How do I repair my own windshield?

Rockfall - what to do and who pays?

Glass damage is the front runner among comprehensive insurance cases. This also includes falling rocks. We'll tell you when damage can be repaired and when the windshield needs to be replaced.

Basically, the following formula applies: Everything that is not in the driver's field of vision, is at least ten centimeters from the edge and is less than five millimeters can be repaired. The field of vision is an area the size of an A4 sheet of paper directly in front of the driver.

Also, only the outside of the pane, but not the intermediate film or even the inner pane, may be damaged. Water or dirt should also not have penetrated the pane yet. Tip: quickly cover the damaged area with a sticker or film.

Car workshops or car glass specialist companies can repair the damage. If the work is done properly, the damaged area is almost invisible and the pane has almost its original strength again.

Who pays the damage?

It often happens that glass damage is caused by thrown stones. In these cases, liability for the vehicle in front is usually ruled out because even an “ideal driver” would not have been able to prevent the damage.

The situation is different if a vehicle was traveling on a gravel road at excessive speed and a stone is thrown up as a result. In these cases, the motor vehicle liability insurance of the vehicle in front must pay for the damage. The same applies if a stone becomes detached from the loading area of ​​the vehicle in front.

Rockfall damage caused by stones being thrown up can be regulated through your comprehensive insurance. The same applies if the vehicle causing the damage is up and away.

Text: Legal headquarters

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