Donald Trump is planning an exit

    shut down

Donald Trump sees the US at the height of the coronavirus pandemic. Now he has informed about the easing of the measures.

  • The USA is badly affected by the corona pandemic and has the most infected people worldwide.
  • US President Donald Trump * initially played down the dangers of the corona virus.
  • Due to the high number of infections and deaths, Trump is now under pressure.
  • Here you will find the basic facts * about the coronavirus. You will also find the current case numbers in Germany as a map here. There are currently the following recommendations for corona protective measures.

This ticker regarding Corona in the USA has ended. All news on this topic can be found here.

Update from 3:11 p.m.: As part of the Corona economic package are supposed to be US citizens Direct help received as checks (on which the name of the US President Donald Trump will stand, see report below) - but there are problems like that Washington Post reported on Tuesday: The unusual decision to add Trump's name delays the payment of aid by the IRS.

Trump denied that on Wednesday, but they did Washington Post added on Thursday. Accordingly, several million people can currently not receive their payments because in the IRS database according to the US Treasury Department, none direct bank details was deposited.

"Five people alone contacted us and informed us that they had not received any money for their children or that they only received help for one child, even though they had three children," writes the US newspaper. "Others told us that the amount of the aid payment was wrong." The frustration also shows up Twitter. "The next time I owe something to the tax authorities, I'll send you this screenshot," this user wrote:

As part of the $ 2.2 trillion stimulus package, millions of Americans are to receive a check for $ 1,200, with an additional $ 500 per child. In many cases, the money should be transferred from the tax authorities, but paper checks should also be sent.

Meanwhile, the daughter of the US President, Ivanka Trump, is under fire for a trip despite the corona pandemic.

Trump announces unexpected corona plan - and rows back on an important point

Update from April 17th, 5.45 a.m.: While the death toll in the United States continues to skyrocket, has President Donald Trump his plan for one Exit from the corona shutdown submitted. The US economy will be in three phases booted up again, said Trump on Thursday in Washington. This will be done “carefully” step by step and “state by state”. The governors with whom Trump had invested shortly before, the President conceded extensive decision-making authority.

"Based on the latest figures, our experts agree that we can now open the next front in our war," Trump said. "We call it: Let's get America going again." The governors of the 50 states can decide independentlywhether and when they will relax the corona measures they have imposed to contain the pandemic, such as exit restrictions and shop closings.

Coronavirus in the USA: President Trump has a three-step plan

Trump laid out the guidelines of the US government for this on Thursday, but omitted a schedule. The guidelines provide that public life in the United States is restarted carefully and gradually on the basis of established facts. "We're not going to open everything all at once," said the President. Some states would be more likely to be able to relax restrictions than others. The governors in the states would have to direct this process, not the White House.

Had in the past few days Trump declares that he has "absolute powers" on the issue of easing the corona measures. After fierce protests, he withdrew this statement. On Thursday he struck a cautious note and also refrained from making full-bodied announcements about a quick restart for the USA.

LIVE: Press Briefing with Coronavirus Task Force

- The White House (@WhiteHouse) April 16, 2020

For new York, which has been suffering in particular from the consequences of the corona pandemic for weeks, Trump did not give a date for a return to normalcy. Shortly before, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo had extended the corona restrictions until May 15.

Sparsely populated states in which the corona virus is not a problem could, however, lift the restrictions "tomorrow," on Friday, said Trump. He mentioned North Dakota, Montana, and Wyoming.

Coronavirus in the USA: restaurants and sports venues are opened

The first phase of easing targeted by the US government sees that Reopening of restaurants and sports facilities before, but not yet from schools and pubs. Wearing Masks in public are highly recommended, work in the home office should be the rule and the rules on keeping your distance should remain in force.

If no new increase in the number of infections is to be feared, according to the plan, the second phase can start, in which the schools can reopen and travel can also be resumed. Finally, in the third phase, the restrictions are largely lifted, but the rules for hygiene and keeping a safe distance should continue to be observed.

Coronavirus in the USA: Trump announces statement on easing - Merkel counters WHO scolding

Update, 8:59 p.m .: In the USA, the population is eagerly awaiting Donald Trump's decision on how to proceed in the corona crisis. Many hope that the US president will ease the restrictions. Trump has now announced that he will hold a press conference at 6 p.m. local time in Washington (midnight CEST). In it he will use guidelines to explain how "America will be reopened".

