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Get Instagram followers with these 17 strategies for 2021

33 million. This is the number of Google search results when asked "How do you get more followers on Instagram?" The question about getting Instagram followers seems to be exciting for many users on the World Wide Web. Unfortunately, the first 10,000 Instagram followers are the hardest to come by. Why is that?

Nobody knows who you are yet. You first have to prove yourself as a successful brand or influencer. However, that doesn't mean it's impossible. If you follow this guide to getting Instagram followers, with a bit of luck you can hit the magical 10,000 follower mark in just six months. Do not you think? Then let's jump right in.

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Getting Instagram followers: this is how it works

#1. Join Instagram engagement groups

Are you just learning how to get more followers on Instagram? Then this strategy will work very well for you. There are Instagram newbies who have been able to expand their Instagram audience rapidly. What did you do differently from others? You have joined so-called engagement groups.

While it can be tempting to join the biggest Instagram engagement groups, you'd better be guided by your niche. In the long term, you will be able to build a far more targeted audience with more affine Instagram followers. Such engagement groups exist for the topics of travel, beauty, fashion and more.

In these groups you can get followers and likes from users who have common interests. If you are serious and really want to get noticed, then you should return the favor and follow the profiles of the people who join the group.

With this strategy, acquaintances of mine gained a good 2,000 followers within just a few weeks.

While it may not necessarily lead to direct sales, it will help you gain credibility early on. Because let's be honest: A profile with 2,000 Instagram followers or more looks more authentic than one with only 38. This is a rather short-term strategy with which you can get Instagram followers in the first few weeks.

# 2. Ask customers to share their photos

If you're just getting started, there is another recipe for success that you can use to generate Instagram followers: You should include photos of customers in your feed. Why? This can strengthen your so-called "social proof" (or your reputation).

If you have not yet made any sales and therefore have no customers, you can try to contact influencers with under 5,000 Instagram followers in your niche. At first glance, this number seems low. However, influencers with few followers want to monetize their presence and will be ready to post photos with your products at a much lower price. You can also offer them an affiliate business where they will receive a commission for every sale they make with their referral link.

If you've already made some sales, you can get in touch with your customers. You can offer them a free gift or cash incentive so that they can take high quality pictures with the product you purchased. Such work with incentives will not be your long-term strategy. However, in the short term, while you are building your brand, this can allow you to grow faster.

If more customers see such user-generated content on your Instagram profile, with a bit of luck they will also tag you in their posts after receiving their products. If you comment on their post, repost the content, and follow them, these customers will likely follow you too. Some of them may also automatically follow you after they tag you in their posts.

# 3. A uniform style with recognition value

I know that sounds like one of those run-of-the-mill recommendations for getting more followers on Instagram. But that's not true. Why? People don't follow you based on your previously published content. Rather, this is about the expectation they have of your future content.

Say you run a Dachshund fansite. Every day you publish cute pictures and videos of dachshunds - and with the greatest regularity. If Instagram users keep seeing your posts, they will find that you are always bringing the nicest Dachshund posts. So these users will follow you with the expectation that your profile will feature more and more of this special content.

A uniform style or theme is more than just a branding gimmick. It's about creating an expectation for your Instagram presence that your followers and potential followers can rely on. They just want to see more of the same content every day.

If you can achieve this consistency with every post, you will be able to get more Instagram followers very quickly.

# 4. Effective use of hashtags

Many experts will tell you to only use 5 or 11 hashtags, or any other number. However, when I set up my shop's Instagram profile, I ignored such advice and just started posting on it.

I copied a list of hashtags from my phone and then pasted that into my posts. Also, I sometimes experimented and tried other hashtags. At some point, however, I knew which hashtags worked best. As a rule, I used the maximum number of hashtags allowed or at least orientated myself strongly to this limit value. 30 - That's the magic number.

You can place these 30 hashtags either in your post or in the first comment, the latter often being conveyed as best practice. If the interactions on your profile increase, no one will see the first comment. People will be way too busy tagging their friends in your post.

But if you're just starting to get more followers on Instagram, this comment will of course be seen. Still, if you want to increase your visibility, using more hashtags is the easiest way. The more Instagram subscribers you get, the higher these hashtags will rank you. And that in turn will give you more visibility.

If your hashtags are niche-specific, you are more likely to be found by a savvy audience. This also means that more Insta followers can be effectively obtained.

For this reason, you should also avoid heavily generic hashtags like #love or #picoftheday if you sell fashion, for example.

