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Min Yoongi - also as Suga or Agust D known - is the lead rapper of BTS. At the same time he is also the second oldest member of this group. Today we're looking at 100 exciting facts about the rapper. Here we go!

Before joining BTS, he was an underground rapper under the name Gloss. Here he was part of the hip-hop crew D-Town. For the debut of BTS, a few people came who were already a fan of his.

Today he is a very special celebrity in Daegu, as rarely does anyone outside of Seoul manage to become so successful in his musical career. Among other things, there is a small exhibition by him in the Daegu Museum. Even in his earlier school there are memories everywhere.

In fact, he joined Big Hit Entertainment to make his mark as a producer. Bang PD managed to persuade him to join an idol group and thus BTS.

He used to have to wear braces.

Photography is one of his hobbies. He used to often share his recordings on Twitter and the BTS blog. He also studied photography at the Global Cyber ​​University.

Even if he seems very cool, Yoongi is a good-hearted person. He just finds it extremely difficult to show that openly.

He also finds it just as difficult to express his feelings in words. It is easier for him to process his emotions in songs.

During his trainee time, he had a bad accident that he was only lucky enough to survive. He was just delivering something in his part-time job when a car hit him. The person hit and run while Yoongi came to after a brief loss of consciousness just opposite the tire of his scooter. He had injured his shoulder beyond repair, and to this day it sometimes gives him difficulties. As a result, he no longer has full freedom of movement and has to change shoulder spontaneously for some dance steps.

Even if he likes to mimic the sufferer and often lies around without power, Yoongi is very athletic. He just likes to hide it! Even in high school he loved to play basketball and decided a few games for his team. He's also good at archery, quick at running and was a gifted b-boy dancer before his accident. Apart from that, he doesn't like dancing that much.

His previous position in basketball - namely the shooting guard - is also the reason why he has this stage name. Suga stands for this position. But sometimes he was also the point guard.

He has had a difficult time with his parents. At the age of 13 he began writing songs and working with synthesizers for the first time. His parents didn't want him to prefer music to school and burned all of his poetry books. He was placed under house arrest and, according to certain innuendos, violence was also involved. But in the end he did not allow himself to be influenced by them in order to realize his dream and took on many more hurdles in order to achieve his goal. Today he and his parents are on friendly terms. Incidentally, Yoongi grew up with his grandmother until he was school because his mother became very ill after he was born.

He absolutely loves his members. He has a soft spot for the Maknaes, especially Jungkook can just do what he feels like without getting the lid from Yoongi. Namjoon is his special protégé, about whom he doesn’t let anything come. He always has an open ear for Jin and knows how to build him up and to push his self-confidence. And his friendship with Hoseok is a very special one. They regularly wear friendship jewelry.

He and Namjoon are the only two members who have already produced songs for other artists. For example, come from his pen eight of IU or We don't talk together of Heat.

Since Jin cannot assert himself well with the other members, according to BTS, it is Yoongi's honorable task to admonish the Maknae Line when necessary and to teach them important things.

Although he finds tattoos very attractive, he doesn't have any. He believes that these could get in the way of his charitable work that he still wants to accomplish in his life. However, he once said that he would like to have a point tattooed on his toe purely as a protest. Maybe he has had it done in the meantime!

Since he is very quick-witted, he usually plays the role of moderator in BTS 'own programs.

His skin is very light and sensitive to the sun. That's why he wears long-sleeved tops even in summer so as not to expose himself directly to the sun's rays.

As a child, he once wanted to be an architect. To this day he is very interested in interior design. He also loves to put furniture together and is very talented with his craft. Before that, he considered becoming a firefighter.

His favorite color used to be white. In the meantime, however, he prefers black room furnishings and clothing, which ultimately also made black his favorite color.

He is very open about his history and the mental health problems that plague him. For example, he used to say quite openly that his father scared him more than anything and that he suffers from social phobia, depression and OCD. He also has ADHD, which makes it difficult for him to sit still and focus on certain things, such as meditation. His current goal is to obtain a counseling license in psychotherapy in order to be able to pass on to others what he has learned even in the most difficult phases of his life. He revealed that in his Honey FM from April.

LOL Suga has ADHD so he cant meditate LMAO
Too funny.#MAMAVOTE#[email protected]_twthttps: //

- BE em4u ⁷ (@ BTS7ofHeaven) November 17, 2019

He is the only member of BTS who has received a solo award so far. He won this at the 2017 Mnet Asia Music Awards. Here he was for the song Wine, which he was for the singer Suran has produced, together with her with the Hot Trend Award excellent.

