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The "Legal Tech" bachelor's degree, which is unique in Germany, combines a sound legal education with key competencies in business informatics. It is aimed at everyone who is enthusiastic about both legal and technical challenges.

Successful completion of the course enables you to design, guide and support technical applications for all fields of legal activity (“Legal Tech”). The course not only provides in-depth knowledge of German and European law, but also the ability to analyze and optimize legal procedures and the necessary understanding of IT. The course thus opens up a broad and modern field of activity in companies, in law firms, in the judiciary or in state administration.

At the same time (double degree) or after completing the bachelor's degree, you can complete a conventional law degree in Passau, which enables you to acquire qualifications for all legal professions after completing the first and second state legal examinations.

Law Faculty of the University of Passau

Full-time study

8 semesters

The modules are made up of Law, business informatics and legal tech:

1st semester

  • Basic course in private law
  • Basic course in constitutional law
  • mathematics
  • business Informatics

2nd and 3rd semester

  • Internet computing
  • Algorithms and law
  • Contractual obligations and furniture law
  • Legal writing
  • Databases
  • General administrative law
  • European law & international law

4th semester

  • Basic course in criminal law
  • Police law
  • organization
  • Programming with script languages

5th semester

  • Civil procedural law
  • Employment Law
  • Business accounting
  • Databases, Networks and Security

6th semester

  • Obligations and Real Estate Matters R.
  • Specialization in criminal law
  • Professional law
  • Cost accounting
  • IT and data law

7th semester

  • Commercial and corporate law
  • IT management
  • Computer science
  • Change management

8th semester

  • Building law
  • Business application systems
  • internship
  • Business process management
  • bachelor thesis
  • General or subject-specific higher education entrance qualification with subject connection in business.
  • A course with technical references requires knowledge of the English language as well as basic mathematical knowledge and skills.

The course is restricted in admission. Prospective students with German or Austrian university entrance qualifications (e.g. Abitur, Matura) can apply for the course directly online at the University of Passau during the application period. Prospective students with international university entrance qualifications apply via www.uni-assist.de.

Information on admission, application and enrollment can be found at:

Legal Tech is a planned course starting in the winter semester 2020/21, subject to the approval of the responsible ministry.

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On July 6th at 6 p.m. online in the live chat with Professor Dr. Michael Beurskens Your questions about the new Legal Tech course. We look forward to you! Register here.

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On July 1, 20200 from 5 p.m. you will receive the latest information about the Application and enrollment at the University of Passau for the winter semester 2020/21.

In a short online lecture, the student advisors at the University of Passau will answer the following questions, among others: How does the application and registration for courses at the University of Passau work? Which documents do I have to enclose? What deadlines do I have to meet?

You can use the question and answer function to send us further questions, we will answer you live.

The webinar takes place in German and is aimed at prospective students with a German or Austrian university entrance qualification.

Register here.

Source: Uni Passau 2020

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