# 5. Use your Instagram posts in blog posts

If you run a blog, you can embed your Instagram posts in your blog posts.

Let's say you run a fashion blog where you post a post with styling tips. To do this, you can select Instagram posts in which you show pictures of your outfits or a trendy look. To then embed this, go to the Instagram website on your computer and go to your profile. Then click on the desired post and then on the symbol with the three dots (...). Then click on Embed or Embed. In the last step, you copy this link into the code area of ​​your blog post.

Over time, more people will visit your blog and, through these embeds, will also be more likely to view your Instagram profile.

I am aware that this is a rather long-term approach. Especially if you are currently generating very little traffic. However, adding your Instagram posts from the start is very likely to increase your visibility, which will pay off hugely in six months.

# 6. Follow users who follow your competition

To get more followers on Instagram, you need to find people who follow other brands. Who are your biggest competitors on Instagram? Write them down. Then search through their posts to see who is commenting on those posts. Follow these users and interact with them.

Keep in mind that when choosing competitors on Instagram, it is better to focus on the smaller brands. Why? Let's say you sell makeup brushes. In this case, you should not approach people who leave comments on L’Oréal. Because even though it's basically the same niche, there is a risk that you won't reach the right audience. Larger brands are often characterized by higher customer loyalty.

However, if you pick a competitor with 100,000 or fewer Instagram followers, they may not be as brand-loyal.

When commenting on posts by people you follow, don't bother them with advertisements. Likewise, you shouldn't use the same comment for every person you write to. If a user asks a question in their post, you should provide an appropriate answer. Look at the types of comments others make. This can then serve as a guideline for your own contribution.

As you continue to interact with and follow other users, it won't be long before you get more Instagram subscribers.

# 7. Cooperation with influencers

If you want to get more Instagram likes and followers, you should think about cooperating with influencers. These could e.g. B. Mention your products in your posts or carry out an "Instagram takeover", a takeover of your accounts for a limited period of time.

If an influencer has a loyal following, they can give a so-called "shoutout", i.e. mention your product or show it in a picture. This can then lead to new followers and maybe even generate sales.

In any case, you should conclude a contract that prohibits the influencer from using fake traffic. We once worked with an influencer who gave us just such a shoutout. The result was 2,000 new followers, but unfortunately they were all fakes. It was obvious that a bot was at work here. If you see a sudden onslaught of fake followers on your profile, you run the risk of your account being banned.

If you're looking for a more effective approach to getting new followers, ask a select influencer to do an account takeover for your Instagram stories. With this strategy, people have to follow your profile in order to see the story. Ideally, the influencer informs their audience about the action a few days in advance.

#8th. Organizing giveaways

If you have a small audience on Instagram, you may be able to get more Instagram followers with giveaways. However, if you host such promotions on your website and offer an option to follow you on Instagram and other social networks, you will have a much wider reach.

Alternatively, you can also publish your giveaway in certain Facebook groups or on special giveaway blogs.

When I started my career in marketing, I turned to giveaway blogs like this. I sent them some free products in exchange for a review. Most of them agreed with the free product. But some also asked for additional payment. In return, a product review with pictures and a report on the product was published. At the end of the day, readers could take part in a raffle to win the product presented.

The only condition was that you had to send the product to the winner yourself. We were able to gain hundreds of new followers for all of our social media profiles. If you haven't reached your own audience yet, this is an effective way to get new Instagram followers. Note, however, that this strategy is not as targeted as a giveaway on a suitable niche blog.

So if you're just getting started, giveaways are sure to get more Instagram followers. However, if you use this strategy too often, you may not be building the audience you want. If your goal is to generate sales, giveaways aren't necessarily going to help you get more of them. But if you just want to get more Instagram followers quickly, this strategy can work well.

# 9. Cooperations with other brands and users

Instagram is now very competitive. So it's not just you who wants to win new Instagram subscribers on the platform, but countless more. But that doesn't mean that you have to fight your way as a lone fighter. Rather, collaborations are an effective way of increasing your reach and effectively gaining new Insta followers. There are various practical options for doing this:

First, you could give other users a shoutout in your posts. It is most effective when you really pass on something with added value via the corresponding account. Communicate what it is about, possibly show a picture and ask your users to follow.

With a little luck, the user or brand will notice this and give you a shoutout too. If that doesn't happen, you can also proceed proactively and send a DN in which you refer to your shoutout. Also, be sure to mention directly that you would be very happy about a similar shoutout.

