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Parallel and distributed database systems

Title:Parallel and distributed database systems
Lecturer:Dr. M. Endres
Meeting:Tuesday: 2:00 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.
Building / room:1058 (N)
Contact Person:Dr. M. Endres


The future of database systems lies in distributed parallel processing. Parallel / distributed database systems use the processing capacity of numerous processors - within the framework of multi-core architectures or distributed computers - to increase performance. The main goal is to reduce the processing time of requests and transactions, the sequential execution of which would cause unacceptable response times. This lecture deals with the basic and implementation techniques of parallel and distributed / grid database management systems. Therefore, the lecture is particularly suitable for students who are interested in the design and implementation of algorithms for parallel and distributed database systems. The lecture is for students with a focus on database and information systems in their master’s degree.

The administration of the event takes place in Digicampus.

Content of the course:

The lecture deals with parallel and distributed database systems. For this purpose, the architecture of parallel and distributed database systems is presented. The focus is then on the development and implementation of parallel and distributed algorithms. In particular, parallel search, parallel grouping, parallel joins, transactions in distributed databases, distributed transaction protocols, parallel OLAP, parallel data mining and parallel clustering and classification are dealt with.

Previous knowledge for the course:

In-depth database knowledge, knowledge of parallel programming with Java and / or C ++, knowledge of algorithm design

Literature for the course:

  • Taniar et al .: High-Performance Parallel Database Processing and Grid Databases
  • E. Rahm: Multi-computer database systems
  • M. T. Öszu, P. Valduriez: Principles of Distributed Database Systems
  • P. Dada: Distributed databases and client / server systems
  • S. Conrad: Funded Database Systems
  • S. K. Rahimi, F. S. Haug: Distributed Database Management Systems - A Practical Approach


The PCs in the database room (2056, building N) are available to the participants of the event to work on the exercises during the semester. Please log in to the computers in the DB room using your DCE ID. It is not permitted to save data on local drives.

further information about the course:

Recommended study semester of the course:master
Subject course:Computer science
Duration of the course:2 SWS
Type of course:V - lecture
Area:Databases and information systems
Semester:SS 2016