Since Yoongi is a very introverted person, he prefers the peace and security of his own four walls rather than crowds. But now he feels very comfortable on stage.

His studio (christened Genius Lab) is his main haven. He often spends many days there without returning to the dorm, which is why he has shampoo and shower gel ready there.

He has an older brother who was born in 1989 and MinGeumjae called. On his first mixtape we learn that he was the only one who believed in Yoongi and his musical talent before he made it big with BTS.

As soon as he starts traveling, he packs his laptop first of all. Because this way he can work on his music whenever he feels like it. Of course, he always has a complete set of equipment for recording new songs with him, which usually makes his luggage quite heavy.

The first CD he bought was from Eminem. Shortly before the debut of BTS, in August 2012, he attended their concert in Seoul with Hoseok and Namjoon. It was the first concert ever for him.

Yoongi is a talented cook. He and Jin are responsible for feeding the gang, but Jin usually takes on this job because he cooks with great passion.

Although he sees himself more as a cat person and also enjoys watching cat videos on YouTube in his spare time, he absolutely loves his dog Holly. It is a toy poodle, which, by the way, is a male despite its maiden name. Holly lives with his brother.

His second favorite topic, which he likes to watch, is all kinds of technical videos. Especially reviews. Because he has been interested in a wide variety of devices and machines since childhood.

He also loves to collect random knowledge about dinosaurs, sports, and historical events. But even apart from these three areas, he shares a wide variety of information with his members that no one has ever asked for.

It can happen that sometimes he doesn't send his members a reply to a text message at all, sometimes just sends a very short message back and then sends them a long message out of nowhere, reminding them how much he loves them. In general, however, he prefers a personal conversation, because he is not afraid to say things as they are - no matter how uncomfortable the topic may be.

During his school days he attended an English Academy. We even collected 14 pieces of evidence why we believe he is secretly an English luminary!

He loves to sleep. He likes to sleep so much that he once said that in his next life he would like to be reborn as a stone and then not have to do anything other than just sleep.

Wherever he is, he composes and writes lyrics. In the waiting room for the music shows, on the plane, in the car, sometimes even in the toilet. According to his own information, it only takes a day to finish a complete song. The song I like it he wrote in just 40 minutes - minus the parts of Namjoon and Hoseok, because they always write them themselves.

He can play the piano. He originally taught himself that and always practiced diligently on a school piano in his school.

He loves all ice cream that tastes fruity, coffee (especially Iced Americano) and meat. Lots of meat! On the other hand, there is no food that he does not eat. He's not really picky.

As soon as he gets nervous or has to cry about something, he cannot stop speaking in the Daegu dialect. And when he lies, he suddenly talks a lot without being asked to.

Despite the introversion, Yoongi is not quite as calm as it often seems. You can hear him mumbling over and over again in interviews and he also likes to babble to himself at Bangtan Bombs. If he is then ignored by the other members, he sulks very quickly.

He cannot sleep for more than five hours at a time. Usually he only sleeps once a day, which is why he is a real night owl.

In order to cope with his psychological problems, he used to smoke and drink a lot of alcohol, although there are only a few allusions to the latter and he usually says that he doesn't drink much because his family doesn't like it. He quit smoking when he signed with Big Hit. Alcohol has now become an interesting stimulant for him. He has a considerable knowledge of alcoholic beverages, especially whiskey.

While vacationing in Malta, Suga took Jungkook to a bar to teach him how to drink whiskey. But Jungkook preferred a milk-based sweet drink, so Suga introduced the drink Irish Bomb, to Jungkook. Of course they still drank whiskey and thoroughly enjoyed their time together. @ / 5bc2kkcLwl

- Olivia (@ Ralica16939136) November 12, 2019

What he struggled with until recently, however, was nail biting. It annoyed him, but he couldn't stop it for a long time. Around FESTA 2020 he said that he hadn't chewed his fingers for 28 days. Yay!

For him, one way to deal with his stress is through a workout. Because of his shoulder, it was not possible for him for a while, but now a personal trainer is helping him to find the right workout. Before his accident, he was exercising regularly because he doesn't like it when his face becomes plump.

He doesn't find himself particularly handsome, but rather average. However, since he wants to make his fans happy, he posts a lot of selfies of himself.