Another possibility is real cooperation with other users. If you are in the same niche and address the same target group, you could get together for a joint project. Post something on the same topic or meet up in real life and post photos of your meeting. You then publish the relevant contributions at the same time, mentioning the partner account. And who knows, maybe a long-term cooperation can emerge from it.

# 10. Offline meetings

Why not bring the digital into the real world? Offline meetings are a great way to connect with other influencers, bloggers, or even brands. Even if you haven't thought about this path so far, there are actually more events in this direction than you think. This can range from influencer meetings, bar camps, marketing fairs again Dmexco, social media conferences or even local events.

Research is worthwhile. Many of these events also take place virtually under the given circumstances. This means that you don't even have to travel to another city to participate (which of course no longer really does justice to the term “offline”).

# 11. Publishing of Instagram stories

Instagram stories are a great lever to stay in touch with your community and deliver fresh content. Here you can let your creativity run free and - a look behind the scenes, short updates from you or from your company, small inspiration bites or snapshots.

You can also use videos in your stories, which are then played back one after the other. The good thing about Instagram stories is that you will be regularly displayed at the top of your followers' news feeds. This is how you stay present and strengthen the relationship with them.

Even if you may not get new Instagram followers directly through this strategy, you will remain present and encourage the engagement of your existing audience. And that will pay off in the long run in terms of your overall follower growth.

# 12. Transmission of live videos

Live videos have great potential, especially when it comes to getting more followers on Instagram. If you want to test the format, it's a good idea to stream one live video per day, always at the same time. This is because a live video is only shown when it is streamed. So if your broadcast dates vary greatly, your Instagram followers will not be able to adapt and you will miss out on a lot of potential.

So check out when most of your followers are online and schedule your live videos for that period. Then you can use 2 tactics to ensure that as many users as possible are tuned in:

  1. Regularly share photos on your profile by mentioning the airtime of your live videos.
  2. Post a story every day announcing your next live video.

Hopefully this is how your audience will tune in and interact with you and your video.

In terms of content, you can also be creative with this format. You can give short updates, take a look behind the scenes, answer questions from followers or simply report what's coming up for you and your brand. Trying out and testing is worthwhile.

# 13. Win Instagram followers with advertising

If you want to speed things up, get more Instagram followers quickly and have some budget to spare, you could also try Instagram advertising. Paid advertisements give your advertised posts more reach. If your content appeals to the targeted audience, you will attract interested users to your profile. If they like what they see, they'll subscribe to you in the best of cases.

So far so good, but how do you practically approach advertising on Instagram? No problem.We have written a very detailed article about it, in which we show you step by step how to do it: Instagram Advertising: The Ultimate Guide to Instagram Ads.

The obvious problem with this strategy is of course the cost factor. Especially at the beginning you won't want to spend a lot of money on building Instagram followers. But if you are already a little further and are negotiating the first brand collaborations, then you could also make a small advertising budget part of the agreement. This way the brand post gets more reach and, in the best case, you get more Instagram followers.

If you want to test advertisements, you should always make sure that your advertised post fits perfectly with your overall appearance. When a user clicks on your ad, they expect to see similar content on your profile. If something completely different awaits him here, he will be gone very quickly.

# 14. Interaction and more interaction

Interaction is essential for a successful Instagram account. More interaction means that more users will learn about you and be encouraged to follow you. In addition, Instagram itself evaluates your level of interaction and promotes accounts that are more active. What does that mean exactly?

Interaction describes things like distributing likes, commenting on posts and, above all, following other users. Of course this is quite time consuming; however, you should take some time each day to interact with your account and get attention. The motto here is: The constant drop wears away the stone.

# 15. Instagram pods and engagement groups

Instagram pods and engagement groups describe groups in which different Instagrammers come together to give each other more engagement, more reach and more followers. If a member publishes a new post, all other members are informed in a specially created group.

Then everyone is encouraged to like and comment on the post. If your post gets good engagement relatively soon after it's published, Instagram will reward it with more reach. And that will also increase your chances of getting more Instagram followers. Instagram pods are available for a wide variety of topics and niches, but all have very individual rules. With a little research you will surely find what you are looking for quickly-

# 16. Use tools for Instagram analysis

The integrated Instagram Analytics can give you information about your followers. However, there are many free tools that can provide you with more interesting information. Things like engagement rate, new followers, or inactive accounts can give you insights that show you how to get more followers on Instagram. The best Instagram analytics tools right now include:

  1. Sprout Social
  2. Iconosquare
  3. Keyhole
  4. Curalate
  5. Socialbakers

All of these analytics tools provide valid and very insightful information that can help you better understand your audience. This data can also point out the right content that can help you gain more followers in the long run.

