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12. Folk and art songs in the romantic era


Mrs. Nightingale

Nightingale, I hear you sing
My heart might burst in my body
Come and tell me soon
How to behave

Nightingale, I see you running
You drink at the brook
You dip your little whiskers,
Think it's the best wine.

Nightingale, where is it good to live
On the linden trees, on the crowns,
With the beautiful Frau Nachtigall,
Greet my darling a thousand times.

(Des Knaben Wunderhorn, Vol. I, p. 85)

CD: Wunderhorn, No. 11

Clemens Brentano (1778-1842)

The madwoman's night song

It sang long years ago
Probably also the nightingale,
That was probably sweet sound
Since we were together.

I sing and I can't cry
And spin so alone
The thread clear and pure,
As long as the moon will shine.

Since we were together
The nightingale sang
Now their sound admonishes me
That you drove from me.



As often as the moon shines
I remember you alone
My heart is clear and pure
God wants to unite us.

Since you drove from me
The nightingale always sings,
I think by their sound
How we were together

God wants to unite us
Here I spin so alone
The moon shines clear and pure
I sing and I want to cry!

Classical and Romantic, p. 268)