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Are you getting animal growth soon? Then you are now faced with the difficult question: What should my pet be called? Finding a suitable name for a new animal is not that easy. Search can often degenerate into hours of pondering and long lists of names. A look into the markt.de guide helps in this case: Whether for cat, Small mammals, dog or bird - here you can find them most popular, most beautiful and most unusual Names for pets. Have a look around and let yourself be inspired by the naming.

Dog names

In the past, the choice of dog names didn't seem that big: the dog was called Hasso, Rex or Struppi. Today it is different. The The trend is now towards human names. But also if possible individual and original names are in demand. So that your four-legged friend gets a nice and suitable name, we want to help you with the selection. Find out more in our dog name guide Popular Dog Names - Which Name Goes With Which Breed? and make your choice. This is how your puppy can also find a name.

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Cat names

Choose a name for your cat that suits its particular character.

Do you want to buy a cat, but are still looking for the right name? No problem: open markt.de find a small one Collection of possible names for your new arrival. Important: choose a name that matches your cat's character. Whether you like classics Gizmo or Lizzy prefer or give priority to an exotic name is up to you. With the help of our guide Popular Cat Names - Which Name Goes With Which Breed? you will find it. There you can find name ideas for many different breeds of cats. Among others the following:

Rabbit names

If you haven't found a name for your rabbit yet, a click in the guide will help Popular rabbit names - which name is right for my animal?. Rabbit names can be selected based on various criteria. There are the so-called Classics like Klopfer, Mümmelmann or Bunny. You can also choose a name and your rabbit based on the color of the coat Call it silver, blacky, or dots. A special feature are names that go particularly well with a particular breed. Our guide provides more information on this. Among other things, names are given for the following rabbit species:

Horse names

The name of your horse should not only please you, it should also suit the animal and its personality.

Once you have decided to buy a horse, the next difficult task is the Finding the right name. After all, the name should not only please, but also suit the animal and its personality. In our guide Popular horse names - how to find the right name for your horse do we have one List of suggestions compiled for you. Read through our suggestions and see if the right horse name for your darling is among them. In addition to the classic and exotic horse names, you will also find names here that are very popular with special breeds. Among other things, you will find suggested names for the following horse breeds in the guide mentioned above:

Bird names

A new bird is moving into the house and you have not yet been able to decide on a name? No wonder: the The variety of possibilities is huge. markt.de has therefore put together the most beautiful bird names for you. Browse through our guide Bird names - which name fits my pet bird? and the naming problem will soon be a thing of the past. We wish you a lot of fun with your new roommate.

Small animal names

Is a hamster, ferret or other small animal your new roommate? You still have no idea what to name your animal? On the one hand should the animal name match a small mammal, on the other hand it shouldn't be too cheesy either. Before you despair further, get a few creative ideas for animal names in our general name guide for small animals. We have collected a lot of great names for you here. Both popular classic names as well as exotic and less well-known names can be found here, so that there is really something for every taste.

Mouse and rat names

You can find the right name for your rat in our guide to mice and rat names.

Mice and rats are funny animals and have found a home in many households. Once the cage is set up, the first problem arises: What do I name my pet? The Guide to mouse and rat names can give you valuable ideas so that your mouse or rat can get a nice name. Everything from classic to exotic names is listed here.

Chinchilla names

Chinchillas are becoming increasingly popular as pets. Have you also decided to keep chinchillas, but do not yet know what to call your new animal roommates? Take a look at our guide Popular Chinchilla Names - Which Name Will Match My Chinchilla?. Take two chinchillas with you, for example, offer yourself Couple names like Bonny and Clyde, Romeo and Juliet or Pünktchen und Anton at.


Giving the new family member a name is sometimes not that easy. Especially if a lot of people come to an agreement, this can quickly lead to small discussions. Of course, the more name ideas you have to choose from, the easier it will be in the end to find a name that everyone likes. You are sure to find what you are looking for in our numerous guides to a wide variety of animals. No matter if dog, horse or chinchilla - there is the right name for everyone. markt.de wishes you a lot of fun and many great years with your new darling.

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