He is one of the members of BTS who flirt with fans the most. For example, he once made a sweeping blow by telling them to keep all their fourth fingers free for him because he would propose to them.

His immune system is better than that of his members. He is rarely sick, maybe catching a cold once a year. If he feels like he's hatching something, he'll be fit again the next day.

He really enjoys moderating radio programs, which is why he sporadically uploads a similar format to one of the social media channels every now and then. Recently he has loved to set fairy tales to music with the members.

Like Jin, he had his driver's license before BTS debuted.

He enjoys reading comics and manhwas, and he also enjoys playing video games. However, he is more limited to sports games on consoles or Overwatch on the PC. Mobile games have only recently really started to inspire him.

He belongs to a very old Korean family, namely the Yeoheung Min Clan.

When he sleeps, he curls up, puts his hands between his knees and prefers to pull the covers over his head.

yoongi's favorite sleeping position

- yas (@yoonminet) September 24, 2016

If he were a girl, he would be dating himself. But kidding aside, for him the character is much more important than the appearance of the other person. Gender is also irrelevant to him.

His dream partner is very similar to him. A certain love for music and hip-hop, an interest in basketball and realistic views would be perfect. He wants his partner to be just as humble as he is.

To be open is particularly important to him. In his opinion, topics such as depression shouldn't be taboo because they affect us all. He also finds that people who have an appropriate reach have an obligation to show others that they are not alone with it.

He openly supports the LGBTQ + community, owns a hand mirror dedicated to comfort women, donates large sums of money (usually 100 million won, or around 85,000 US dollars) for a wide variety of charitable purposes and keeps telling his fans that they should be happy with their bodies, no matter how much weight they are, the main thing is that they are comfortable.

Before living in a dorm with others, he preferred to sleep naked.

He's pretty scared of cows and fireworks.

During his school days, he was the Head Boy for five years. He stuck to the rules meticulously and was therefore not exactly popular because he immediately took students who broke them to the headmaster.

He describes himself as a shopaholic. His Hyung Jin, along with him and Jungkook, is one of the few KPOP idols who have received an invitation to hold a Hyundai Black Card. A committee of eight people must approve this credit card when it is issued, and they must also spend at least 8,000 US dollars per month on the card.

Before he became interested in hip hop, he only listened to classical music.

Although he has the fewest accidents of any member, he also has his clumsy moments. He injured his eye in 2013 and has a scar on his ear because he stumbled on the door in 2015 and fell down as a result.

The dance too Blood, Sweat & Tears was the hardest for him to learn so far because he was too erotic for him.

If there's one thing he can't get up to, it's Jin's "Dad Jokes." They usually make him really angry.

He grew up in a very poor family and, together with his brother, was forced to take part-time jobs to help his father bear all the costs. He was very ashamed of this during his school days and it was also very uncomfortable for him during the trainee period. On the day of the debut, he said he sat speechless for an hour on his bed because he couldn't believe that a poor guy from Daegu of all people had made it this far.

For this reason he is particularly proud of his achievements today and therefore mentions them again and again in his songs. He's also very open to being arrogant, but apart from that he's a very humble person who likes to help others.

In the past, his kind-hearted streak was often exploited. Beats he created were basically stolen from him without seeing a won for it. This finally caused him to distance himself and create a protective wall around himself that makes him look so cool at first glance.

BTS describe Yoongi as "tsundere" - this is a Japanese term that basically means that someone looks very nasty and cool, but inside is particularly warm-hearted and dear.

Taehyung is the member he has the least in common with, but that doesn't stop them from loving each other like brothers. Since Yoongi is the youngest in his family and Taehyung, conversely, the oldest, he often has the feeling that his Hyung is actually his little brother. Your most important rule is that if there is a disagreement, they should take each other's hand immediately. And whenever Taehyung gets sick, Yoongi is the first to look after him.

Yoongi is also the one who always drove Hoseok to the hospital when the latter struggled with an intestinal inflammation. He always got it during the trainee period when the stress became too much.

Yoongi also once kept Hoseok company in the dorm when all the other members drove to their families over the holidays because he didn't want him to be all alone. Hoseok will never forget how self-sacrificing his Hyung was for him during this time. That's why they're best friends today.

Although he was aware of his natural swag very early on, he likes to be cute for his fans. In his opinion, rappers are also allowed to be cute, that doesn't detract from their masculinity. How right he is! In his private life he doesn't like doing aegyo at all.