Major News Conference tonight, the White House at 6:00 P.M. (Eastern), to explain Guidelines for OPENING UP AMERICA AGAIN!

- Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) April 16, 2020

Coronavirus in the USA: After Trump's WHO scolding, Merkel defied him in G7 scissors

Update, 5:29 p.m .: Chancellor AngelaMerkel (CDU) has responded to the sharp criticism from the US PresidentDonald Trumpclearly behind the work of the World Health Organization WHO posed. With that it opened up to a certain extent Confrontation course with US President Donald Trump, who had heavily criticized the work of the organization.

At the video switch called by Trump for the heads of state and government of the seven leading industrialized countries (G7) Merkel emphasized that the pandemic could only be defeated with a strong and coordinated international response, said government spokesman Steffen Seibert after the switch on Thursday. For this she expressed her full support to the WHO and other partners such as the vaccine alliance CEPI (“Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations”) and the global vaccine alliance GAVI.

Trump's announcement that US payments to the WHO would be halted for the time being despite the pandemic had met with fierce international criticism. The US president blames the organization for the large number of deaths in the crisis.

Coronavirus in the USA: Trump advisor with WHO breakdown - Ivanka Trump violates measures

Update, 12.45 p.m.:Ivanka Trump, Donald Trump's eldest daughter, has in the Coronavirus crisis violate the pandemic containment measures. Ivanka Trump traveled from Washington to New Jersey last week with her husband and three children.

As the NewYorkTimes reported the destination of the trip was the one currently closed to the public Golf department the TrumpOrganization, Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey. Apparently the family went there to celebrate the Jewish Passover festival.

So the family of the daughterofUS presidents against the in Washington violate applicable guidelines. There is a “stay at home order” for all residents.

IvankaTrump is also part of a team of experts that looks after the economy during and after Corona crisis to get it working again. The US President spoke of a "Council to open up our country". The body is remarkably composed. There is neither a virologist nor an economist in it. Ivanka's husband too JaredKushner is part of the team.

Corona in the USA: WHO does not want to be dissuaded from work by Trump's payment freeze

Update, 12.25 p.m.:The European office of World health organizationWHO does not want to be dissuaded from work by Donald Trump's announced stop of US contribution payments. You look at the financial situation, but the focus is elsewhere, made WHO Regional Director Hans Kluge clear. “We are in the middle of a crisis. Our focus is on saving lives, ”he said.

Kluge further explained that United States are "a longtime supporter and friend" of the WHO been. "I am counting on this to continue to be the case in the future."

In the middle of the corona pandemic US PresidentTrump Arranged on Tuesday (April 14th) a stop of the contribution payments to the WHO (see below). He made the organization jointly responsible for the many deaths in the crisis and accused it of having dramatically worsened the epidemic with mismanagement and reliance on information from China.

Corona virus in the USA: Trump adviser wants to incite against WHO - and makes a fool of herself

Update, 10.30 a.m .:Kellyanne Conway, the communications consultant for DonaldTrump, made headlines during the US President's election campaign - she coined the term “alternative facts” when it came to the number of people cheering at Trump's inauguration.

Now she made another topic of conversation: Across from the broadcaster FoxNews she commented on Trumps Decision to make payments to the World health organization (WHO) in the Corona crisis to stop (please referbelow) - and criticized the WHO, reports CNN. The organization should have been better prepared for the pandemic, Conway continued. In her opinion, the virus is not new: "This is Covid-19, not Covid-1, folks," she said.

The Communications consultant indicates that there were already 18 forerunners of the virus - and apparently did not understand that the "19" stands for "2019". This year it was illness been identified.

Harvesting in the social networksKellyanneConway much ridicule for this remark. "You seem confused - let me explain it again for you," writes Democrat Bobby L. Rush Twitter - and attaches an explanation of the name.

Dear @KellyannePolls, you seem to be confused, so let me break it down for you.

CO: Corona
VI: virus
D: Disease
-: that's a hyphen
19: 2019, the year the virus was discovered (no, there haven’t been 19 coronavirus.

Do better.

