How is Samsung building its brand awareness

Samsung and Apple with the greatest brand awareness

Samsung has the greatest brand awareness. This is proven by the current study "Brand Awareness International 2014" by the magazine 'PC-Welt'. Private and business users rated the image of 189 technology brands in 16 different product categories. The readers and website users of 'PC-Welt' presented the awards "Brand of the Year", "Technology Winner" and "Buyer Favorite" for the 21st time in a row.

With 30 of a total of 96 first places - including twelve times as "Brand of the Year", nine times as "Technology Winner" and nine times as "Buyer Favorite" Samsung by far the most titles for themselves. In the categories of "Smartphones", "Tablets" and "SSD Storage", Samsung won almost all three titles with both private and professional users.

With a total of nine first places Hewlett-Packard (HP) in this year's survey in second place by a clear margin. The company has won two awards as "Brand of the Year" and one title as "Technology Winner" and has been voted "Buyer's Favorite" six times. With seven first places, HP enjoys a high reputation, especially in the business environment.

Together they ranked 3rd among the awards in the survey Alienware, Western Digital, the security software manufacturer Kaspersky and the Berlin manufacturer AVM with six titles each. Companies such as T-Mobile in the mobile communications category and Synology with four first places in the NAS category follow in the other places in the reader survey.

As part of the 'Macwelt' reader survey, private users were able to vote on a total of 14 product topics, as in the previous year Apple. The company received 21 out of 42 possible first places in the Macwelt's "Brand Awareness International" awards. In the six product categories "Tablet Accessories", "Displays", "Graphics and Image Editing", "Smartphones", "Tablets", " Business Software ", Apple was named" Technology Winner "," Buyer's Favorite "and" Brand of the Year ". The Californian company received two further first places in the "Network Products" category and first place as Brand of the Year in the "Headphones" product category.

The company took second place in the Macwelt reader survey this year Canon. Canon scored with two first places in the categories "SLR and system cameras" and "Multifunctional devices". The readers rated the brand primarily as a "technology winner". Here the Japanese company received first place twice.

The manufacturer of hard disk drives ranks third in the overall ranking Western Digital. The company has received the "Brand of the Year" award twice in both the "External hard drives" and "SSD memory cards" categories. Western Digital was voted number one by the readers as a buyer's favorite in the "External hard drives" product category.


(rh) 07/04/2014

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