Can we learn Pega without attending institutes?

Remote work creates flexibility for service organizations - and for employees>
The trend towards remote work in service organizations has been accelerated rapidly by the pandemic and is now essential for the business success of companies and the satisfaction of employees. Hybrid working models are becoming a reality, but companies still have a lot of work to do. Companies need to establish flexible working guidelines and
investing in programs and eliminating a considerable lack of trust between decision-makers and employees, that is the result of a Forrester study on behalf of LogMeIn, the leading provider of cloud-based solutions GoToMeeting, GoToConnect, GoToWebinar, LastPass and Rescue. This also means: Of course, service organizations become more flexible through remote work - but this also applies to employees and their choice of job and employer.
KVD service study shows trends in the change in work organization in service>
In order to optimally exploit the potential of digitization, adjustments are required from the organizational design to a new understanding of leadership and the promotion of agile thinking and acting. In the KVD Service Study 2021, the central forms of organization in the digital working world as well as central influencing factors and measures with regard to work organization and design were analyzed.
Successfully implementing service excellence - use case from the KVD expert forum>
How do I actually successfully implement Service Excellence according to DIN SPEC 77224 in my company? Michael Lachner from Lachner International Service Management gave a comprehensive insight into this as part of a KVD online expert forum and presented the procedure based on a use case at an international mechanical engineering company. Of course, it was about the content of the standards for service excellence and practical application, but also about possible hurdles in implementation and an outlook on the new international standard ISO / TC 312.
Salesforce Service Summit: "Service is the new sales">
How has Corona changed the service? What requirements do customers place on the service, which is now mainly accessed via digital channels? And how can service organizations react to this? A service summit for customer service managers from the KVD support group partner Salesforce took place this week. Core statement from Sabina Mustica, Area Vice President - Cloud Sales Salesforce: “Service is the new sales”.
Diverse perspectives on service transformation: KVD service study 2021 published>
The KVD Service Study 2021 has been published and it deals with the advancing digitization, which affects all areas of the company and is causing a significant change in the service world. Trends such as the Internet of Things, Big Data and the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence have recently continued to drive the digital transformation. This opens up new opportunities for service, for example to optimize customer contact, process information better, expand the service portfolio with digital solutions or increase responsiveness. This is what the KVD Service Study 2021 is all about, which is now available in the member area on
New SERVICETODAY published on the subject of “New Service Work”>
The Corona crisis has fundamentally changed our usual working world over the past year. Suddenly, the classic office environment, often in combination with a large number of business trips, was replaced by work from home, even for relatively short coordination meetings. The personal contact in sales or service processes with the customer has changed due to the restrictions, e.g. T. significantly reduced. Accordingly, it was important for companies to break new ground in communication and in many cases "simply" try them out, find new and sometimes unfamiliar solutions and often experiment with a wide variety of (digital) tools first. Reason enough for the editors of SERVICETODAY to focus on the topic of New Work in the first edition of the year. The booklet with the title “New Service Work” has now been published.
KVD Service-Treff @ Clubhouse on March 18, 2021>
Since face-to-face meetings are still not possible due to the current pandemic, the KVD is extending its series of service meetings into the digital once again. This time the service community meets in the new social media app Clubhouse, where you can also find new impulses and contacts. The session will take place on Thursday, March 18, 2021 - KVD editors Michael Braun and Andrea Grosse from J4P are expecting interested parties from 7 p.m. Anyone who still needs a clubhouse invitation can contact the KVD office.
New work practices work especially where employees are directly affected>
The implementation of New Work practices is particularly advanced where employees are directly affected: in the flexible organization of working hours. In contrast, the change in the organization itself remains almost unaffected. This is the central statement made by the HR service provider Hays in cooperation with the Institute for Employment and Employability (IBE) in its tenth HR report, "New Work", on which a total of 1,046 specialists and managers from the D-A-CH region were surveyed.
Don't miss: KVD online expert forum with Arletti & Partners - Italy Special on March 9th, 2021>
The COVID-19 pandemic also poses major challenges for work assignments and employee secondments. In Italy in particular, the regulations are very complex and complicated when it comes to the deployment of technical and commercial service staff. As part of our online expert forum, Studio Arletti & Partners will inform you how you as a German company (especially in mechanical and plant engineering) must observe in practice in order to comply with the regulations of the Italian government. In addition to the currently applicable pandemic rules, you will also receive special insights into the areas of social security, job security, immigration and taxation.