- Bobby L. Rush (@RepBobbyRush) April 15, 2020

Coronavirus crisis in the USA: Trump is now threatening Congress with a forced break

Update, April 16, 7:25 a.m .:In the middle of the Corona crisis US PresidentDonaldTrump threatened with the ordering of a compulsory break for parliament in order to be able to fill vacancies in his government quickly without Congress. Especially because of the epidemic, it is necessary that his government can finally fill vacant positions, said Trump on Wednesday evening (April 15) in the White House. The constitution gives him the right to do so Break for the congress to arrange.

Trump condemned the practice of maintaining Congress operations through pro-forma sessions that were not attended by MPs or senators. This is a “neglect of the duties that the American people cannot afford in this crisis”.

Meanwhile, many should American in the coming days Emergency checksthegovernment receive. Trump confirmed his name will be on taxpayer direct aid checks - in the middle of it Election campaign before the Presidential election in November. "I'm sure people will be delighted to get a big, fat check with my name on it," he said. As part of an economic stimulus package, millions American get a check for $ 1200, with an additional $ 500 per child.

Corona crisis in the USA: Trump with strange ego action - but now there is criticism

Update at 3:11 p.m .:France reacts disappointed to the decision of the US President Donald Trump, In the middle of the Coronavirus pandemic the contributions to the World Health Organization (WHO) to stop. "This is of course a situation that we regret," said government spokeswoman Sibeth Ndiaye on Wednesday in Paris after a cabinet meeting.

The spokeswoman recalled that France, and especially head of state Emmanuel Macron, are committed to multilateralism, i.e. solving problems within the framework of international organizations and rules. France hopes that normal situation will return soon, said Ndiaye, referring to the WHO.

Update at 1:54 p.m .: Also China got that of the US President Donald Trump arranged Stop of payments to the WHO sharply criticized. "China is seriously concerned about the US decision," said Foreign Office spokesman Zhao Lijian in Beijing on Wednesday. The US decision will be the Weaken WHO's ability to cope with the coronavirus pandemicthe spokesman continued to forecast. In particular, states whose medical skills are not well developed would suffer as a result. China urges the US "strongly" to meet its responsibilities and obligations. The WHO will be supported "as always" in fighting global health crises.

Update at 11:33 a.m .: Well also has Russia that of US President Donald Trump arranged Stopping payments to the World Health Organization criticized. “That is the expression of one thing extremely selfish approach the American government to what is happening in the world in connection with the pandemic, ”said Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov on Wednesday, according to the Tass state agency. He also called for "further attacks" on the WHO to be stopped.

Coronavirus in the US: Trump's name will be on emergency checks

In the United States, meanwhile, another process is causing a stir: that US Treasury Department has a report of Washington Post according to arranged, the Getting US President Trump's name printed on emergency checks for millions of Americans. This is an unprecedented step that threaten to delay delivery to recipients by a few daysthe newspaper wrote on Wednesday, citing unnamed IRS employees. It will be the first time a president's name appears on a payout from the IRS, the wrote Washington Post

About 70 million people are expected in the Corona crisis as part of the US economic stimulus package from the coming days get a check for $ 1200. In addition, there should be 500 US dollars per child. This direct aid to taxpayers is part of the US government's more than $ 2 trillion aid package to counter the collapse of the economy. When recipients open the checks soon, the name of the US President will be on the left. These The decision was made on Monday evening and the checks would now have to be reworked accordingly.

Coronavirus in the USA: Emergency checks are likely to be delivered with a delay

An employee of the Ministry of Finance announced that there would be no delays in the delivery of the checks. But the technical team of the IRS was only informed of the change on Tuesday morning, admitted the spokesman. It is now working on the change from home. That will according to information from two IRS employees very likely lead to delays after all. The checks were originally supposed to be ready for printing next Thursday.

While Americans are at least financially protected with emergency checks in the face of the Corona crisis, things are looking bad for many citizens of the United States when it comes to health insurance. “Very few people have health insurance,” says Florian Jungwirth. The Bavarian professional soccer player is now playing in the USA and is automatically insured through his job. He describes this as great luck - and talks with us* How the health system in the USA is doing and what sad individual fates are associated with it.

Coronavirus: Trump receives criticism for ordering the payment stop

Update at 9.47 a.m .: For his decision that Payments to the World Health Organization WHO in the middle of the corona crisis to put on ice, becomes US President Donald Trump now sharp from many sides criticized. So said the UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres according to a statement on Wednesday that "it is not the time to cut resources on the efforts of WHO or any other humanitarian organization to fight the virus." Instead, now is the time for unity and cooperation by the international community in solidarity to stop the virus and its harrowing consequences.

