeo. The Republican congressman from Kansas is said to be head of the CIA intelligence agency. Pompeo has always spoken out in Congress against the closure of the prison camp in Guantánamo. He supports the NSA's surveillance programs - and in his view, Edward Snowden, the former NSA official whose revelations had exposed the world to the extent of NSA snooping, deserves the death penalty.