Why do Americans wear shoes indoors

Why shoes in bed? [closed]

It scares me every time I see someone more or less sane in bed with shoes on. As this gets so common on TV (e.g. Buffy, Marvel Agents of SHIELD, whatever).

I understand shooting socks can look lame and you need to allow some time to start between tears and splashes on the bed, however do you know other reasons for tv people to stay in bed with shoes on?

An ideal answer would be: "In this interview, producer Whois said she was tired of seeing dirty socks on screen and decided to only let people in bed with shoes on." Even better if producer Whois can share this experience right here.

Alternatively, it can simply be said that lying in bed with shoes on is considered perfectly normal in the US and everyone does.

For example: https://www.buzzfeed.com/crystalro/is-it-okay-to-wear-shoes-on-your-bed?utm_term=.wrmzl2Ex#.ymww7RM6

Grimm the Opiner

in the Bed or on the bed?


My guess is too lazy to take them off after the 50th take. Either that or product placement.


Seems like an opinion based question, but as I can see it might be taking off your shoes in these scenes for a few reasons:

  1. Look unnatural to many viewers. Many don't think about wearing shoes indoors, so it seems unusual to see someone stop to take them off. Possibly trying to consider a situation normal to represent.

  2. You need too many takes to get right. Most TV series and / or low budget films have tight schedules and little capital. If an actor has lost too many takes because he couldn't take his shoes off properly, the show can cost time and budget.

  3. Be largely meaningless - While a small number of viewers might be "happy" to see American television now resemble their own lives, most Americans wouldn't care one way or another. Since the main audience for American television is primarily Americans, our customs and cultural traits prevail.


This is not an uncommon thing. Many people in real life will put their shoes on their bed, couch, table, etc. Some people just don't have the same attitude as you.


"not uncommon" is a great way to put it. I personally think it's terrible that I do it often enough. At least my own things, not other people's


Large. Apparently we are converging on a solution. I grew up with a strict "NO SHOES ON THE BED" policy. End everyone else around me. Maybe we just live in a dirtier environment :)


Often it is shown because it is lazy or unusual.

If you look at the examples on the buzzfeed link, the first man immediately exudes a depressed, loveless "out of it" mood by sitting upright and fully dressed in bed and staring into space. The third example: Fully clothed with books scattered on the bed and sleeping on the sheets, it looks like the character has either passed out from exhaustion or just doesn't care about tidiness / cleanliness.

It's a quick way to add characterization or show mood.


And the second example (putting on shoes): I rarely, if ever, put my shoes on the bed, but I sit on the edge of the bed every morning to put my shoes on. Not that weird. And final example: with all these laces on, I'd probably leave these boots on for weeks instead of going through all of this work to get them off! (Who am I kidding? I would never kill her ...)


Good point. But not sure. I remember one scene where the character was just casually doing research on a computer or in a book (not sure where, almost certainly - more than once). Or "just talking" scene. Also, I am asking this question to remove the guesswork. If someone White why (document, interview, personal experience) - please share. Or maybe I'm just too obsessed with all this story about shoes on the bed.