And also the Federal Foreign Minister Heiko Maas has criticized the payment freeze decided by Trump. "One of the best investments in the fight against the pandemic is to strengthen the United Nations, above all the underfunded World Health Organization - for example in the development and distribution of tests and vaccines," Maas told the German Press Agency on Wednesday. There must be close international cooperation in combating the corona pandemic. "Mutual Assigning blame does not help in the Corona crisis“, Stressed Maas further. The virus knows no borders.

Pointing blame doesn't help. The virus knows no borders. We have to work closely together against # COVID19. One of the best investments is to strengthen the @UN, especially the underfunded @WHO, e.g. in the development and distribution of tests and vaccines.

- Heiko Maas 🇪🇺 (@HeikoMaas) April 15, 2020

Update from April 15th: US President Donald Trump has in the middle of the Coronavirus pandemic the Contribution payments to the World Health Organization (WHO) put on hold. As Trump announced on Tuesday evening (local time) in the Rose Garden of the White House, he had instructed the government to stop the payment of contributions while it was investigating the role of the WHO in the "poor handling and cover-up the spread of the coronavirus ”.

President @realDonaldTrump is halting funding of the World Health Organization while a review is conducted to assess WHO's role in mismanaging the Coronavirus outbreak.

- The White House (@WhiteHouse) April 14, 2020

Coronavirus: Trump sharply criticizes WHO and stops paying contributions

Trump further criticized that the epidemic spread through the WHO mismanagement and their reliance on information from China has dramatically worsened and spread around the world. The organization's numerous mistakes are responsible for "so many deaths," said Trump. In particular, the US President criticized the WHO for having spoken out against entry bans from China. These policies have helped contain the epidemic"Valuable time" is wastedclaimed Trump.

In addition, it has the WHO failed, the Review information provided by the Chinese government promptly and critically. With faster and more determined intervention by the WHO, the epidemic could have been limited to its place of origin with few deaths, Trump claimed.

Trump's move is problematic for the WHO, among other things, because the Geneva-based organization is partially financed from contributions from member states and the USA the biggest payer are. According to information from the organization, less than a quarter of the budget of the United Nations' most important specialized agency in the health sector consists of the mandatory contributions of the member states. For the years 2020 and 2021 should the USA the WHO but at least with almost $ 116 million support.

Coronavirus: Trump claims "all-encompassing power" in lockdown decisions

Update from April 14th: The dispute over easing the because ofCoronavirus Imposed restrictions in the US continues: Now has US President Donald Trump* the Decision-making authority complained for itself. When asked, he had the "All-encompassing power"said Trump on Monday evening in the White House. He was responding to thatGovernors of several US stateswho had previously stated that they wanted to coordinate with each other. Trump stressed: "If someone is President of the United States, he has all-encompassing power." He will work closely with the governors to make the decision.

Meanwhile, Trump wants to name a team of experts to help get the US economy back on track after the corona shutdown. You will look in vain for a virologist - daughter Ivanka is there for that.

Vice President Mike Pence defended Trump's statement, saying that he had im Crisisfull powers. However, the power of a US president is constitutionally through the Separation of powers and the federalism limited. The governor of the particularly hard hit New York state, the Democrat Andrew Cuomo, Trump therefore strongly contradicted. “The president does not have all-encompassing power. We have a constitution, we don't have a king, ”Cuomo told the news channel CNN. Even a nationwide crisis would not override the constitution, he said.

In addition, Trump announced on Monday evening that the Entry stop the USA for foreigners from Europe will remain in place for the time being.

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Explosive coronavirus report: Trump speaks of "fake news" - but his own advisor confirms everything

Update from April 13th, 8:14 a.m .: The advisor to US President Donald Trump in the corona pandemic, the virologist Anthony Fauci, has confirmed a report that the United States reacted too late to the virus crisis. Lives could have been saved if public facilities had been closed earlier, Fauci told CNN on Sunday.

The "New York Times" had previously accused Trump of havingresponded too latebecause, on the one hand, he relied on his gut instinct and, on the other hand, he mistrusted the civil servants.

Fauci who already six US presidents subsequently advised, CNN said there was initially great opposition to shutting down public life. However, he did not name the president.

