What is a wormhole in Interstellar

astronomy"Interstellar" and cosmic visions

Close to Saturn there is a wormhole through which a shortcut to a black hole in a distant galaxy can be taken to orbit the planet. The protagonists travel inside the black hole, send messages from there and also make contact with the past.

Something like this is far removed from today's physics, but is of course allowed within the framework of artistic freedom. In principle, wormholes are possible, even if no one has yet discovered the exotic matter with negative energy required for them.

Time machines give physicists all kinds of headaches, but here too there are theoretical constructs that make this possible under very special conditions.

Physicists have been grappling their teeth with the union of gravity and quantum theory for a hundred years - at least those at institutes, not those in Hollywood films. However, with the best will in the world, it is hard to understand how a black hole should provide life-friendly light and energy to a planet.

"Interstellar" is full of spectacular action scenes and beautiful pictures. Whether the plot is really that absurd can only be said in a good 70 years.

Perhaps by then the researchers will have discovered wormholes and formulated quantum gravity. Many astrophysicists are probably secretly hoping that reality will catch up with "Interstellar" very quickly.