How can hair growth be accelerated

This is how your hair grows faster!

This will stimulate your hair growth!

Many people want strong hair - especially when it comes to length and volume. But to date there is no scientifically proven means that noticeably accelerates hair growth. If anything, certain substances like caffeine have limited hair growth stimuli. We have summarized for you why this is so and how you can at least strengthen your hair with proper care and a balanced lifestyle.

Proper care

Moisturizing scalp care is important for healthy and strong hair. When choosing styling and care products, make sure that they are gentle and skin-friendly. Use straightening irons and curling irons only occasionally, as the heat dries out the hair and breaks it off more easily.

There are numerous shampoos that promise to promote hair growth. They usually contain caffeine. The promised effect in the shampoos: It should stimulate the blood circulation in the scalp. The hair follicles are better supplied with oxygen and nutrients and the hair grows faster.

It has actually been medically proven that caffeine stimulates blood circulation. To do this, however, it actually has to come into contact with the hair follicles. It is therefore important that you massage in the shampoo well and let it work for a short time. However, growth is only stimulated to a limited extent.

Head massage

There is no scientific evidence that a scalp massage has any effects on hair growth. But you are still doing something good for your scalp: The pressure of the fingers stimulates the blood circulation in the scalp - similar to caffeine. The hair follicles therefore receive more oxygen and nutrients. If they are undersupplied, hair production usually slows down or stops completely.

It is best to use olive or almond oil for a massage, spread a small amount on the scalp and rub it in gently - for about five to ten minutes. It is ideal if you let it soak in overnight and wash it out the next morning.


Various vitamins and minerals help keep hair strong and healthy. Through a balanced selection of foods, we absorb all the important nutrients for the hair. Food supplements are then not necessary. Only if the absorption of nutrients in the intestine is restricted due to illness, for example, does it make sense in some cases to take vitamin preparations.

In addition, there are now care products that contain vitamins for the hair. These include oils, shampoos, hair lotions and cures. Some of the important nutrients for hair include:

Vitamin A

Vitamin A supports hair growth and has a positive effect on fat synthesis in the hair follicles. A deficiency leads to the fact that the growth is disturbed. The recommended intake of vitamin A for adults and adolescents aged 15 and over is 0.8 to 1.1 milligrams per day. Vitamin A is contained in sweet potatoes, spinach and kale, for example.


Biotin, also known as vitamin B7 or vitamin H, is a component of keratin and is important for the strong and vigorous growth of hair and nails. A person usually needs 20 to 30 milligrams of biotin a day. Pregnant or breastfeeding women 30 to 35 micrograms. Biotin is found in legumes, nuts and spinach.

vitamin C

Vitamin C promotes blood circulation in the scalp. The average daily requirement of adults is 95 to 110 milligrams. Vitamin C is found in lemons, broccoli and peppers, among other things.

Vitamin E.

Vitamin E supports hair growth and makes the hair stronger. The recommended intake for adolescents aged 15 and over and adults is between 11 and 15 milligrams per day. Foods that contain vitamin E include raspberries, savoy cabbage, and tomatoes, among others.

Omega-3 fatty acids and protein

Omega-3 fatty acids also have a positive effect on hair growth. They are found in fish, walnuts and chia seeds, among other things. Proteins also play an important role in the formation of keratin. These foods are full of protein:

  • broccoli
  • spinach
  • parsley
  • paprika
  • avocado
  • Grapefruit
  • oats

Balanced lifestyle

Stress has a negative effect on hair growth. That is why it makes sense to incorporate relaxing activities such as yoga into everyday life.

Frequent alcohol consumption also affects hair growth. The reason: Alcohol attacks zinc reserves and slows down the metabolism. Hair falls out faster when we are zinc deficient.

Home remedies

There are several home remedies that are said to have a positive effect on hair growth. Scientifically confirmed, however, that is not.

Rosemary oil has been used to stimulate blood circulation in the scalp for centuries. Lavender oil soothes and witch hazel has a mild pulling effect. You can use it to mix a wonderful massage oil yourself. Massage the oil into the scalp once a day. To do this, use:

  • 3 drops of rosemary essential oil
  • 3 drops of lavender essential oil
  • 1 tbsp distilled witch hazel water

A combination of rosemary and cedarwood oils also supports hair growth. Jojoba oil and aloe vera gel also keep the hair follicles healthy.

Therefore, use the following ingredients:

  • 1 teaspoon jojobal oil
  • 15 drops of rosemary essential oil
  • 10 drops of cedarwood essential oil
  • 60 ml aloe vera gel

Mix the jojob oil with the rosemary and cedarwood oil. Add the aloe vera gel and mix everything together. Before going to bed, massage your scalp with a tablespoon of the mixture every night.