Trump himself condemned the newspaper article on Sunday evening as "Fake news". The report was "a fake, just like the 'newspaper' itself," wrote the president in the short message service Twitter. He referred to the travel ban he had imposed on China long before other countries had done so. Nevertheless, he was criticized for it. Trump also posted an interview with Fauci in which he said that the US "did not receive correct information at the beginning of the crisis".

Coronavirus: Trump makes mistakes on TV and he earns merciless ridicule - "His ignorance is limitless"

Update from April 12, 3:38 p.m .:US PresidentDonald Trump is during a televised address about theCoronavirus made a substantive error. A Twitter user posted a video showing the president was broadcast live on CNN. In it he says regarding the spread of the virus: "Antibiotics have always solved every problem and now one of the biggest problems in the world is that the germ has become so brilliant that antibiotics cannot keep up with it."

Numerous other Twitter users drew attention to the fact that antibiotics in general can never be used against viruses, but only against bacterial infections. "Anyone who has ever paid attention to a normal biology class knows that," commented one user on the tweet. Many people were all the more shocked to hear such a statement from the mouth of the current US presidents to listen. "His ignorance is limitless," wrote another user under the video.

Trump: "Antibiotics used to solve every problem and now one of the biggest problems the world has is the germ has gotten to brilliant that the anti-antibiotic can't keep up with it."

- Josh Marshall (@joshtpm) April 10, 2020

Update from April 11th: US President Donald Trump sees himself in the Corona crisis sometimes subjected to severe criticism - for example by Anders Tegnell *. The Swedish state epidemiologist himself is not without controversy.

Corona crisis in the USA: Donald Trump wants to take sanctions against other countries if necessary

Update from April 11th: US President Donald Trump intends to take sanctions against countries that operate during the Corona pandemic block the deportation of their nationals.

Trump ordered the US Department of Homeland Security to do the Foreign Ministry to inform about such incidents. For its part, the State Department should draw up a plan for the imposition of within seven days of such notification Visa penalties working out.

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States that refuse or unnecessarily delay the take-back of nationals during the pandemic created "unacceptable health risks for Americans," it said. The order is initially to apply until the end of the year and is not limited to certain countries.

Coronavirus pandemic: Trump sees the USA at its peak and raves about the test system

Update from April 10, 2020, 9:08 a.m .: In the United States, a country with around 330 million inhabitants, there are now around 460,000 confirmed infections with the coronavirusas shown by data from the University of Johns Hopkins. Round 16,500 people died as a result of the virus caused Covid-19 lung disease.

US President Donald Trump However, sees the country already at the height of the Corona crisis. “I'm pretty sure we're at the top of the hill. And now we're going down. In some cases we have already started this process, "said the 73-year-old at a press conference in the White House.

The head of state of the United States was optimistic that fewer people could die in the crisis than had at least been expected. He spoke of a level that could be lower than 100,000. "We have appalling numbers," said Trump at the same time.

Vice President Mike Pence spoke of a "difficult and heartbreaking week" that the United States is currently in. For two days in a row, almost 2000 people died after being infected with the Sars-CoV-2 pathogen. "These are not numbers, these are life," says Pence.

As Trump said in his speech on Thursday evening (local time) in Washington, he is already in the USA more than two million people tested for the novel coronavirus been. That is an important milestone, said the Republican. “We have the best test system in the world.” However, some state governors complain that there are still not enough tests.

Meanwhile, there was an absurd family dispute in the US state of California - over toilet paper.

Corona virus in the USA: Congress throws off aid package - Trump is accused of going it alone

Update from April 9, 2020, 9.43 p.m.: The US Congress has for the time being not on a new Corona aid package for small and medium-sized companies worth 250 billion dollars (around 230 billion euros) can agree

A vote in the Senate on the new aid loans failed on Thursday due to opposition from the opposition Democrats. They accuse the Republicans of US President Donald Trump of going it alone - and want to mobilize $ 500 billion.

The Senate should not meet again until Monday. The Republican majority leader in the Chamber of Congress, Mitch McConnell, accused the Democrats of taking US workers "hostage". The majority leader of the Democrats in the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, however, stressed that the proposal for $ 250 billion was only made on Tuesday. So much money could not be decided within 48 hours.

Trump had around the end of March to contain the economic and social effects of the coronavirus pandemic $ 2 trillion, the largest bailout in US history signed. It also includes $ 350 billion in loans for small and medium-sized businesses. The money is intended to enable companies not to lay off their employees, but to keep paying them.