Participation in the KVD online expert forum is free of charge for registered KVD members, non-members pay 79 euros plus VAT.

"New Work" study: Corona acts as a turbo accelerator for decisions in companies>
The working world in Germany is currently changing at an unprecedented rate thanks to the corona pandemic and projects that have been delayed for a long time are being implemented. This is the result of a study carried out by the European Management Institute at the Hof University of Applied Sciences (emi e.V.). While there are economic winners and losers in the crisis, the pandemic acts like a decision-making accelerator for almost all companies. This triggers numerous changes in work organization and working time organization that are assessed as very positive by HR managers.
KVD Förderkreis partner Empolis recognized as a digital innovation leader>
The KVD support group partner Empolis was awarded the seal of "Germany's digital innovation leader" in the categories "Computer Technology / High Speed ​​Computing", "Large-Capacity Information Analysis / Computer Technology" and "Computer Technology" by the FAZ Institute, a subsidiary of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung Technology / Others "awarded.
Live online training: Leadership skills in times of diversity and change>
Leading and inspiring employees is a complex task. The point is to lead depending on the situation, to motivate employees in the long term, to set goals, to stay in contact through regular employee appraisals and to recognize and resolve conflicts as early as possible. In a total of 5 modules, the KVD support group partner HR development H. Keck works on important topics. You can register now, it starts on February 12, 2021.
Sustainability manager Ulrike Penz from Gruner + Jahr named Newcomer of the Year>
In August 2020 we had sustainability manager Ulrike Penz from Gruner + Jahr in an interview on SERVICETODAY: In an interview, she spoke about her tasks as a sustainability manager and about her understanding of organizations that operate sustainably. A short time later she was named one of the newcomers of the year by the renowned kress magazine. On this occasion, we are going to go into detail again on Ulrike Penz outside of the SERVICETODAY.
Over 25 exhibitors are designing the largest digital trade fair for technical service as part of the KVD Service Congress - digital 2020>
The KVD Service Congress is going digital - and so is the largest trade fair for technical service in Europe. As with the face-to-face event that usually takes place in Munich at the beginning of November, the most important representatives from technical service and service software will also come together for the digital counterpart in order to cover current market developments in these areas. From November 4th to 6th, 2020 the motto will be "virtual and yet personal" - with numerous opportunities for interaction and networking between the congress visitors and the exhibitors.
Knowledge, efficiency, sustainability - this is how service works in times of crisis! >
When planning the service of tomorrow, you have to keep many factors in mind - especially in the current time, which is determined by the corona pandemic. The number of influencing factors on your service portfolio is increasing day by day. It is important to keep an overview and focus on the main drivers. The KVD will help you with this - with the digital edition of the KVD Service Congress 2020 from November 4th to 6th, 2020.
The KVD Service Congress goes digital - and uses the best virtual networking tools for the service community>
The KVD Service Congress is going digital: This year there will be a digital edition of the most important networking event for service executives. At the usual time in the first week of November, the service community will come together online this year to learn the latest trends in keynotes and at the virtual trade fair, to get to know best practices in workshops and specialist sequences and to try them out directly - and of course for networking to operate. Of course, this element is a challenge at a distance, especially in the digital environment. However, the KVD has put together the best online tools for networking into a unique online event. Meet colleagues, partners and customers online and exchange ideas with them - in private, in a larger group or in an auditorium, whatever you want.
Digital trade fair DMEXCO for spontaneous people>
This year one of the largest trade fairs opens in digital format and our sponsoring partner Oracle is looking forward to welcoming you there. Get a personal picture and discover the potential of your data!
The most important trends for your service planning in 2021>
Nowadays it is not only important to know what you are talking about, but how to present what you want to convey. This is only possible if you know the trends in service and if you have the right conclusions at hand. We combine this together with the FIR at RWTH Aachen University in the KVD service study. We are currently preparing the trends for 2021 - and we need your help.
BvD autumn conference for the first time as a hybrid event>
A survey among the BvD members has shown that in addition to the great demand for a BvD autumn conference as a face-to-face event, there is almost as great interest in an online version of this meeting, which will take place for the fourth time in 2020, under the motto "Business meets supervision" . The KVD partner BvD takes this into account by holding the BvD autumn conference as a hybrid event for the first time: You can take part both traditionally on site and from anywhere via online access.