# 17. Analyze and optimize

All of these tactics can work very well and get you more followers on Instagram. However, Instagram is a very dynamic platform and it is developing rapidly. Old strategies quickly become superfluous or simply no longer work. At the same time, there are always new functions that also bring new approaches to increasing your Instagram reach.

Therefore, you should keep a close eye on what works for you and what doesn't. Take a close look at the results and further optimize your strategy on this basis.

As metrics, you should keep an eye on things like follower growth, interactions per post, your reach and the click rate of your links.

Get Instagram followers: 3 influencers report

Juanika Dildy is the founder of the popular website The Ladypreneur. Her Instagram profile now has over 24,000 followers. Here's her advice to get more followers on Instagram:

What was your secret to getting over 24,000 followers on Instagram?

Commitment makes the difference. It's important to show appreciation to your followers. For greater engagement, look for hashtags that will attract a lot of followers. Then you should look for suitable users and distribute a few likes and leave comments. Ideally, it will arouse the curiosity of those with whom you have previously interacted. With a little luck, you will then follow your own profile and tag friends in the posts.

Did you use any apps to get more Instagram followers?

Initially, tools like Instagress were useful for engagement. But since you have the opportunity to target followers and sponsor content, this is no longer necessary.

What advice would you give to someone who asks how to get more Instagram followers?

Post, post, post! The more users see a brand's content, the more familiar they become with it. Sooner or later they will leave likes and comments and share posts. The more you post, the more people feel that they know you.

Imagine waking up at midnight to a noise in the kitchen. You run downstairs and find Oprah (well-known US presenter) having a cup of coffee there. Most people would not call the police right away in this situation. Why? Because you've seen so much of her that you feel like you know her. Many would probably be honored to have Oprah in their kitchen. This is the effect that posting content on a regular basis has for influencers.

If you had to name one thing that you do differently than everyone else on Instagram, what would it be?

My profile encourages, inspires and informs. It communicates with a brand voice that connects and at the same time conveys knowledge. It attracts both female executives and the girl next door.

Talia Koren is the brain behind the popular Work Week Lunch, which has an astonishing 468,000 followers. We asked her the best way to get Instagram followers. Here are their answers:

What helped you gain six-figure Instagram subscribers?

I listen to my audience and give them what they want. It shows that I'm interested in my followers. In return, they give me time and their attention. I think regularity is also important. I get in touch every day with valuable content in posts and stories that help them instead of just talking about myself. Finally, I also pay close attention to the changes to the platform. Using new features like story highlights and understanding the changes to the algorithm also helped me build my presence.

Did you use any tools to get more followers on Instagram?

Apart from the analytics within Instagram, I don't use any other tools. The analytics are great. You can quickly make it clear what worked and what didn't.

We are often asked how to get Instagram followers. What Instagram tips do you have for beginners.

If you're starting with 0 or less than 1,000 followers, you shouldn't pay too much attention to the number of followers. It will go up and down and pretty slowly. Instead, focus on ways you can connect with others, help them, and ultimately get them to talk about you.

What do you think differentiates your Instagram profile from everyone else?

Well, my account isn't that different from many others. However, I don't post pictures of myself. It's not about me, it's about my audience! I also use stories as a vlog channel, which my followers think is great.

Gracie Parish is an Instagram influencer who grew her profile to 39,000 followers. We asked her about Instagram tips and tricks to get more followers on Instagram:

What strategies did you use to get 44,000 Instagram followers?

I take a lot of time to interact with my followers through Instagram, email marketing, Facebook, and Pinterest. I take the time every week to reply to as many followers as possible. I also make sure that I interact with them on their own posts. Through cooperation, I was able to implement cross-promotion campaigns with many bloggers and brands. That really helped grow my audience on Instagram.

What had the biggest impact on this increase in your Instagram followers?

I work really hard to convey authenticity and credibility with my blog. The goal is to build a more authentic relationship with my followers. To achieve this, I only promote brands and products that I really believe in. After five years as a blogger, I've developed a flair for choosing brands that best fit my blog and style, and that my followers like to see. And that ultimately made a big contribution to my success.

What advice would you give to someone who asks how to get more Instagram followers?