Are iPhones getting bigger or smaller?

iPhone 12: Will the new entry-level model be the better iPhone SE?

iPhone 12: Four models are available

The rumor mill is simmering and has already revealed numerous details about the new iPhone models. Apple is supposed to present four different devices, among other things. According to speculation, we can expect two Pro models with a 6.1-inch or 6.7-inch display. The entry-level models, on the other hand, will receive displays in sizes 6.1 "and 5.4". The latter should even be smaller than an iPhone 8 and is our focus. The MacRumors forum user iZac got a dummy for the small iPhone 12 and compared it with old and current models.

iPhone SE (2016) could get a worthy replacement

Of course, there has been a successor to the iPhone SE from 2016 for a few months. However, many users are not satisfied with the size and would have liked a smaller device. It is therefore interesting to see that the small 5.4 ° iPhone 12 is only slightly larger than the old SE and slightly smaller than an iPhone 7, which shares the same dimensions with the iPhone 8 and thus also the iPhone SE (2020) .

According to the forum user, it should lie very comfortably in the hand and he can imagine that it can be operated very well with one hand - a feature that many buyers of the iPhone SE (2016) appreciated. In addition, the angular design should provide a better grip. Basically, Apple could score points with the new design and potential iPhone SE buyers could change their minds to buy a small iPhone 12. However, the price also has to be right, and there could be discrepancies due to the 5G modem, dual camera and the new A14 chip. Nothing is fixed yet, so we have to wait a few weeks until the official presentation.

What do you think of the smallest iPhone 12? Is it an alternative to the iPhone SE for you guys? Let us know in the comments.

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