Why is YouTube closing crypto currency channels

YouTube bans two popular cryptocurrency channels citing rule violations

March 14, 2020 at 8:49 am // News

Google's video sharing subsidiary, YouTube, has suspended the accounts of two popular cryptocurrency enthusiasts for violating the company's terms and conditions. YouTube deleted the videos that were alleged to violate the terms and conditions posted on their channels by the two cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

Youtube removes cryptocurrency videos

Recently, the Google social video sharing platform Youtube took action against two cryptocurrency accounts to block the channels and delete videos. The Ivan accounts on Tech and Cryptocurrency News Channel, The Moon, expressed their disappointment on Youtube via Twitter. The account owners said Youtube overreacted and censored their videos for no good reason.

Meanwhile, YouTube claims to have notified the two accounts into one

Strike Notification This could limit the activity of the account holders on Youtube. The strike notification limits a YouTube channel owner to uploading videos, live streaming videos, or stories. However, the notification is valid for a certain period of time, depending on how many strikes YouTube servers have received from the account or how many violations of established agreements there are.

On the other hand, some other cryptocurrency channels on YouTube have also faced a similar ban in the past, as reported by coinidol.com, a global blockchain news agency. YouTube claims that the channel owners upload promotional content that could mislead investors. However, the social video sharing giant previously accepted that its software could censor content that shouldn't be censored.

Is YouTube trying to protect the public from misleading information?

The video that caused the Moon YouTube account

suspended was titled “Warning !!! The financial crisis has started! Bitcoin is not a safe haven in this bloodbath? "YouTube responded to an allegation filed by The Moon on Twitter that their account was closed for no reason. YouTube said the video shared on the channels directly violated its service policies. However, a deep dive into the policy failed to show any mention of Find digital assets or items that are banned from advertising or sale on the site. The channel owner later tweeted, saying Bitcoin was censorship resistant, but YouTube videos were not.

The second YouTuber Ivan on Tech, with more than 200,000 followers, tweeted that his account had been fully restored after numerous calls to various departments of the video sharing company. However, he revealed this due to numerous

repeated strike, he was no longer able to stream videos from YouTube, but his own website.