ARMY nicknamed him Minstradamus because what he wants always comes true. Invitation to the Billboard Music Awards ✓ 1st place in the Billboard 200 Charts ✓ A concert at the Olympic Stadium in Seoul ✓ To be recognized as the most influental artist in the world ✓ Billboard Hot 10 ✓ to be invited to the Grammys ✓

Other nicknames, by the way, are little meow meow, Turtle, Min PD, Motionless Min, Min Snail, Shookga, father Louis Williams Suga Adams Junior the third, Min Suga Genius jjang-jjang-man-bboong-bboong and Grandpa Yoongles or just Yoongles. He and Jungkook are also the Lamb Skewer Duo because they are the only ones who eat lamb kebabs together all the time.

A nickname he didn't like at all was Monk. His friends gave him this because he attended a Catholic school whose uniform was cut very loose and gray in color. They weren't allowed to sew them tighter, and he had to keep his hair very short because it was an all boys' school. This is how this nickname came about.

Before his debut with BTS, his skinny legs were his biggest complex. Today he thinks it's beautiful.

Hoseok revealed that Yoongi loves figuring out all kinds of words.

Although he always says that he doesn't sing in everyday life, Yoongi is constantly humming to himself. Especially when he's cooking, going for a walk or concocting something.

According to Jimin, Yoongi has an answer for just about anything. There is no subject that he has nothing to tell you about, he has an answer to every question.

From midnight to 6 a.m. he always feels stressed and that annoys him a lot. Because he can then only sleep poorly, he usually begins to work on songs during that time.

If he gets angry, his members start to laugh because they say he looks particularly cute.

Before debuting with BTS, he had a helix piercing.

thinking about yoongi’s double helix piercing

- DAEGU BOYS⁷ (@flowerstaegi) February 22, 2020

According to Namjoon, Yoongi most often ignores her managers. He doesn't obey when it comes to removing make-up from his face properly, he hates getting up early and usually doesn't eat enough.

Jimin describes Yoongi as the most attentive of all members. He immediately notices when something is wrong or someone is not feeling well. And then he confronts them because he doesn't want them to be bad.

Most members choose him when it comes to who would be easiest to deal with a long-distance relationship. Yoongi agrees that they are right, but says that he is not sure what it would really be like if he fell in love. In any case, the current focus is on his career.

He has often made hints in interviews that he tore away from home as a teenager in order to be able to implement his desire to produce music. At the time he was working in a club, which allowed him to use the equipment there. The money he earned went on rent and the bus, which is why he usually had nothing to eat.

Actually, he should be in the video too Blood, Sweat & Tears take on the task of covering Jin's eyes. Since they both couldn't stop laughing, roles were swapped and Taehyung took over.

When it comes to the administration of the household money, or the money during any trips, then this task mostly falls to Yoongi. He also swaps all the lightbulbs in the dorm and repairs everything that Namjoon has destroyed - if it can still be repaired ...

Since Namjoon is so clumsy, Yoongi has often told him not to touch certain things in the first place. Yoongi also says that most of the time he feels like his life is instantly two years shorter when his leader is around.

Jimin once revealed that Yoongi loves to play pranks on his members. Often, however, it is quite harmless things, such as absurd misinformation, which he knows that Jungkook will try out immediately.

In addition, the members once revealed that he can be really cranked and lively away from the camera. Off-camera he should be like Jimin and vice versa Jimin should actually be like Suga!

He can roll his abs back and forth.

Basically he has no problem with Skinship, but he prefers to hold the members' hands instead of being hugged by them.

The word "bultaoreune" which the song Fire initiates, he has recorded at least 200 times.

Attention, shock moment: Yoongi is one of those people who like pineapples on their pizza!

He likes to be called oppa.

His favorite animals are polar bears and his favorite fashion brands are Fear of God.

Yoongi loves Kumamon. This is a Japanese mascot. He collects everything he can get his hands on from it. When a fan asked him why, he said because the bear looks so stupid.

He doesn't mind if he has fewer lines than the other members. Even if he has to forego his part entirely on a special stage, it doesn't matter to him.

Yoongi is very perfectionist and prefers to spend a lot of time completing something rather than half-heartedly doing it.

He always keeps gifts that his fans have given him very well. Some of them are still in his possession today, and you can see them in recordings from time to time.

Even if he usually doesn't give the members great presents, he is talented at giving presents. The best proof is here:

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