Market Place World 2020 study: Platforms thrive on service and user-generated content>
We live in the age of platforms. Whoever speaks of "platform", however, often means "marketplace" - and with "marketplace" mostly Amazon. But if you reduce the topic to one actor, you will sweep a large number of interesting providers and opportunities under the table. Together, marketplaces generate over half of German e-commerce sales. In a global context, the marketplace share is likely to be even higher. The gominga eServices GmbH, last year finalist in the KVD Service Management Award, has examined the marketplace landscape in Germany, Austria and Switzerland together with ecom consulting and has come to exciting results.
How to make your organization sustainable>
For many years, the KVD has made it important that its own print products find their way to their recipients in a climate-neutral manner. Of course, this applies above all to SERVICETODAY itself, which appears four times a year and is printed in a climate-neutral manner. This is organized by the printing company eCO2_print in Dorsten, which has been a KVD partner for a long time. And she, in turn, has been working with natureOffice for over ten years. The company sees itself as a partner when it comes to voluntary compensation services, both in the printing sector and for other products. And: Companies can also become completely climate-neutral - the concept comes from nature Office, as Sven Boers, Managing Director at eCO2_print GmbH & Co. KG and Franziska Niesch, Head of Analytics and Development at natureOffice GmbH, explain.
Best Practice: ORBIS introduces Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online at Fresh Paradise>
The KVD support group partner ORBIS AG has introduced the CRM cloud solution Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online at FrischParadies, Germany's largest retailer of delicatessen and delicatessen products for upscale restaurants and private households. The CRM replaces Microsoft Excel and other programs centrally and uniformly - this creates a single source of truth with a 360-degree view of customer-related data and processes.
Everything you need to know about sustainability in service>
The new edition of SERVICETODAY is available - and contains everything you need to know about sustainability in service. In issue 3/20 there are tips on how an organization can become socially, ecologically and economically sustainable, which alternative drives make sense for fleets and service vehicles, and how sustainability is lived in companies.
The most important KPIs in service - in a study>
Just think of your own strategy and business plans: nothing works without the right key figures. But which KPIs play a role for a successful service organization - especially in the current time of the global pandemic? The KVD Service Study 2021 will reveal this to you. But so that you can benefit from the statements of the study, the service association KVD and the FIR at RWTH Aachen, as authors of the study, need your input in advance in order to draw the right conclusions.
KVD SERVICENEWS: Always up to date with the KVD newsletter>
What's new in service? Which solutions are new on the market that can also advance your own business? And where and when will the next service events take place in order to find new contacts and partners? The KVD editorial team regularly summarizes this in its own newsletter. Subscribe now!
KVD service study 2021: online survey on new technologies in service started>
Service organizations are changing, especially due to the use of new technologies. What are the prospects for service transformation? This is what the KVD Service Study 2021 by KVD and FIR at RWTH Aachen University examines. Jana Frank from FIR at RWTH Aachen University explains how service organizations have to position themselves today in order to be successful tomorrow, and what this has to do with the choice of technology, work organization and business models.
Micro-mobility services in Europe with a market potential of 150 billion dollars>
Electric scooters, e-bikes, e-scooters: the so-called micromobility business is booming in cities. By 2030, these offers can generate sales of up to 150 billion dollars in Europe, and even up to 500 billion dollars worldwide. The market is growing two to three times as fast as car sharing or e-hailing services (apps for mobility). This is based on a study by McKinsey & Company.
beyondwork2020 on the working worlds of the future>
On October 21 and 22, 2020, representatives of European politics, research, business and the social partners will come together in the World Conference Center in Bonn to discuss questions about the working worlds of tomorrow and to exchange ideas, network and learn from one another. The Federal Ministry of Education and Research is organizing the conference on the occasion of the German EU Council Presidency from July to December 2020. You can now register for the conference, which will take place in Bonn and virtually. The conference is linked to a competition.
Participate now in the online survey of the KVD Service Study 2021>
"Organization in Transition - Perspectives of Service Transformation" - in the KVD Service Study 2021, KVD and the FIR at RWTH Aachen University will deal with how service organizations have to position themselves today in order to be successful tomorrow. It's about technology selection, work organization and business models. Get involved so that the KVD service study is as meaningful as possible.
Online seminars on data protection>
The KVD partner in matters of data protection, the professional association of data protection officers (BvD) e. V., has recently started offering one-hour and more detailed online seminars. The dates can be found in the KVD seminar calendar.
C-traffic light regulates admission and number of visitors in rooms>
Right now it is important to act quickly in order to protect customers and ensure the necessary hygiene standards. The "C-Ampel" access system from adp Gauselmann simplifies compliance with legal requirements and at the same time contributes to long-term savings on extra or security personnel.