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Vacation despite Corona: travel destinations that are not risk areas

Most holiday destinations are still considered to be corona risk areas and many countries that would be safe as travel destinations do not allow tourists into the country. Holidays with reasonable restrictions are possible in these non-risk areas.

  • Popular and exotic vacation destinations that are not risk areas

  • What tourists have to consider when entering the country

  • Which corona rules you should know on site

Overview: These holiday destinations are not risk areas

Balearic Islands: Mallorca, Ibiza, Menorca, Formentera


Costa Blanca




Dominican Republic


Balearic Islands: Mallorca, Ibiza and Co.

The Balearic Islands are one of the most popular holiday destinations for Germans. After the corona infections have dropped significantly, the archipelago is no longer considered a corona risk area. The Travel warning of the Foreign Office canceled.

A holiday on Mallorca, Menorca or Ibiza is therefore possible without any major problems. Nevertheless, there are a few things to consider.

TheCorona restrictions in the Balearic Islands have been gradually eased over the past few weeks.Restaurants, cafes and pubsmay again entertain guests in the outdoor areas, but contact restrictions and a mask requirement in public still apply.

Holidays in the Balearic Islands: What you need to know for entry and stay


The Canary Islands are also very popular with holidaymakers. Here you can have both a peaceful beach vacation enjoy as well as extended hikes undertake in spectacular volcanic landscapes.

The Canary Islands are no longer a corona risk area. The Federal Foreign Office's travel warning has also been repealed. Nothing stands in the way of a relaxing holiday.

Nevertheless, you should know a few rules on site: This is still the case Contact restrictions and a mask requirement in public.

Holidays in the Canary Islands: What you need to know for entry and stay

Costa Blanca

The Costa Blanca in the Valencia region is one of the most popular holiday destinations on mainland Spain. Among other things, the tourist centers are located here Benidorm and Alicante. The hotels are now open to tourists again.

The Valencia region is not considered a corona risk area, and there is no travel warning of the Foreign Office.

Important for vacationers: There are still one on site night curfewto observe certain contact restrictions and the usual hygiene rules.

Vacation on the Costa Blanca: What you need to know for entry and stay


The Algarve, the southernmost region of Portugal, is the most important tourist region of the country, not least because of its beautiful beaches. Since May 9, it has no longer been considered a corona risk area, the Federal Foreign Office has lifted the travel warning for the Algarve. The rest Mainland Portugal is - unlike the island regions Madeira and Azores - no longer a risk area since April.

Since Portugal is now allowing tourists to enter the country again, nothing stands in the way of a relaxing holiday. This also includes other popular travel destinations such as the Capital Lisbon or the Baroque city of Porto another option on the Duero.

Hotels and restaurants in Portugal are open, but there is one outdoors Mask requirementif you cannot keep a minimum distance to other people.

Holidays in Portugal: What you need to know for entry and stay


The Mediterranean island of Malta impresses with its Mediterranean way of life and your rich history. In a very small space you come across buildings and cultural evidence from more than five millennia. Although there are few sandy beaches, you can always find places where you can swim in a pleasant atmosphere.

The corona infection situation on the island has improved significantly recently. Malta therefore applies no longer as a risk area, the travel warning has also been lifted.

Travelers from Germany need one negative Covid-19 testthat is not older than 72 hours. A quarantine is only due if you show symptoms of illness upon arrival at the airport.

Hotels, Pensions, Restaurants and shops are open in principle and are also allowed to receive foreign guests. The corona restrictions in public spaces will be relaxed further in several steps over the next few weeks until the beginning of June.

Destination Malta: information and tips


Albania is not considered a classic holiday destination for Germans, but it has a lot to offer: A grandiose one, and in many cases still untouched mountains invites you to go hiking, picturesque towns bear witness to a rich, historical past, and the Mediterranean coast offers good bathing opportunities.

After the number of new corona infections has fallen sharply in recent weeks, the country is considered no longer as a risk area. The Foreign Office's travel warning has also been lifted.

Vacationers from Germany can enter Albania freely. A negative corona test is not required, and there is no quarantine on site. Entry is about everyone Land borders or by air. A direct one Flight connection to the capital Tirana from Frankfurt.

Hotels, Campsites and Restaurants are open with hygiene requirements, but a curfew must be observed at night.

Destination Albania: information and tips

Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is a classic long-distance travel destination of the Germans. Caribbean flair, palm trees and kilometers of length beckon here Sandy beaches. Hikers get their money's worth especially in the interior of the island. There are many natural beauties to discover here.

After the corona infection situation has improved significantly in recent weeks, the Dominican Republic applies no longer as a corona risk area. The Foreign Office's travel warning also ended.

If you are planning a vacation in the Dominican Republic, you should know the following in particular:

  • The direct flight connections from Europe to the Dominican Republic are currently heavily thinned out. However, it is possible that after the travel warning has been lifted, more charter flights will be used again. The tour operators can provide information on the relevant plans.

  • Transfer flights with a change in the USA are not possible until further notice. For people who have been in Germany in the last 14 days, airport transit via a US airport is prohibited.

  • All holidaymakers must fill out an electronic entry form (e-ticket) *. A QR code is generated that you have to show if required.

  • Travelers can avoid quarantine in the Dominican Republic by entering one negative PCR test present that is not older than 72 hours.

  • If you arrive without a negative PCR test, a Health check carried out and, if necessary, a fee-based PCR test arranged. If this is positive, a quarantine takes place in a state isolation facility.

  • In principle, you can move around freely on site, but you have to do the usual Hygiene measures note and adhere to the nocturnal Curfews hold. These apply during the week from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. and on the weekends from 7 p.m. to 5 a.m.

  • Hotels and Restaurants are open, but are only allowed to accept or entertain a certain number of guests.

Destination Dominican Republic: information and tips


Uganda does not play a prominent role in international tourism, but it still has a lot to offer. Observations of the rare ones are particularly spectacular Mountain gorillas. The National parks in Uganda are open to visitors.

Certain restrictions apply to holidaymakers: The number of flight connections is currently still reduced. When entering and leaving the country, a negative PCR test result (not older than 120 hours) must be presented.

Important corona rules in Uganda: There is a nightly curfew between 9 p.m. and 5:30 a.m. Face masks should be worn in public, in cars or buses.

Anyone planning a trip to Uganda should go to Clarification of details be sure to contact the organizer.

What vacationers should also know: According to information from the Federal Foreign Office *, there is a strong military presence and a persistent risk of unrest, particularly in the border regions with South Sudan.

Thailand vacation only possible with considerable restrictions

Thailand is one of the most popular long-haul travel destinations. Although the country is not considered a corona risk area, a vacation is only with significant restrictions feasible. Entry is only with a visa allowed, and the associated requirements are severe:

  • In addition to the visa *, tourists also need an entry certificate * (Certificate of Entry / COE) and one negative Covid-19 PCR test. The test certificate must not be older than 72 hours at the time of entry.

  • After entering the country, vacationers have to be at your own expense in a 14-day quarantine in a state-approved quarantine hotel *. Several additional Covid-19 tests must be carried out during the quarantine. The booking of the hotel must be proven when registering for the country. Even people who are already completevaccinated against corona must be in quarantine for 14 days.

  • In addition, all holidaymakers must install the ThailandPlus * app on their smartphone before entering the country and be ready to make their movements in the country control completely allow.

Return to Germany: Everything about quarantine and compulsory testing

Corona test at the airport

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