What is the best company valuation certification

Certified Management Consultant certification

The international standard for high quality advice

With the international CMC certificate from the “International Council of Management Consulting Institutes” (ICMCI), you represent the world's strongest quality seal in consulting and document top quality. This creates trust among customers and secures the business of the future.

Target group:

IT consultants, corporate and internal consultants with several years of professional experience.


Quality presentation and market positioning!

Document your own advisory skills and thus consolidate your domestic market position; use the international networking opportunities to open new markets.

More business through more successful acquisition!

The UBIT trade association promotes the CMC brand with consultants on the one hand and customers on the other. A special internet service makes it easier for potential customers to make the right choice.

The CMC competence profile!

General knowledge of business and economics and general consulting know-how as well as core competencies of the consultant. In-depth knowledge of their specialist area and general knowledge of the development of the profession and of ethical principles and sanctions.

  • Legal identification
  • Ongoing education and training
  • Liability insurance for financial losses
  • Knowledge of the advisory standard ÖNORM EN ISO 20700
  • Acknowledgment of the professional rules
  • Integrity in relation to economic crimes and bankruptcy and settlement proceedings
  • Consent to the publication of the relevant personal data
  • Presentation of case studies
  • Completion of the committee hearing

Validity period
5 years

€ 790, - plus VAT.



    • Certification manual

    • Forms open

      Customer questionnaires in German and English as well as Excel template for proof of practice in editable format Download forms open

    Quality in retirement

    What comes after the end of the consulting career: CMC emeritus

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