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Economics, Psychology and Management (Master)

Economics, psychology and management - three disciplines that are inextricably linked. In everyday professional life, economic actors can only be understood with basic psychological knowledge and controlled using management techniques.

Business psychologists understand how people perceive economic processes and what motivates their actions. This results in a dynamic range of tasks, because organizations are subject to constant change: Tasks are dropped, new business areas arise, competence requirements for employees change, and customer requirements also vary. It is precisely this change that defines the work area of ​​business psychologists. With an economic understanding, with competence in questions of method, in conducting discussions, consulting and coaching, they accompany employees in companies and organizations through complex change processes.

The course prepares graduates for leadership and management tasks in the following areas: personnel and organizational development, personnel, corporate and start-up consulting, market and consumer research, coaching and training, business psychological research.

At a glance

Degree: Master of Science

Start of studies: Winter semester

Language of instruction: German

Duration / scope: 3 semesters

Admission restriction (NC): Yes

Admission requirements

  • Bachelor or Diploma I examination in economics, psychology, business administration, economics, social work, business education, industrial engineering, business psychology or equivalent
  • Motivation letter

Application with German certificates

Application with foreign certificates

Application deadline

If you are not yet studying at the University of Kassel or another university in Germany, but have a first professional bachelor's degree abroad you have to contact the central assessment office in Berlin, uni-assist, apply.

How do I apply with a foreign certificate?

Information and advice

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