The 350 billion dollars are now no longer considered sufficient. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin began talks Tuesday with Democratic and Republican Congressmen for an additional $ 250 billion. In addition to this amount, the Democrats want to provide an additional $ 100 billion for hospitals and $ 150 billion for states, cities and towns.

Coronavirus / USA: Trump longs for the end of the crisis - with a "big bang"

Update from April 9, 2020, 8:10 a.m .: US President DonaldTrump can't wait for the Corona crisis is overcome. However, the number of detected new infections must first of all decrease, made Trump on Wednesday (April 8th) at a press conference at WhitesHouse clear. He spoke of the possibility that the country could return to normal at times. It could also happen faster in less affected regions than elsewhere. It would actually be nice to reopen the country "with a big bang," said the US President.

A date for one returnto theNormal operation did not want to name Trump. "We have to be careful," he said. That sounded completely different about two weeks ago when he referred to the devastating consequences for the economy said the restrictions as much as possible Easter wanting to pick up. Now Trump wants to rely on the advice of his experts.

In the pandemic control the United States is currently approaching a critical phase in which, according to forecasts, more than 2000 corona infected people could die every day. "We have some terrible days ahead of us, but we will have some wonderful days ahead of us, we will get this over with," said Trump. The stricter the Americans adhered to the guidelines on social distance, the faster it went.

Does that explain everything? Trump claims he missed important coronavirus message

Update, 7:02 a.m .: US President Donald Trump according to its own information, has nothing from early Warnings of a senior consultant before the Corona pandemicknown. "I did not see that," said Trump on Tuesday evening (local time) in the White House in Washington. He only found out about it now. Trump assured, however, that he acted on his own initiative in accordance with these warnings.

A senior Consultant According to media reports, the president had already warned of a coronavirus pandemic at the end of January that could kill hundreds of thousands of Americans. The population in the USA would be "defenseless" exposed to the virus because there is neither immunity nor a vaccination against it, wrote Trump's trade advisor Peter Navarro accordingly in a memorandum to the National Security Council of the White House. If the outcome was unfavorable, more than half a million people in the United States could die as a result of such an epidemic, it said. Navarro therefore called for no more entry from China to be allowed.

Trump himself had publicly asserted until the beginning of March that the virus was not a cause for concern for the United States. However, at the end of January, the president ordered foreign travelers who had been in China the 14 days before the pandemic broke out to ban entry.

Trump increases pressure on WHO - USA wants to freeze funds

Update from April 8, 2020, 6.57 a.m .: US President Donald Trump increased in the Coronavirus crisis the pressure on the World Health Organization (WHO). Trump threatened at a press conference on Tuesday evening (local time) in the White House, Funds for WHO to freeze."I'm not saying we're going to do it, we're going to investigate and consider ending funding," Trump said. He was revising a statement made just a few minutes earlier that US funds for the WHO should be put on hold - which sounded like a decision that had already been made.

The W.H.O. really blew it. For some reason, funded largely by the United States, yet very China centric. We will be giving that a good look. Fortunately I rejected their advice on keeping our borders open to China early on. Why did they give us such a faulty recommendation?

- Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) April 7, 2020

Earlier on Tuesday, Trump had already accused the WHO of "really screwing it up" in the coronavirus pandemic. In the evening he added more and said that "probably" the organization knew more at the beginning of the pandemic than it disclosed. He also accused the Geneva-based organization of being "very China-centric" and stressed that the US provided the "largest share" of the WHO budget.

How will the Corona crisis continue in Germany? Jens Spahn and the RKI will give a corona update on Thursday. *

Coronavirus in the USA: Trump against NFL ghost games - "wants fans back in the arenas"

Update, 11.11 a.m .:Despite the Corona crisis in the United States plans DonaldTrump apparently, again from August Sporting events to take place - and with spectators.

In a conference call with the bosses of the US leagues as well as with those responsible from golf and motorsport, the US President demanded, among other things, a punctuality NFL start At the beginning of September, reports the sports broadcaster ESPN

At a press conference in WhitesHouse underpinned Trump his demand. "I will Fans back in the arenas - as soon as we are ready and it is possible. The fans want basketball, baseball, football and see ice hockey, they want sport, want to go to the golf courses and breathe fresh, wonderful air, "he said US President.

