How can I increase my artistic value

Make product value designable (design factor 2/24)


Success through correct positioning and increasing the product value.

This second design factor is extremely subjective. How can you still objectify it and thus make it manageable in the design process?

The easiest way to approach the value of a product is to ask yourself (and as many other, different people as possible): what would I pay for it, what would it be worth to me? A large number of predominantly subjective factors always flow into the objective price quotation. That is why pricing is such a difficult topic.


The USP (Unique Selling Point)

By USP we understand the comprehensive attempt to clearly differentiate oneself from other competitors through an outstanding product characteristic and thus to make the value irresistible. Many such strategies, but also small tricks, are in the designer's repertoire and can be used to control the product's value.

However, it is not always advisable to use all creative means to drive up the product value. The cost-benefit or price-performance ratio is the appropriate approach with which the right balance can be found. In all of this, it is important that one even thinks about the value of the product; this is the only way to influence and shape it.


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