Can you sniff dextroamphetamine


In Germany there is a legal dextroamphetamine preparation (brand name: "Attentin"). It contains the following components:
5 mg dexamfetamine hemisulfate
Magnesium stearate (Ph. Eur.)
Since one often hears of drugs like Ritalin that they are sniffed, I would like to inquire whether this form of consumption creates additional risks for Attentin.
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Dr. spring

Hello Christian,

There is no such thing as risk-free consumption.

Tablets are generally not suitable for nasal consumption. They often contain water-insoluble substances - in the case of Attentin, the substance magnesium stearate (an aid for making tablets). The other ingredients are isomalt (a sugar substitute that is definitely only included because of the taste) and crospovidone (a binding agent common in tablets, but which are water-soluble). Sniffing can cause these substances to get into the airways and lead to adhesions in the alveoli.

Furthermore, sharp-edged fragments of the tablet can damage the nasal mucous membrane, which can become inflamed and enter your bloodstream via pathogens. So we advise against nasal consumption.

If you still want to consume Attentin nasally, you should grind the tablet as small as possible, preferably with a mortar or with a heavy object between clean, folded paper. It is also advisable to follow our instructions on safer sniffing when pulling.

If you have mental and / or physical illnesses, such as cardiovascular problems, circulatory disorders, epilepsy, depression, anxiety and tension, you expose yourself to an increased health risk by consuming dexamfetamine hemisulfate! It is not advisable to take dexamfetamine hemisulfate if you have taken MAO inhibitors within the last 14 days. This combination can lead to a sharp rise in blood pressure. For example, MAOIs are found in some antidepressants. For a general overview of the risks associated with the consumption and mixed consumption of dexamphetamine, we recommend that you study our entry on "Speed ​​/ Pep" (i.e. amphetamine), as the two substances are very similar and therefore their side effects and interactions are also comparable.

Best regards,
Your dr. Spring team

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