California GovernorGavinNewsom However, Trump disagreed with regard to the NFL games in September. “I don't see that in this state. Our decisions are based on the facts. We have more than enough to do with the present, ”he said.

Corona in the USA: Trump announces agreement with companies - delivery of 166 million protective masks

USA secures supply of 166.5 million protective masks against coronavirus

Update from April 7, 2020, 10:38 a.m .: US President DonaldTrump has announced an agreement with the company 3M that will take place in the coming months as a whole166.5 million protective masks for health workers in the United Statesshould deliver. 3M should deliver 55.5 million additional masks "of high quality" every month, Trump said at the weekly press conference of the Corona crisis team of the White House on Monday.

Last week, Trump brought a war-time industrial production law into play in order to prioritize the production of 3M for the country's security needs. With the "Defense Production Act" the US government can oblige companies to accept orders.

The company defended its export policy and warned of the "humanitarian consequences" if it ceased exports to Canada and Latin America, where it was a "major supplier". Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had also urged the continuation of trade relations.

Monday's agreement with Washington now allows 3M to continue exporting masks made in the United States to Canada and Latin America, the company said. Trump, on the other hand, was pleased that the "3M saga" had a "very happy" ending. Meanwhile, the situation in Ecuador is worsening.

Coronavirus in the USA: In the midst of the crisis - Donald Trump dismisses the next high-ranking security man

Update from April 5, 2020, 11.40 a.m .: After the impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump the US President announced the dismissal of another high-ranking representative of the security apparatus: This time the Inspector General of the Secret Services was hit, Michael Atkinson

With this, the US President continues to turn the carousel of posts. In a letter to the Senate Intelligence Committee on Friday, Trump said he had lost confidence in Atkinson. Trump did not provide any concrete reasons.

Atkinson had played an important role in the impeachment proceedings against Trump over the Ukraine affair: Atkinson had forwarded a whistleblower's complaint to the then National Intelligence Director, Joseph Maguire.

It showed that Trump, in violation of US law, was seeking personal political gain from Ukraine by pressuring the Kiev government to harm his US presidential rival Joe Biden. The complaint became Basis for impeachment proceedings.

Coronavirus USA: Trump announces "very terrible times" - another measure in New York

Update from April 5, 2020, 7:39 a.m .: Given the Coronavirus pandemic has US President Donald Trump the population up"Very terrible times" attuned. The coming week will probably be the toughest, Trump said on Saturday. There are now more than 311,000 people with the novel coronavirus infected, more than 8,300 people died. The US president has now announced that he will be sending a thousand military doctors and nurses to the particularly hard-hit city of New York.

At the daily press briefing in the White House in Washington, Trump said that there would be very many deaths. But he also stressed that the US could not stand still in the long run. "We are not going to destroy our country," he said, adding, "At some point there will be some tough choices to make."

Chancellor Angela Merkel is now advising the crisis cabinet on further corona measures in Germany. *

Donald Trump in the Corona crisis: Reality quickly caught up with the President

First report from April 4, 2020:

Washington - The Corona crisis * hits the United States in the marrow. There are now more than 275,000 cases an infection with the coronavirus has been found. In times of the pandemic, the crisis management of US President Donald Trump * is in demand. However, just a few weeks ago the President downplayed the problem, saying that “everything was under control”, but the situation became more and more serious. Now the number is the Fatalities to 7,159 increased, as calculated by the Johns Hopkins University.

In mid-March, the President * finally declared a nationwide state of emergency and resigned 100,000 dead. The 73-year-old recently recommended that citizens protect themselves with scarves. Medical protective masks should be due to the lack of Specialist staff reserved in hospitals.

Donald Trump in the Corona crisis: Reality quickly caught up with the President

Recently, US authorities revealed more than 190,000 hoarded protective masks as well as 600,000 medical gloves to be followed by medical personnel. Trump* previously said that no one should take advantage of the plight of the Americans. As in many other countries, appropriate protective clothing is also used in the USA Magelware become.

In return, politicians from various countries, including France and Germany, threw the United States intend to deliberately buy goods intended for other countries at higher prices. Masks intended for the Berlin police had been confiscated by the USA in Thailand, whereupon the Berlin Senator for the Interior Andreas Giesel described the US government's approach as an “act of modernity piracy“Designated.

Donald Trump in the Corona crisis: Reality quickly caught up with the President

The US President