How absurd can life get

About death and the absurd life

The author and philosopher Franz Schuh asks himself in the "criss-cross" documentary "Herr Schuh und der Tod" what happens when we are no longer. Afterwards: Discussion about the absurdity of life on the occasion of Albert Camus' 100th birthday.


Consignment notice

Tuesday October 29, 2013
at 10.30 p.m., ORF 2


Wednesday October 30, 2013
at 8.15 p.m., ORF III

Thursday October 31, 2013
at 11.50 a.m., ORF 2
(only "Mr. Shoe and Death")

Entirely in the sign of death and (absurd) life is "criss-cross", presented by Doris Appel, on October 29th. First with the film “Herr Schuh und der Tod” by Florian Gebauer, in which the philosopher and essayist Franz Schuh deals with the question of what happens when we are no longer? Afterwards, from 11:15 p.m., a top-class group led by Michael Hofer will discuss the absurdity of life.

"Herr Schuh and Death"

“I just don't believe what I know for sure - that one day I'll be dead. And as long as I don't have to believe in it, so I still have distance or time, I deal with death ”- this is how the essayist Franz Schuh begins his journey to the limit of life. What if we are no more? Is there a possibility to reconcile oneself with one's own non-being? And who are the people who face death every day?

The author Franz Schuh and the filmmaker Florian Gebauer pursue these questions in their film "Herr Schuh und der Tod". The film takes Franz Schuh to the mummies in the Michaelergruft, to the Viennese anatomy, where doctors from all over the world practice their skills on corpses, and to cemeteries, where "thanatopractors" (corpse beauticians), funeral orators and funeral singers pursue their profession.

Biologically, death is just a process of decomposition, but biographically it is the streak through the bill that has been opened up for a lifetime. Death as a synthesis of the visible and the invisible. The film is a search for the pressing answers that death raises. Franz Schuh says: “Is it possible to reconcile oneself with one's own non-being? Yes, you can accept death, you can accept it, you can even look for it - but reconciliation, that is, to become one with death, that seems impossible with human existence. "

A film by Florian Gebauer

How absurd is our life?

This experience is hardly alien to anyone: that the feeling of bottomless senselessness can spread - whether in the daily grind or under the impression of a severe blow of fate. Is it all coincidence, is there neither direction nor goal of the story? Is belief in God a mere consolation against senselessness? Is the question of meaning itself meaningless?

The French philosopher Albert Camus - he was born 100 years ago - viewed life as fundamentally absurd. For him, however, this was no contradiction to the affirmation of life. Can human happiness, as Camus put it, be found precisely in never-ending efforts against an absurd world?

On the subject of “How absurd is life? Albert Camus and the question of meaning “will be discussed under the direction of Michael Hofer: Svenja Flaßpöhler (philosopher, Berlin), Magnus Striet (theologian, Freiburg i. Br.), Karen Gloy (philosopher, Lucerne) and Hans Schelkshorn (philosopher and Theologian, Vienna).

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